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             Happy New Year & We Do Mean Happy!

Hi Linda, this is the first of a new series of on-line newsletters we plan for this new year. I plan to have a business and a product letter for each month that can be beneficial for you in one way or another. Now that Debby and I are back to a small family of two after both of our children were married this past year, I wanted to be able to focus more time on things such as this newsletter.

So Linda, I hope you feel these newsletters are helpful or at least entertaining. We will cover different subjects each month but try to keep them short so that they could be a quick read for you. If you wish to forward any of them on to people you know, that is fine as long as you keep them as they are and do not spam people with them. We offer these to be helpful for people and not as just another thing to fill up their in box. We all know that there is more than enough e-mail out there, so please ask them to subscribe form us directly if they wish to continue to receive them each month.

A New Year / A New Beginning!

As a new year begins, another one finishes. But, did you do what you set out to do last year at this time to reach your goals? You did set goals last year like you were told, or maybe even sold on doing, didn't you? So why didn't you not reach your goals if setting goals is what it takes for you to reach them?

Maybe you just did not think right? Could that be it? You know, you got to change your thinking so maybe you just did not change your thinking enough. 

Or, maybe you forgot to do your adfirmations. That has to be why you did not reach you goals last year. You just did not repeat enough times how it felt so good to already be living your goal! 

The real truth is that you need to have a "Core Desire"

Without having a true core desire, nothing else matters. You just have to know, at the true core level, what you really want. Not what would be nice to have, it needs to be something you have to have! When you think about what it will be like when you reach your core desires, and you get all excited inside and can't sleep, you are at the core level! You do whatever it takes! You fail and then you get up and try again, over and over again! You work on yourself eveyday! That's what it will take to reach your goals this year and without this, you will have just another year of a wish and a dream and nothing more.

So this year, instead of setting goals again for the 20th year in a row, start out new with your core desire directly in front of you. What is it you really want? It must be a true core desire of yours, one you will not want to live without. When you reach the end of this new year, you will be, maybe for the very first time, closer to your goals than ever before, if not already there!

To learn more about Core Desires, how powerful they are and how to discover yours, learn from the very best on this subject. Check out Jack Zufelt's training material. It turned my life around and so maybe it is just what will make the biggest difference for you. Here is a link to his Web site “Learn the DNA of MLM Success”

Also, be sure to check out his tape series “Learn to Earn $100,000 Per Year in MLM” I could not believe what is taught on his tapes for it was so different from what I have been taught over the past 24 years in this industry. But after listening to them over and over again and using these ideas in my business, I have to say that they made the most difference for me out of all the training I have ever had in this industry! 

Remember, having a core desire to do something and knowing the way to do it, are the two most important ingredients to success in this business or in life!

Till next time,
Bob Andolina 

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