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                                                                            Just Do It!                                                                              

 Andolina Distributors                                                                                                                        Vol. 02/2006


Welcome to our Shaklee business newsletter for the month of February. Hope your family is in great health and your life is going just as you have planned it. If not, let me know, maybe I can help.

If you are thinking about starting a Shaklee home business, or you have already built one and are now teaching others how to do the same, you may find this message helpful. It is something we all go through to get to the other side of success in this business or in life, as you will see with Renee's story below. 

Shaklee Sales Leader, Renee Zaal, gave me this idea for this month's newsletter because of what she told me she experienced this past summer on a weekly conference call we do together.

Renee Hates Snakes! 


But That's Her Holding One!

That's right, Renee has no interest in snakes and was not thrilled about holding this boaconstrictor at all. But while at her little nephew's birthday party in the park this past summer, she saw that a crowd of little children were watching a lady holding a snake. 

This woman that was holding the snake would ask the children if they wanted to pet the snake and they said yes, but their little minds said no. Each time they started to reach out to even touch the snake, they would back away again and again and were afraid to get too close to the snake.

So Renee decided, even though she does not like snakes and never held one herself, to set the example for the children so they would get over their fear. She felt that the only way these children were going to get over their fear of the snake was to see someone else take the snake from this lady and hold it themselves. In other words, she first needed to get over her fear.

So she "bravely" walked up to the lady and took the snake into her arms. Then one-by-one, the children all gathered near and began to take turns holding the snake.

The reason I use Renee's story is because it is a great one to stress this point. To do anything new in life, such as moving into a leadership role, we must first get over our fear of the unknown. Every person has to do this when first attempting anything in life for the first time and this business is no different.

When this business becomes second nature to you, it is at that point that you really own it. But when first starting out in building your business, you may be feeling scared. After all, when was the last time you built a business and when was the last time you built a Network Marketing business?

So you may be thinking thoughts such as:

  • Will I be able to pull this off?
  • What if I fail? What will people think of me?
  • What if people say no?
  • What if they ask me how much I'm earning if I am just getting started?

This is normal to think this way for most new people starting out in this business. But you can become very comfortable in this business very fast if you will only do one thing.


And that one thing is:

Just Do It!


That’s right, the more you do it, the better you get it.
The better you get, the more you do it.
So, it makes sense to just do it.


Don't focus on what might happen.

Focus on what you want to happen.


Don't think about bad results that could happen.

Only think about the good results you want to happen.


Don't think about what someone might say,

Chances are, they won't even bring it up.


Know why you are sold on Shaklee, both on the products and what this business can provide for you and your family. If you see it as a great benefit, then be willing to share it with everyone. Those who see it for themselves as you have will want to join you. Help them reach whatever core desires they want to achieve for their family by teaching them to follow the same process you are following.


Those who don't see this business as a fit for themselves, be sure they understand the benefits of using these great products, and when they do, help them to pay for them. If they don't see a benefit now, many may change their mind when either their money runs out or their health goes south. So be sure to let them know how to contact you in the future when they are ready. 


The point is, Just Do It!


Like Renee did, she did not think much at all about her own fear, she focused on the end result of helping these children get over their fears. So my question to you is what are you focused on? What is your end result or core desire? Is it exciting or just a wishful thought? It's important to know this before you even get started.


So don't lock any doors behind you, but do open new ones all the time. Because that really is the key to success in this industry. Ask anyone who has made it to the top in this industry and you will find this always to be true.


It's only when you get over your fears, will you be able to help others get over their fears. After awhile, you will get so comfortable in talking to people that soon you will say to your prospects:


“Tell me something, why would I want you in my business?” 


It is at that point, and that point only, that you would now own your own business and have stepped up to what is called true Leadership in this industry! When you reach out to this point, the sky is your only limit!


Till next time,

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