Which Came First?
The Chicken or the Egg?

Hi Bob,
It's almost Easter so I thought we could talk about eggs in this month's business newsletter. Well not really about eggs. How about chickens and eggs? I know, you are thinking where is Bob going this month with this topic about Chickens and eggs?

Well, I can assure you that it is not about the bird flu again, but this question does come up a lot in this business. Not really the question about which came first, the chicken or the egg, but one just about the same as this question:

"Should I Lead With The Product?
Or Should I Lead With The Opportunity?"

What Really is the Best Answer to this Question?

I and many others have given this some thought over the years and found that many have taken a strong stance on one side or the other. But, is leading with one or the other really the question we should be asking? Why not look at this question in a whole new light?

Here is a better answer to this question:

Lead with Commom Sense!

That's right, this works every time!

For instance, let's say you believe very strong that leading with the products is the best way for you to build your business and that is what you teach your downline to do.

Now you are talking to a prospect one day and they say:

"I can't stand this job of mine! They keep wanting more and more of my time but will not give me an increase in my paycheck. I also never seem to get free time with my family anymore!"

What would you say? Would you say:

"We have the most natural product on the market and the longest track record in the entire nutritional industry.
Our products are simply the best you can ever buy. Would you like to try them?"  

Probably not, at least I would hope not. If you did, you would lose your prospect right away because you would come across as a person who was only interested in your own needs and goals, not your prospects.

Here is another example:

"I just had a visit with my doctor and he said that the reason I am getting sick all the time is because of my diet. He said that I need to eat more fiber and less fat and he also said my nutritional level is so low that if I did not do something about it soon, I could die!"

What would you say here? Would you say:

"We have this great opportunity for you to earn more money than most people could spend in two life times.
Can I show you how it works?" 

Again, you would not be in touch with your prospects needs, after all, what good would all that money be if they are about to die from a lack of nutrition?

What If You Did Not Know Them or Their Needs?

What if they were a cold lead, someone you met standing in line at a food store or at the post office? You don't know them and so you don't know what their needs are, product or opportunity. Which way should you lead them?

It still would depend on them, not you. Learn what their needs are by asking questions using F.O.R.M. Ask about their Family, Occupation, Recreaction and Money, and you will discover what need they have that you can fill. All you need to do is just listen and then just lead with common sense.

Let's say you get talking to the sales person behind the counter while out shopping. You could ask questions like:
How long have you worked here? You seem to really like your job. Is this something you plan on doing the rest of your life? Are your options open to other oportunities which may come along?

Any questions like these may open up a conversation so that you can discover how you can best help that person. If this person is not very friendly to you, they would not be a very good prospect for your business anyhow. And so, you go on with your day and continue to just have fun...nothing lost!

If they answered your advertisement in the newspaper or on the Internet about a home business they thought about getting started, that would be very easy to answer. Same if they answered an advertismnet on a product such as AirSource. That's why many of us like buying business leads at a reasonable cost. But when you are just out and about, which some call lifestyle prospecting, asking questions always gets a person's interest level peaked and will help you to learn their needs.

One question that most of you know about, if you have been trained on the RWB process, is the money question. This one question should be framed in gold because it has worked ever since I first came up with it 2 1/2 years ago. Not only has it worked for me, but better yet, it has worked for thousands of others who have also used it over these years.

One of the reasons we get a yes answer over 90% of the time when we ask people the money question is because money is something everyone needs and can't live without. The other reason we get a yes most all of the times we ask this question is because we are only asking for 10 minutes on the phone to show them how they could earn more money. People are very busy today and have very little time, so most will say yes because they have nothing to lose. When we do talk over the phone, we begin the relationship building. If there is a match, we continue the relationship with them down each step of the RWB business building process based on their interest.  

What is the Money Question?
"If there was a way you could earn an extra 5, 10, or $15,000 or more per month, and you could do it from home, and it would not take much away from what you are doing now, would you be open to spend about 10 minutes on the phone with me to learn how it is done?" 

We have been asking this question for the last 2 1/2 years and will ask it for the next 100. Why? Because it works great over 90% of the time and also leads into the product side of the business, which is the best of both worlds! Our problem is never one of not having enough people to present Shaklee to, it is having enough time to get to all of them! 

You can have this problem too if you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about helping your prospect. This makes the "Lead with the product or opportunity" debate a thing of the past. And if you are not sure what to ask, the money question always saves the day and will give you plenty of prospects to work with for the rest of your business career.

Till next time, have as much fun tomorrow as we had yesterday!
Bob Andolina           

O, by the way, God created the first chicken who laid the egg so now that debate is over as well :) 

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