Freedom! Do You Want Some? 


I hope this month's business newsletter finds you and your family in good health. I thought this month we could talk about Freedom for it is something everyone loves to have and when you do have it, life becomes so much better! There is also a little gift
for you at the bottom of this page, so be sure you read on to find it.


Yes, this is a picture of me playing my drums. I have not played them during the last three years because of this little thing called cancer I had to fight off. But now, with the help of God and Shaklee products, my health is doing great! So I added a few more drums, cymbals, double base pedals and now enjoy playing many different tunes once again. One song you may have heard of is called: "I don't want to work, I just want to bang on my drums all day." The reason I like this one is because with a Shaklee business, as well as my RWB process, if I want to bang on my drums all day, I can!


So that brings us to this thing called freedom. What does freedom mean to you? What would you do if you did not have to work at a job every day for most all of your life? If money were not an issue, what would you really do with your free time? Would you travel? Would you spend more time with your children? Would you write a book? Would you do a lot of volunteer work? Maybe you would take music lessons to learn to play the drums! They are a lot of fun, good exercise, and even my wife stays home when I play them!


But Really, What Would You do with this Freedom?

You see, everyone can have this freedom if they only believed they could have it. But we have become so accustomed to believe that we must have a job to provide us with an income. The problem with this thinking is that freedom does not come from having a job. Try not showing up at your job for a few days whenever you feel like it and you will have a lot of freedom. However, being unemployed is not the kind of freedom I was talking about. Nor do you need to rob a bank, even though that could also give you freedom......freedom to move around a jail cell for part of your life.


No, the freedom I am talking about here does not require you to be a movie star, a rock star or even great in sports. You don't even need to be born into a rich family or have a lot of higher education. Yes, you could try to invent some new idea or concept that people may want to use or buy, but look on the Internet and you will see what your odds are for doing this. In fact, speaking of the Internet, some think they can simply find freedom by posting a Web site on the Internet and everyone will just go there and make them rich! But have you ever looked at the total number of Internet sites today? I can't even say the number because it is too big when doing any kind of search, yet there are very few who ever found freedom this way.


There is a Much Better Way!

So, what can you do to earn a living and at the same time enjoy freedom?  It's called Network Marketing. Some call it MLM and others use fancy names for it but it is still the same. A way to market products that any average person can do to earn a living to support their family. This is different from selling such as in Direct Sales because in direct sales there is no freedom. You must show up everyday and make a sale directly, such as in "Home Party Plans". Most people want nothing to do with selling anyway and so that again leads us back to Network Marketing as the best answer.


So What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is the wave of the future! Most people still don't understand it because if they did, they would already be in it. However, today millions of people with many different backgrounds are joining Network Marketing and it continues to grow faster than even conventional businesses! Even as far back as in the year 1990, USA Today reported that in just the United States alone, $5.5 trillion worth of goods and services were sold through Network Marketing! Today blue-chip corporations such as Citigroup, MCI, IBM and others, sell their services through Network Marketing. More and more
people are now discovering that this business model offers average people above average incomes and even more important,
it offers them freedom! 


Is it Legal?
Yes, it has been around for over 50 years and it is recognized and regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the IRS, and other state and federal agencies. The reason some people ask this question is because of the kind of incomes it can produce. How many friends, family, or for that matter, anyone do you know who is earning $100,000 plus per MONTH? Yes, incomes like this and even more than this is being earned in this industry. But it does not take that much income for most people to have freedom. 


Incomes at all levels are earned in this industry so the question is what do you want to be earning so that you can have this freedom? Would an extra $1,000 a month be enough to give you freedom? How about $5,000 a month? What about $10,000 or $15,000? When you think about the freedom that comes with this income, because of how it is earned, well, you just don't find many other ways out there in the market place that even comes close. 


The best part about this industry is that we all have done Network Marketing one or more times in our everyday lives. Have you ever recommended a movie, a restaurant or even a plumber to someone? That is really the basic concept in Network Marketing. The reason it is so powerful is because of leaverage and word of mouth advertising. So it is very natural for most people to do this business and so it becomes very simple to do. 


So is it Easy to Build a Network Marketing Business?
Let's just say it is simple but not easy. It takes a lot of effort and a person with a strong core desire to make a change in their life. I don't care what past experience they have, it gets back to what they truly want. What does this freedom mean to them?

I can teach anyone how to build an income with Shaklee but I can't help him or her create a strong core desire for doing so. That is something they need to discover and so I simply help them, as a leader in this business should do, discover why they would want to invest this effort by giving them the tools to do so. Once they have a true core desire, I simply point them
in the right direction and then get out of their way!


Is Network Marketing For You?

They say that Network Marketing is not right for everyone and also that everyone is not right for Network Marketing. But here is how you can tell if it is something you might want to consider:


If you love helping people and love feeling great in the process, you will love this business.
If you love to work on yourself to become a better person and help others do the same, you will love this business.
If you love seeing people improve their health as well as their wealth because you helped them, you will love this business.
If you love spending time with positive and caring people, you will love this business. 
If you love spending your days, Monday through Sunday, doing what you love most, you will love this business.
If you love doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, and with whom, you will love this business. 
And if you love the idea of earning an income without having to go to work every day, you will really love this business!


So, What Do You Do and How Do You Do It?

First, you simply use the products so that you can see why people get so excited about them. They are all guaranteed so there is no risk to you to put these products to a personal test. After all, do you want to feel better and is having good health important to you? If so, you need to simply convert your home into a healthy home.


You do this by replacing products that you are now using with Shaklee's healthy replacements. In many cases, you will find
that most of the products you were using were either ineffective, harmful to your health, or harmful to the environment. So replacing them with healthier products just makes the most sense. 


As a standard Shaklee member, you can save an average of 15% off the retail cost, and with our CBC program, you can
save up to 44% every single month! So if you wish to stop there, feeling better and saving the most money as a Shaklee consumer, that would be a great benefit for you. But there is much more available for you including more freedom. 


To do this, get with your coach or upline leader and have them start you on a business building process such as our RWB process. You need to be clear on what to do and also have the support to get you started down the right path. Many people fail in this business because of poor direction or they spend many years trying to figure out what to do. So you want to make sure you are on the right path ASAP. Then simply work till you get to where you want to be by helping others reach their freedom levels. When you help others you also help yourself and when you do, you too will join the growing millions of people who have discovered Network Marketing and what true freedom is all about!


O, before I go, I promised you a little gift to remind you of me and this thing we call freedom. You may decide to take me up on it some day and if you do, I will show how it is done in a very simple step-by step process. In the mean time, I will be playing this song and thinking of all the people I can help to reach this great gift of freedom and hope you will also join us!


So be sure to turn your speakers on and Enjoy!


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Allow time to download file and then you can play it as often as you like!

Till next time,

Bob Andolina



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