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Hello Bob,

Welcome to our business newsletter for the month of May. This month I want to talk about something that is very important when it comes to building a Network Marketing business, or as some call it, a Multi-Level Marketing business.

Unlike Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing is a very different way to build a business. It is a whole lot more easier when compared to Direct Sales for most everyone to do who is willing to learn how. The pay off is also very exciting if it is built right, which I will go into more details below.  

When it comes to Direct Sales, it requires a person to be a good salesman, which most people do not want to be. The ones who do try to sell, because of their excitement about the products, end up failing more times then they succeed or simply burn out after only a few months of effort.

I believe some of the reasons for this is because there is just so much selling going on in our lives everyday. Turn on the TV, radio, or read the newspapers and that is most of what you hear; Sell, Sell, Buy, Buy! So most people turn their ears off to most all of this. That is why I believe that selling is so hard to do for over 86% of all people looking for a way to earn a living. 

But when you really understand Multi-Level Marketing, and you get onto a step-by-step business building process that most anyone can do, it becomes very exciting and you will find that it is very hard to keep it to yourself.

Keep in mind that Direct Sales requires a person to sell products directly to the end user. Multi-Level Marketing on the other hand, requires no selling. That is because it is more about learning how to market products to more than one level. This requires good leadership instead of salesmanship, which is more fun to do and it feels good doing it!

Here is a key secret to see if what you are doing is selling or marketing the product.

Ask yourself just a few key questions:

    1.) Can what you are doing on the first level be done by others 10-15 levels below you?

    2.) Can it be done just like you did by people who don't even know you?

    3.) Can it be done by someone living on the other side of the country?

    4.) Can it be done by someone new in the business?

If not, you will never reach the larger incomes this industry is willing to pay you. You will begin to build your business and as it begins to grow it soon bounces back down again. People come in, people fall out. However you never seem to reach your core desire for being in this business in the first place.

The goal here is to have your team grow a minimum of 2-5 levels down each leg of your organization per month! If someone's bonus check is flat it means they are building their business too personality driven and not process driven. There is a big difference!

Do you want duplication to happen in your business? Massive duplication? Then in order for consistent and massive duplication to occur on your team, you need to implement...

The Big Four of Duplication.

1.) Can it be done in depth?
Always ask, "Can this be done 10-15 levels below me?"

2.) Can it be done by somebody you don't even know?
Because you won't know the vast majority of people on your team.

3.) Can it be done thousands of miles away from you?
It has to work thousands of miles away from you. Because eventually the majority of your
      organization will not be in your backyard if you take advantage of the system you have in place.

4.) Can it be done by somebody who just came into your business? 
Remember, that's really big!

We want a presentation format so simple and duplicatable, that when somebody is listening or being approached about the business, they will always say:

1) I can do what you're doing.
2) I won't have a problem doing what you're doing with the people I know.
3) I have the time to do what you're doing.

The problem with most approaches is that the person listening is thinking:

"You've got a great company. I agree with everything you're doing. 
Great, great, great, great.

But you know what . . .

1) I can't do what you just did.
2) Nor do I want to do what you just did to my friends or associates.
3) And I don't have the time to do what you just did."

In essence, you won the battle but you lost the war and immediately the duplication has stopped.

The last time you sponsored somebody, did you keep in mind from the moment you contacted them, "Can they do this?"  Did you address the Big Four of Duplication? If not... will you do so with your next prospect?

You can become very comfortable in this business very fast with this way of building if you will only do one thing.

Learn What To Do, Then Just Do It!

Till next time,


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If this is a leadership business, which it is, and you don't have a business building process in place, which most people in Network Marketing do not, how could you ever lead others? To lead others, it is important for you to first know where you are going and how to get there. 

If you like, visit the home of the RWB business building process to learn a very simple step-by-step duplicatable  process to build you a life-long repeatable income from the comfort of you own home.

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