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Hello Bob,

It's hard to believe another month has gone by already. I hope that this month's newsletter finds you and your family in great health for we will be talking about what makes us sick.

Most of us already know, or will soon find out, that Shaklee products can and do help us feel better. But, why do we get sick in the first place?

These guys on the left here may be the reason. Whatever you do, don't touch your computer screen because you might "catch" something from them. Is that why we get sick? Do we "catch" something? Do we then go to the doctor, where they prescribe a drug to make us feel better, so that we can go out and catch something else?

Is this why the cost of health care continues to go up and at the same time, we continue to get sicker? More people are getting sicker today than ever before. So what is really causing this?

Could it be "Germs & Bacteria?"

We were once told that we get sick because we catch a germ or some sort of bacteria. Then we were told that we needed antibiotics and that they would cure all our illness, sickness and diseases. However, the antibiotics had to become stronger and stronger over the years and even at that, we continued to become sicker and sicker as a nation!

Next we were told that it was viruses that were making us all sick. So we begged our doctors for more and more antibiotics because we were told, or sold, for such a long time that they would help us feel better. We did get more of our prescriptions filled, but later it was found that antibiotics have no effect on viruses. In fact, it was reported that the overuse of antibiotics was posing a serious health threat to our country! The government estimates that half of the one hundred million antibiotic prescriptions sold each year are unnecessary!

Today we are now being told that we get sick because of genetic defects, and once again, more drugs are being researched to help us from getting these genetic defects. This is all really good for the drug companies; they have more repeat customers today than any business could ever dream of having and their customer base continues to grow every year.

The drug business is big business. Most people use more than one of their drug products and will continue to do so the rest of their lives! Then, as they use the first one, it causes side effects which then call for additional drugs which call for additional drugs again etc. I know some people who are on over 16 different drugs that they take everyday and even at that level, they are still really sick!! 

To top this all off, the government even helps to pay the drug companies with our tax money so that they remain in profit and continue to charge these unbelievable high prescription cost. Even when we try to go to a different country to save some money on these drugs, they block that as well to keep all the profits in their own pockets. So it does not seem that drugs are the answer to keeping us from getting sick for there is too much money to be earned from them by us staying sick. They seem to making more and more people sicker than ever before! 

Think about it, would a drug company really want to find a cure so that we would not need to take any more of their drugs? There really is no incentive for them to do this because it would cost them such a large loss in profit if they ever did find a cure. No business that I know of would invest a lot of money and take a lot of risk just to find ways that would cause them to lose a lot of money. Watch the drug commercials that are becoming the norm today. They want you to use these forever, even asprin as a way to prevent heart attacks. Question: Is your body deficient in asprin?  

So the answer does not seem to be coming from the drug companies as to why we are more sicker today than yesterday, nor will it ever come from them. But we continue to get sicker than ever before in history. So, what is going on here? Someone is sure getting better here but it is not the consumers!

So, Do We Catch Something?

Well think about this. Do we catch cancer? What about diabetes, obesity, heart disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, PMS, MS, impotence, headaches, heartburn, acid reflux, jaw pain, and so on and so on? Do we catch these or develop them?

Think about animals. They don't get cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or virtually any other human disease or sickness, except when they are in captivity. When they are under human care and eat processed food, get vaccine injections, drugs, and other things we as humans get, they become sick, just like us! Interesting isn't it?

Look at different cultures around the world where the people never had cancer or heart disease. Then, when these people start living a western lifestyle, they get sick, overweight, and begin to develop all the common diseases we hear about today. Why?

It looks like we are the cause of us getting sick. The problem is not that we catch something, for there will always be something out there to catch in our air, water and food. The question is this; is your body ready for it when it happens? There are things we can do today to keep ourselves healthy so that we have the best chance to keep from developing or catching anything. But it can be very confusing when you start to look for answers.

We are told all kinds of things in the news about what makes us sick; some true, and some not true. But what makes it really confusing is that what we hear changes all the time. They simply contradict themselves over and over again. We are first told to drink diet soda drinks because they are better for us compared to regular soda. Then, when we do, and the food companies make their millions, we are then told of the chemicals in these diet drinks and how bad they are for us. We are then told it is better to drink bottled water. 

