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Father's Day / Bread Winner?

Hi,  and welcome to our business newsletter for the month of June. Hope your family is healthy and doing well this month and that you are starting to enjoy these great summer days.

Last month I talked about Mother’s Day and how everyday could be mother’s day with a Shaklee business. This holds true for us fathers as well because the lifestyle one lives with a Shaklee business can be one that most people only dream about. Because it will soon be Father’s Day, I thought we could talk about earning a living or simply earning money. For most of us guys, this is an important subject we seem to be most interested in.

In the past, most people have always felt that it was the father’s responsibility to support his family by being the breadwinner. It just seems natural that a father would want to earn a living to feed his family because that is how we were first created. Look at the animal kingdom and you will see why this is the natural instinct for us men.




Are We Men Animals!

Well, my wife sometimes thinks that I am, but most of the time I am just a kitten. But when you look at the animal world, the males go out to hunt for the food to feed the family while the females take care of the family at home. This is a very natural instinct for all of us even though it has changed a lot over the last 50 years.  

In our human life, it now requires in many cases that both the father and mother go out to earn a living to make ends meet. The downside of this is that they must hire someone else to take care of the family at home or pull their hair out doing it all themselves. But, there is a better way of earning an income and it is growing very fast over the last few years.

I am talking about Network Marketing, which allows you to earn additional, or even full time income, without having to go out to work everyday. More and more people are discovering that this industry can provide what most people want...not only additional income, but also more time with the family, tax benefits, friendships, and so many other hidden benefits such as personal development. In many cases, even personal development can come free providing there is a good upline leader there to help give a new person good direction.


So does a father or even a mother really need to earn a lot of money in Network Marketing to make a real difference for their family? The answer is no, if done the right way. Even a small amount of income earned in this business can make a big difference for a family, any family, if use in the right way.


Here are 7 rules to earn all the money you want and even become rich:


1.)  Be sure to only spend 90% or less of your income.

Most people spend more than they earn thanks to all the credit available to us today such as the many credit card offers we receive in the mail on a daily basis. Bankruptcy is at the highest point in history because we tend to spend more than what we earn. So be sure to always keep at least 10% of every paycheck on the side before you even start to spend any of your income on other things such as food, shelter, clothing, charity and other personal desires.


2.)  Control your spending by using a budget.

You have heard that you should always pay yourself first. But many ask how can they do that if they do not earn enough money in the first place. Start by looking at the things you are now spending your money on. You will find many leaks in your income on things you could live without such as cable TV, cell phones, and gas for both of your cars. Even when it comes down to food, we can eat healthy without eating out at our favorite restaurants. There are many ways to budget our spending but first, decide to live on only the first 90% of your income and set your buget on that amount. Be sure to put the other 10% away...FIRST!


3.)  Make your savings grow.

Take your 10% earnings and invest it wisely so that it will work for you to produce even more money. There are safe investments that pay more interest than simply placing your money in a bank account. But be sure you are not taking on so much of a risk that you have a chance of losing all your savings. By investing a small amount of your income each pay period, 10%, over time in a safe investment it will grow into a large security for your family forever.


4.)  Guard your savings from loss.

Never fall for a get rich quick offer to earn interest on your money fast from someone who is broke. Always keep in mind that the first sound principle of investment is to secure your principal. If the investment does not work out, will you also lose your principal? Is it really a good offer if your principal may be lost as well? A 6-month CD will earn you interest and is insured against loss. Owning a stock in a company, (“Enron”), may be lost forever.


5.)  Investment in a home for your family is a smart investment.

Your home is a great investment and one that borrowing money for makes for a wise investment into the future. You should save up for a down payment and then stay within your buget. The money you were once paying for rent is now going toward a future investment as well as a place to live. Each payment will reduce your balance and over time it will be clear and free and a valuable asset for many generations to come.


6.)  Insurance is available for a reason, “protection”.

Life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, all insurance is to protect our investments against loss. They are not there as an investment, so don't fall for it because you are able to do a much better job investing elsewhere. However, we don't know what tomorrow will bring so it is a wise thing to protect our life savings. If you are hurt and cannot earn an income, your insurance will pay the difference to protect your future for years to come.


7.)  Always look to increase your ability to earn.

Don't borrow more money to make ends meet for the ends will simply move further apart. Instead, look to see how you can increase your capacity to earn a larger income. The first thing you need is the desire to earn more. We are not talking about asking your boss for a raise, even though it can't hurt if done in the right way. We are talking about having a core desire or burning desire to earn a better income and then doing something about it.


Some say when you reach the point that you are sick and tired of saying; “We can't afford it”, that is when you get creative. But, whatever you do, don't rob a bank or cheat others to get ahead; there are much better ways to increase your spendable income and you can help others in the process.


This brings us to Network Marketing. The first 6 rules are up to you but when it comes to this seventh rule, increasing your income, Shaklee can help. This industry is producing a lot of wealthy people and it continues to get easier every year. You can build a second income right from your home using a process such as our RWB process if you like and then you can take that money and make it work for you right away to produce even more.


I started building my Shaklee business because of the possibilities it offered our family. I would not suggest you go full time right away like I did. I would suggest you first build it to the income level you want it to be, on a part time basis, so that you can get it to the income level you need it to be for you to go full time, if that is what you want to do. But even if you look at it as a part time or spare time investment, it is still a wise investment.


What would you do with an extra $500 or $1,000 per month coming into your home every single month, even when you are not there to work at it? What if you invested this money every month over the next 10, 20 or even 40 years with interest? Do you think it would be a great backup investment? You don't need to earn millions to be a millionaire.


I know many people who worked all of their life only to get to the end with nothing to show for it. Don't let that happen to you. Let me show you how simple a Shaklee business can be built right in the comfort of your own home in just a few hours per week doing the right things. All you need is the desire and a love for helping people. I will provide you with the rest of what you need to know in a very simple step-by-step process that anyone can do to make it all happen for you.


Yes, fathers are the breadwinners but in today’s world, so are the mothers. In fact, most mothers do even a better job in this industry, but we don't need go there. The sad fact is that the children are the ones who suffer by missing the quality time of both mother and father being there for them when they need them the most. But with Network Marketing and a Shaklee business, the father or the mother or both parents can earn a great income as well as a great life and be there for their family!



I believe that is why Debby and I have two great kids. Not only were they both raised on Shaklee products, we both were there for them from their very first birthday. Now, 25 years later, they are both married and starting their own family lives with Shaklee as well. 


So why not give this some serious thought this Father’s Day. Are you where you want to be as a breadwinner? If so, where will you be 5, 10, 20 years from now? Are you really protected or would another source of income be a great idea? Are you getting to live the life you created or are you living a life someone has created for you? 



This offer is made to everyone reguardless of experience. So if you are open, let's talk and I will show you how simple it can work for you in as little as 10 minutes over the phone. It to would be a great investment of your time, that you can take to the bank!


Have a happy father’s day by being a winner and you will have enough bread to eat for a lifetime!

Till next time,
Bob Andolina

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If this is a leadership business, which it is, and you don't have a business building process in place, which most people in Network Marketing do not, how could you ever lead others? To lead others, it is important for you to first know where you are going and how to get there. If you like, visit the home of the RWB business building process to learn a very simple step-by-step duplicatable process to build you a life-long repeatable income.




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