Hello Family & Friends

Below are a few picture and video collections of our family and friends events such as weddings, new children births, and vacations we enjoyed together. Hope you were able to be there but if not, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Make Sure You Have Your Sound On!

I will add others as they occur and I put them together. However, the first one, "I Can't Believe My Eyes", was the first I did for my daughter and her husband as a keepsake. I wanted to finish it before Marissa and Gary came home from their honeymoon because I wanted it to be a surprise for thme which it was. Hope you enjoy it too.

Marissa & Gary's Wedding 7/22/2005

I Can't Believe My Eyes/ Love Dad

Rehearsal Night

Getting Ready


The Party is Over

Bobby & Melissa's Wedding 4/16/2005

My Loving Son/ Love Mom

Rehearsal Night

Getting Ready

The Wedding

City View


Bobby & Missy/ Endless Love

Lauren & Trevor's

 Wedding Reception 4/22/2004


Kim & Lee's First Baby

Baby Face


Bob's New Office

Bob's New Office From Start to Finish


Sailing Trip To The British Virgin Islands

Video Part 1

To the Song I'm Sailing Away by Styxx


Video Part 2

The Real Sounds of Sailing


More to come as they happen......Stay Tuned!


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