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Hello Bob,

Welcome to our Shaklee business newsletter for the month of July. Yes, I know
it is already August but the reason we are a bit late with this month's newsletter is because there is a lot going on in the Shaklee business these days. The main thing
is this year's convention taking place in Nashville next week.


Before I talk about this month's headline, I want to first invite you to stop by if you
are attending this year's convention to say hello. There can be as many as 10,000
fun loving, positive, caring, healthy people getting together for this convention so we thought we could arrange a place and time where we could get a chance to meet
some of you in person, or see you again  J


Let's Meet in the “Networking Lounge” on Thursday, 9th, at 5:30 till ...?

The Shaklee home office knows what Shaklee people like to do and that is getting together with other Shaklee business owners from all over the country to share ideas. So they are providing a place for us to get together called the Networking Lounge at the Opryland Hotel in the Delta Lobby B. We would love to meet you or maybe meet you again. There are
a lot of things planned while at the convention but even if you can just stop by to shake hands and say hello that would be great.


We are getting there on Sunday to enjoy the whole week. I don't like to take business tools with me while on R&R with
family and friends so I will not get to emails after this Saturday until we return. However, if you are not attending this year, our Shaklee business will continue to be open for ordering while we are gone because it runs on auto-pilot thanks to
technology and the Shaklee field service center. We will be sure to pass on any new information and new products to you when we return to be sure you are kept in the loop. 


Do You Look Forward To Mondays?

Being a Shaklee business owner is different than owning a conventional business. I guess you could say that one of the main differences is that it pays you an income even when you are not there to earn it. So it is more of an investment than it is a business. But another difference is that Shaklee business owners look forward to Mondays.


I always look forward to the next new person I can introduce to Shaklee no matter what day it is. I also enjoy the
hundreds of people I have taught how to build this business in a very simple way at home. It’s fun, it’s exciting,
it pays very well when built right, and you get to meet some great people along the way. So Mondays can be the best day
of the week!


You know they opened the restaurant called “Thank Goodness Its Friday” for a reason. The facts state that 86%
of people who work a job do not like what they do for a career. The only reason they do what they do is because they
need to pay the bills. But working a job you don’t like just to pay bills is not a very exciting lifestyle. However what is
exciting is to learn that there is a way out. A Shaklee business can offer you that way out but only if you are looking for one!


Thank Goodness Its Friday is a good restaurant but would you like to go out to lunch there at 2:00 instead of 12:00?
Would you like to take as long as you like to eat your lunch with your family or other Shaklee friends? How about dinner
at 4:00? That’s what freedom and lifestyle is all about and why many decide to build a Shaklee business. You don't need to earn a million in Shaklee to enjoy this kind of lifestyle.


One of the best benefits of a Shaklee business is that the more people you help, the more you earn. Read that one again.
The more people you help, the more you earn. And the way you can help the most people is by using the power of
Network Marketing.


Network Marketing is nothing more than word-of mouth advertising with direction and purpose. However, there is a
right way and a wrong way to do it. That is why you have a sponsor, the person who introduced you to Shaklee, as well
as a Sales Leader, a person who has already built a Shaklee business and can show you how it is done. They will or should have a simple process that you can follow such as my RWB process. You need to have direction and it needs to be a way
you enjoy or you simply will find reasons not to do it.


They say that when you love what you do for a living, it is no longer a job! I agree. When I find people who love what they
do to earn a living, they do very well at it. They are very interested in Shaklee products because they understand that to do well in their job, they need to be feeling their very best.


When I find someone not happy about their job, income, or time freedom, they are always interested in learning more about the Shaklee business. If they are open to learn, they love what they discover and if there is a fit for them, the rest is history!


Next month I want to share what I found as the main reason why some people say they want to build a Shaklee business
but never seem to get started. Don’t let that be you. And no, it is not that they need a new way of building this business for there are many out there. There is more to it then that, so be sure to read next month's newsletter.


If you like your job, or a business you own, then stay with it and you will do great. But if you don’t like what you are now doing to earn an income, or your business owns you, then get with the person who sent this letter to you and tell them you want to learn more about the Shaklee opportunity and be shown how it is built. It does not cost anything to investigate
Shaklee and so you have nothing to lose if you try. So by all means, give it an open mind and do a test run.


Then maybe you can start saying,


“Thank Goodness its Shaklee!!!"


See some of you very soon,



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If this is a leadership business, which it is, and you don't have a business building process in place, which most people in Network Marketing do not, how could you ever lead others? To lead others, it is important for you to first know where you are going and how to get there. 

If you like, visit the home of the RWB business building process to learn a very simple step-by-step duplcatable process to build you a life-long repeatable income from the comfort of you own home.



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