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              Getting Older Can Feel Great!                 Vol. 7/2007

Hello Bob,

Welcome to our Shaklee product newsletter for the month of July.
I hope you are enjoying the summer months and your family is doing
well. This month I thought we could talk about something we all have
in common and one product we all can use.

Getting old can be awful but I am not talking about old as in the picture 
on the left. At that point it is too late to do anything about it. However,
if you are reading this newsletter then there is still time left for you to feel
your very best. So even if we all have to grow older everyday, it can feel great!

Can You Feel Young When You are Older?

The Answer is Yes!

Aches... pains... illness... constant bouncing from doctor to doctor. We all dread it but we can't stop the clock. One thing we can do is banish the miseries that sometimes come along with it such as:

  • Bulging belly
  • Cholesterol-choked arteries
  • Brain failure and fatigue
  • Weakness and impotence
  • Frozen joints or back pain
  • Spotted, decrepit skin
  • Tumors taking over your body
  • Parkinson's tremors
  • Menopausal miseries
  • Fading, cloudy vision
  • And all other indignities of aging!

Shaklee offers many products that can help you feel your best but one product that can make a big difference for each of us is Shaklee’s product called Optiflora. Making bacteria work for you instead of against you will improve all parts of your body.


Americans tend to be bacteria-phobic. We all have been taught that germs are the enemy, and to keep ourselves and our families healthy, we should kill as many of them as possible. So we obediently scrub our bathrooms and kitchens with potent antibacterial cleaners, (unless you are using Shaklee Get Clean products), and wash our hands with antibacterial soaps. (Unless you are already using Shaklee Hand Wash). However, this obsession with cleanliness has a downside for wellness and immune function, for there are "friendly" as well as "unfriendly" bacteria.


To indiscriminately wipe them all out is not what's best for our health. In fact, studies have shown weakened immune function as a result of all this excessive cleanliness. (see article from Daily Health News, 1/8/04, regarding antibacterial soaps).  Living in this clean bubble, surrounded by bacteria-fighting antibiotics, ironically seems to have left our immune systems more vulnerable to illness.


Probiotics are live micro-organisms similar or nearly identical to many of the beneficial micro-organisms (usually bacteria) that naturally populate the human gut. Probiotics can help maintain and support the digestive system's natural balance of good and bad micro-organisms or healthy flora.


Adding probiotics to your diet contributes to more efficient digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, helps suppress disease-causing "germs," and helps optimize immune system function. The key is having enough good bacteria, in the right balance, living throughout your digestive tract, from your stomach to your colon.



You may be surprised to learn that about four pounds of bacteria reside in the intestinal tract of a normal adult, with most of it in the large intestine. Our wellness and resistance to disease depends on the proper balance of these bacteria.


These friendly bacteria help keep the intestinal walls healthy and intact and inflammation-free. This prevents unfriendly bacteria in the food we eat from leaking out into other areas of the body, where it may trigger problems such as arthritis, eczema, migraines, asthma or allergies.


Dysfunction in the gastrointestinal tract may also contribute to irritable bowel syndrome, vaginal candidiasis (yeast infections), skin rashes and other problems, including immunological disorders, kidney disease and hormone imbalances.


The problem is that our intestinal flora is delicately balanced, easily upset by such factors as illness, inflammation, infection, stress and certain conventional medicines. In particular, certain antibiotics cause problems, injuring or killing off both helpful and harmful bacteria.


That's why many people experience diarrhea, gas and cramping when they take these medications. Reducing the population of friendly bacteria in the large intestine results in a weakened ability to fight disease-causing micro-organisms.



What about just eating yogurt? It's not so simple. More questions arise when it comes to probiotic foods (these include most yogurts, miso, tempeh and certain milks, juices and soy beverages).


As awareness and popularity of probiotics grows, marketers are positioning yogurt, in particular, as a functional food promoting digestive health. The problem is that 90% of probiotic foods don't work as advertised because they have far too little culture and too many unhealthy ingredients, such as sugar and pasteurized milk. And the "active" bacteria in the yogurts, in particular, come from bovine strains of bacteria that the human body will not easily accept as native. Similarly, the cultures present in non-dairy probiotic-containing products vary widely, but are also not particularly compatible with our human digestive system.


One way to support healthy flora in the large intestine is by taking probiotic supplements, which are believed to be more effective than foods.


You can understand its role by comparing beneficial bacteria to state troopers stationed along the highway -- if you pass one every five miles or so, they're likely to keep you honest. Likewise, in the intestine, it's the job of these friendly micro-organisms to keep the unfriendly ones at bay. Their role is to provide reinforcement to ensure an adequate level of good bacteria to keep the "bad guys" at bay. (Though generally mild, some people experience gas or bloating for a while when they first begin taking probiotic products. This is caused by the dying off of bad bacteria as the helpful ones move in.)


Thanks to Shaklee there is a better way to get these benefits and it is very easy to do.


Simply add Shaklee Optiflora Prebiotic & Probiotic System to your diet. One Shaklee member of mine loves to call this product the “Powder and the Pill” because that is all there is to taking it. The powder can be added to any food or drink and the pill, or very small pearl, is very easy to swallow.


Taken regularly, Optiflora helps maintain a healthy colon. This advanced, two-product system uses advanced technology to protect beneficial microflora during the rigors of shipping, storage, and the acidic journey through your stomach. Other products claim live microflora at the time of manufacture, but Shaklee guarantees the delivery of live microflora to your colon when you use it.


To learn more details about this amazing product and why you will want to use it, please see the attachment to this message.


But whatever you do, don’t wait too for the clock is ticking.


Till next time,


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