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     Vol 10/2006                      Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD-ADHD


Welcome to our October product newsletter. It is hard to believe it is already October. Someone told me this past Monday, on my birthday of all days, that as we get older time seems to go by that much faster. So I hope you are using your time doing what you love to do rather than what you have to do. After all, we only get one shot in this life at being the best we can be and helping others along the way.

Being involved in Shaklee as a business over the last 25 years has sure been a joy for me. Not only because of the many health benefits that our family has enjoyed, but because of all the other people we were able to help in much the same way as we were helped. If that wasn't enough, then it all gets topped off by all the friendships we have developed and the many people we have met over the years from all over the country! I really don't know of any job, or business for that matter, that offers all of this. It is sort of a dream job, helping people and getting paid very well for doing so. When you read the attachment, you will see what I mean about a dream job, effecting people's lives for the good!  

This month is going to be a short newsletter. Well, not really a short one, there is an attachment to this message that is a bit long and it took a bit of time putting it all together. But it was worth the time for it is on Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. This was the collection of answers from all of you for the help Mary Jo had asked for. I had a feeling you would come through for her and her friend's little boy, and boy did you! I hope you enjoy this Mary Jo.

So see the attachment to this message and save a copy for you records. You can print out any page or two you feel you want to send to someone or you can simply forward the whole thing and allow them to read the parts they feel are helpful. I will say one thing, anyone who reads this will see that there is help for this condition and it has worked for many people over the years. So thanks to all of you, this is a tool that will go on to help many.

Part 2 this month will be on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD, that Jill had requested information about. Some of the information is still coming in from many of you on this so if you have something you would like to add, please do so in the next couple of days before it is finished to go out.

Both are done in PDF format so that everyone can open them. If for some reason you can't, all you need to do is download the free Adobe reader first and then you will never have a problem reading this or any pdf documents in the future.

You can get it here

Also, I have a surprise business newsletter coming your way this month called "Build Your Vision'. It's a fun focused way of seeing how simple a Shaklee directorship can be built if done the right way. When you really understand the power of a Director, you will want to be one right away! So stay tuned, and get ready for some fun!

So don't forget to see the attachment to this message.

Till next time,

Bob Andolina




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