Subject: Information on Standardization and Pharmaceutical Grade of Shaklee Products

Shaklee Product Newsletter
Bob Andolina

Hi                                                              Vol. 03/2007

Welcome to our Shaklee Product Newsletter for the month of March. I hope you are continuing to do well and that everything is continuing to go as you have planned for you and your family.

This month, I want to talk about some of the reasons Shaklee products stand out among the many different choices we now have available to us today.

When it comes to buying any product, quality should always be considered first before the price. If not, we can end up with a very cheap product that performs poorly or doesn't perform at all.

I remember a time when a good friend of mine told me that he found a very inexpensive faucet for his kitchen sink. He said that not only is it the cheapest one he ever found, he went on to say that if it ever breaks, he can return it for a new one because it came with a "Lifetime Guarantee". 

He was so excited about the idea that he would never have to buy a new faucet for his kitchen ever again and he was able to save over half the cost in doing so. At first, I thought he found a great deal until I looked into it a bit more.

First, I told him the faucet was made out of plastic and so it would most likely not hold up very long. He said that was ok because he could have it replaced if it ever did break. I then asked him, "Who will install it? He said he would install it but that he was a little concerned about how tight it would be for him to install it under his sink.

I then told him that this guarantee may not be so good after all because what good would a cheap price be if it ends up costing him more in his time over the long run if it keeps breaking down. After all, his time is worth something. Each time he would need to install it and then uninstall it, drive to the store or mail it back to get a replacement, and then reinstall it again. So it would end up costing him time and as they say, "Time is Money".

Well to make a long story short, after the 3rd time he had to go under his sink to replace it, and hitting his head again and again while under there, he gave up and went out and purchased a quality faucet. It ended up costing him more than if he were to just have invested in a top quality faucet in the first place.

The point to this story is that a cheap price means little in a product if it has poor quality to begin with. When it comes to food supplements or even products you put on your skin, in the environment, or the water and the air you breath, poor quality will indeed cost you big time over the long term not only in the form of money, which can be replaced, but in your health as well.

I remember another time when a certain women was trying to get me to join her health company. I tried to point out the poor quality of her company's products but she just was not open minded enough to see it. So we each went our own ways.

A year later I ran into her again and asked her how she was doing in her business. She said she was no longer in that business. I asked her why and she said that she became very sick one day and was taken to the doctors. After her visit, it was discovered that she was deficient in certain vitamins and minerals and that is what was causing her illness. She said she was using over $100 of her company's nutritional products every month for the past few years and so she became very upset with them.

Again, quality matters! 

Remember, Shaklee has always proven their product claims over all of these years. Yes, we have been in business for 50 years and some of our product ingredients have been around and proven for over 90 years!

Attached to this message are two documents sent directly from Shaklee concerning Standardization and Pharmaceutical grade of Shaklee products. Keep them in your file to remind yourself that quality always does matter.

As for the cost of the products, that is also something that is very important to consider for all of us as consumers, but only after we find that the quality is at it highest standard. But, even when it comes to the cost, Shaklee outshines its competition here as well. Here is why:

A Shaklee membership is open to everyone. With a Shaklee membership, at a one-time cost of $19.95 U.S., a person can purchase all Shaklee products at an average of 15% below retail cost. This discount is every day, not just during sales events such as holiday specials that other companies run. And, you can save even more than this if you wish!

There are many programs that Shaklee offers to save you even more money and so be sure to check with your sponsor as to what programs they offer from month-to-month.

With our organization, we offer a program called the Cash Back Consumer Co-Up Reward program or CBC for short. With this program, you can save up to a total of 44% on your products each and every single month. All you need to do is use the products for we do all the rest to help you get there!

But, it can even get better than that!

If you will help spread the news about these great products with others, you can get up to an average of 59% discount! And that is every single month! We have a proven step-by-step process that is easy to do, easy to teach, and you can do it at home by simply using just your phone and email! It's great for busy people and those wanting to have a lot more money as well as a lot more time freedom.

So no matter how you look at it, Shaklee is a great company who offers both high quality products and a price that nobody can beat. After all, you can't find any other product of this quality out on the market at zero cost! :)

Unlike many of the nutritional products on the market today, we will not even bring a product to the market unless there is substantial proof of its health benefits. Each of our products is formulated based upon third-party research and independent clinical studies. There is scientific substantiation behind each of our products.

Every claim we make is backed by 100% scientific proof. Rigorous analytical testing ensures each of our products consistently delivers what is on our label. We offer you safe, reliable guaranteed performance and you are the final judge.

So why take a chance with your health buying poor quality cheap products when you can have the very best of both worlds, high quality and low cost?

Let us prove to you why people come back year after year for Shaklee products. It's not when you get into Shaklee that counts; it's when Shaklee gets into you that the excitement begins!

Let us help you to not only feel your best, but also save you the most money. 
You sure will not be disappointed, for w
e Guarantee It!

Till next time,

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