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Welcome to our Shaklee product newsletter for the month of September. Hope your family is doing well and continues to be healthy.

Last month we talked about our new Cinch, "inch loss" weight management program. Debby and I are enjoying it very much, as well as many other members, for it really is a cinch to be on this plan. The only problem Debby and I have is that we fight over the food bars! Not only are the products great tasting, but they are also very filling.

This plan teaches you not only how to get your weight down, but how to keep it down once and for all. If you have not already done so, be sure to check it out by reading last month's newsletter at our Newsletter Room or visit Our Shaklee Home to stop by and visit the Get Cinched room.

This month however, I would like to talk about another new product line introduction. It is both old and new because it is hard to improve on great products. But, we can add a few new ones and update the packaging to be less harmful to the environment. This new cleaning line is called Get Clean and that says it all. Our cleaning products have always been great but now you really can  "Get Clean"

Here is a question for you:
Would you pay $154.45 to save yourself $3,400 in cleaning products for your home?
I know, that is a loaded question however, I hope you did not say yes as your answer because it gets even better than that if you are a Shaklee member. Instead of $154.45, it would only cost you $135.45 to save yourself $3,400 in cleaning cost for your home! Now I know you can't say no to that one.

So who would not want to save all this money? The only people I can think of are the ones who don't know about our new Shaklee line of cleaning products yet so let me introduce you to them if you happen to be one them.

Introducing "Get Clean" from Shaklee!

Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit - IC# 80431

$3,400 Worth of Products for Under $160!

It all starts with this kit because it contains everything you need to clean your house, your laundry, your dishes, and even your hands! Not only does it come packaged with all the cleaning products, it also comes with all the tools you need to use them. Two spray bottles, dispenser bottle with dropper tip to mix just drops of these special concentrated cleaners. Even pumps, measuring spoons, cleaning cloths, sponges and a scrubber pad are included. Shaklee has thought about everything but the best part of course are the products!

So let's look at each one:

Shaklee Basic H 2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate - 16oz- IC# 00015 or 64oz- IC# 00029
It made 6,900 bottles of Windex before it became double concentrated! Now one 16oz bottle makes 48 gallons of super-safe cleaning power and it is nontoxic to you and the environment! (See the attachment for all the many uses of this one-of-a-kind product.)

Shaklee Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes -  35 wipes IC# 00302
Not only are these wipes biodegradable, they are 60% better than Pledge Wipes and streaks less on your windows than Windex Multi-Surface Wipes with Vinegar.

Shaklee Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste - 9oz IC# 00430
It cleans burnt-on food in your oven as well as stuck-on messes anywhere in your home. But the best part about using this great product is that it will not remove the hair in your nose because it is a paste, not a powder, so there is no dust in the air. But it is so powerful that it is used to scrub the boat decks for the Wild Dolphin Project and safe enough to protect our oceans because it too is biodegradable!

Shaklee Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate -  32oz IC# 00295 Dispenser IC# 50407
If you use the Cascade 45-oz powder to clean your dishes, you will need 2 1/2 45oz boxes of it to even come close to the 48 loads that one 32oz Dish Wash can clean. It is also safe for our environment and you will never need to clean your dishes first before loading them in your dishwasher! I never did like cleaning then twice.

Shaklee Dish Wash Concentrate - 16oz IC# 00255
If you like to wash your dishes at the sink, you will love to do it with our Dish Wash product. It is so concentrated that you only need a few drops to wash a pile of greasy dishes but yet it is like having a hand beauty treatment at the same time! It is 70% more effective on cutting grease than Method and Seventh Generation. 

Shaklee Fresh Laundry Concentrated (Liquid) - 32oz IC# 00128 or 64oz 00129
Not only does this laundry concentrate clean your clothes, but it also works great as a pre-spotter. It not only outperforms leading detergents, it also outperforms big-name spot removers! It is 30% better at removing soil and stains than All Small and Mighty and removes stains even better than Shout and Spray'n Wash!

Shaklee Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Power) - 5.5lbs 88 loads IC# 00159  or 14lbs. 224 loads IC# 00160
The 5.5 lb box will clean 88 loads which is 43% more loads than the same size Tide Original. Our 14lb box will do 224 loads in case you have a few children living at home!

Shaklee Fresh Laundry Concentrate Fragrance Free (Power)- 5.5 lbs 88 loads IC# 00161
If you like to have your laundry clean without any fragrance, try our Hypoallergenic Natural cleaner. It will give you the same clean wash without any fragrance added.

Shaklee Soft Fabric Concentrate - 32oz 64 loads IC# 00075
Use only one-third the amount of softener compared to other products such as Downy, without the health risk. It is clean smelling and silky to reduce wrinkles and to take out cling better than what you may be using now. But it gets even better because Soft Fabric is Nontoxic and a natural softener.

Shaklee Soft Fabric Fragrance free Dryer Sheets - 80 loads IC# 00306
If you like using dryer sheets instead of the liquid, you will love using these sheets. These are really innovative! First they are veggie-based to keep them natural and biodegradable, and then they break into two separate sheets while in the dryer to be sure they do a great job in the balanced distribution! Plus, you can throw the whole thing in the recycling bin when you finish using them!

Shaklee Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover - 32oz IC# 00305 Dispenser IC# 50413
No need to use noxious chlorine to get stains out when you get do it with natural enzymes and active oxygen found in our Nature Bright. It out cleans OxiClean on grass stains by 50% and you can also use it in your clothes to get them really bright.... the "Nature Bright" way!

After all this cleaning, don't forget to wash your hands!

Shaklee Hand Wash Concentrate - 32oz IC# 00304  Decorator Bottle IC# 50408
Yes it cleans your hands but it does a whole lot more! It has wheat germ oil to moisturize, soy protein to condition, balm mint and gentian extracts to soothe, and juniper and spruce extracts to energize. After all that cleaning, you deserve a break at the spa hand treatment center, so enjoy it!

I hope you agree that saving $3,400 in cleaning products makes perfect sense. But maybe even more important is the fact that by you using them you will also be doing your part in saving our environment.

So be sure to order your starter kit today and save your health, your wealth and our environment for many tomorrows yet to come!

To read more as well as pricing on each product, visit Get Clean today!

Until next time,
Bob Andolina


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