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Welcome to this month's Shaklee business newsletter. It's hard to believe how fast the month of March has gone by but life is great. I pray that everyone is doing well in your family as well.

The picture on the left is a old favorite of a salesman back in the good old days. Back then, if you wanted to be great at sales, you would never take no for an answer. People would just buy from you to get you out of their way. I believe that is why 86% of people today hate to sell to earn a living. However, when it comes to building a Shaklee business, there is no selling required. 

No Selling Required!
One of the biggest mistakes people make in this business is to either not get into the business because they think they have to sell Shaklee, or, they do get in and try to sell Shaklee and find it does not work for them. Think about that one for a moment.

There really is no selling required to build a Shaklee business if you first understand how to do it and then simply do it.

It's like this: I can convince a person that joining Shaklee and building an income would be a great decision on their part. The benefits in doing so would be worth their time. But if that person does not believe he can succeed in my business or has a very weak belief in his own abilities to learn and grow, it will not matter how many facts about Shaklee I show to him. He simply will not join.

If I happen to be in the top 5% group as a great salesman, and I sell him on joining using every tool I can find, he simply will not do anything after he is in. I could spend more and more time using different informational things such as Web sites to convince him to get started, but that will just dig me further in debt due to the additional cost to do so.

The better thing to do is to use that same time to present Shaklee to new people who expressed a real interest. Always remember that "A person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." 

Don't waste time showing facts to anyone until you sifted for interest first. I would have saved years off my learning curve if I would have done this when I first got started 25 years ago. But, that's why I now use my 10-minute RWB presentation when first meeting a prospect with interest in earning more money.

I simply ask;
If there was a way you could earn an extra $5, $10 or $15,000 or more per month, and you could do it from your home, and it would not take much away from what your doing now, would you be willing to spend about 10 minutes over the phone with me to learn how it is done?

Guess what? I get close to 100% who agree and then we spend 10 minutes to explain the business concept of building a Shaklee business. If they are not interested, I offer them the products. I don't argue with them, I don't try to convince them or twist their arm to get in either. I'm not interested in spending the next six months dragging people across the finish line. Instead, I am interested in finding 6 people who want to be winners and run across.

So in Shaklee, there is no selling required. Instead, we are educators. That is why mothers do so well in our business. They are a natural in this business because they have already taught their children. In this business, we teach people a new way to buy and sell products and services to develop a new way to make a living. Anyone can do it if they wish, because we all do it everyday.

How many of you told someone about a great deal you found? We do this all the time. What about the new DVD, "The Secret"? That DVD made the top selling list and is growing around the world faster than anything on personal development has in a long time, if ever. But nobody sold it! Word-of-mouth is what is causing all the growth; one person telling another.

Shaklee works the same way. However, most Shaklee people talk about the products because they work so well for them. But many times they forget about telling others about the network marketing side of Shaklee and how that works. Remember, when you talk about the products with others, you will get into a selling match most of the time unless done right, but that again requires selling skills.  

True Network Marketing does not require selling skills. What it does require is the desire to develop a great income from becoming the person you need to become in order to do so. Some people will invest the time to learn this from a good teacher in this business, and a few of them will use what they learn to their fullest potential. In doing so, they will no longer sell Shaklee, they will instead learn to share this great company, great products, and great business with those who are open to learn about it.

Building this way makes the business fun, removes all stress, and builds long lasting relationships. It is a way for the 86% group of people out there who do not want to sell for a living, to share a great lifestyle with others.

Many people have the leadership potential to build this business. However, if a person is not taught a few secrets of this industry up front, they will quit as fast as they join. So do yourself a favor and learn the right way to build this business....... right away!

Don't go out and pressure your friends and family to buy Shaklee products or build a Shaklee business. Let them know about it but keep in mind that there are thousands of people out there just waiting to hear about Shaklee. Learn how to share all of Shaklee with them and you will never again need to sell it to them because there is simply...... "No selling required!

Talk again next month,
Bob Andolina

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If this is a leadership business, which it is, and you don't have a business building process in place, which most people in Network Marketing do not, how could you ever lead others? To lead others, it is important for you to first know where you are going and how to get there. 

If you like, visit the home of the RWB business building process to learn a very simple step-by-step duplcatable  process to build you a life-long repeatable income from the comfort of you own home.

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