When sales of bottled water reached their highest profit, even to the point they had us paying $2 a bottle from a vending machine instead of enjoying a free drink at a water fountain, we were then told that bottle water is the same as tap water except for the taste. This same thing happened with low fat, low carb, low everything foods. The food companies make out, the drug companies do great, health care cost continues to go through the roof, doctors are always busy and yet, we continue to get sicker than ever before!

So it looks like there are two reasons why we get sick:

1. We "catch" something. We come into contact with a germ, generally a virus or bacteria from somewhere. Food, water, air, other people? We can catch something from all of these but the point is, we will always catch something.

2. We "develop" an illness or disease. This happens because there is something out of balance in the body, something is not working the way it should be and was designed to work and so we develop an illness or disease such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

We catch something because something or someone else first had it to give to us. We will always be exposed to bacteria and viruses on a daily basis even when we don't expect it, such as when we eat out at a restaurant. If you ever watch the news, you know what has already happened many times in the food chain. So we get exposed to things every day. 

If someone in your home or office has the flu, then every single person has been exposed to and "caught" the flu virus. But not everyone will come down with the flu. Look at what happened when anthrax was discovered in envelops being mailed a few years ago. Only some became ill from the anthrax! So we will always have to live with that threat but, are we ready when it happens?

So since there is no getting around this one, our bodies must be in a good healthy condition when we do come into contact with these germs and bacteria. If  we are in good health at the time we are exposed, we would never even know we caught something. Our Creator has already given each of us this built-in protection.  

So the only other thing there is left as to why we are getting sick is because we developed something. This is something that we can also control to a certin point if we want to. I guess you know where this Shaklee distributor is going with this, "Prevention".

When I was first introduced to Shaklee products 25 years ago, my upline said, "How would you like to feel better?" I said, " I feel fine." She then said, "How would you like to feel even better"? I said, "I don't believe supplements work". She continued and said. "How would you like to feel better?" I guess feeling better would not be the very best way to explain why a person would want to consider using Shaklee products today. Maybe you already feel good so why would you be interested in feeling better? 

I think a much better way to ask this question in today’s world would be something like: "If there was a way for you to increase your chances of not getting sick, would you want to know about it?" Who would not want to keep from getting sick? Would they say, "No, I would rather increase my chances of getting sick." Well, some might, at least based on their actions.

But that's what Shaklee products can do for you. They supplement your diet with the missing amounts of nutrients that were, at one time in history, in the food supply that you eat. By feeding the body the food it needs to function on, it will become a stronger human shield against these germs and bacteria. This way you will have the best chance of not developing a disease.

When we were told to cut down on fats, it did not mean to go out and eat low fat processed foods. The food companies want you to believe this for that is why the low fat labels sprung up so fast. Look at what happen shortly after low carbs was introduced as the newest fad.

The ideal thing to do, is what we could always do, and continue to do even today. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, poultry and dairy. But the most important thing to do today, is to be sure to use a good basic nutritional program, just in case you fall short in any of these food groups on any given day, which seems to be all of us. Using a nutritional plan today is like having life insurance in case you die. But in this case, it is health insurance, in case you live!

Shaklee Products Offer Total Protection

So when you look at the total line of Shaklee products, we have you protected on the inside as well as on the outside.

First we have the nutritional products to make sure you don't develop something. Then we have the personal care products to be sure you don't absorb something through your skin, hair or, mouth. Then there is the cleaning line to make sure you don't inhale toxins or add them to our environment in which we all must live. And don't forget the water you drink and the air you breath. We offer you a way to protect yourself there as well with Shaklee AirSource and Bestwater so you don't catch something.

If you will use these products, and for sure if they are Shaklee products, you will be making sure you are protected as best any one could ever do. We will talk more about the different Shaklee products over the months ahead, but in the mean time, don't wait. Get with your Shaklee leader today and have them tell you about the New "Shaklee Wellness Pack." It is the best and easiest way to protect youself and your family from the first day you use it. 

With all this protection, it is no wonder why Shaklee members have been so excited over these past 50 years. This is why Shaklee does not need to advertise, the products speak for themselves!  So don't wait until you "catch" or "develop" something like most people do today. Get pro-active now, today, and you too can live a long and healthy life!

Be sure to let us show you a program on how we can even help you pay for your products!
But whatever you do, do it now, for you never know when the next bug is going to show up!

Till next month, don't let the bugs bite!                                                                                                                       

Bob Andolina     

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