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Why Shaklee Products?
That is a good question so let me tell you a little bit about them. 

Our emphasis has always been the naturalness of our products, and our commitment to ensure the safety and good health of those who use our food supplements is something we feel very strongly about. The basis of our success has been, and continues to be, our rigorous scientific approach to the formulation of our products. Because of this, our nutritional supplements are well balanced and offer maximum nutrient bioavailability to the consumer.

Over the years, we have conducted numerous clinical studies on our products, many of which have appeared in prestigious scientific journals, such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of the American Medical Association and Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Indeed, a number of the studies were conducted in association with major universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Texas, as well as NASA.

The process of having a clinical study published in one of these journals is extremely rigorous. The research paper is peer-reviewed by experts who judge it for scientific worthiness. Once the peer-review process has been completed, the study is then accepted for publication. We now have over 100 published research articles proving the results of our products.

No other nutritional company even comes close to having this kind of proof behind their products. But the best proof is the many people who have use our products over the last 85 years. Ask anyone of them and you will find them saying, “These products are different and I can feel the difference when I use them”.

The reason for this is simple. Many nutritional supplements sold today contain only a small portion of the active ingredients claimed on their label. This occurs largely because they derive their final product analysis from the content certification documents provided by the supplier of their raw materials. In many cases they hope to cut cost to beat other prices on the market.

We also receive these certification documents, but then we conduct our own incoming inspection to verify the content and quality of the active ingredients. We are the only company who rejects raw materials if they do not meet up to our standards. These same rejected raw materials are not just tossed out; other nutritional companies with lower standards are using them.

A very good example of this was when we made a decision to discontinue making Asian Ginseng Complex. We became aware that Panax ginseng, imported from China during the 1998 season, was contaminated by a fungicide. This was an industry-wide problem.  Though the FDA determined that the levels of the fungicide were not harmful and that the fungicide-contaminated ginseng compounds could continue to be sold in the United States, we decided to discontinue our ginseng product until a pure source of ginseng could be found. We were the only company to do so! 

But that is only one of many reasons our products are different. Another reason is that our manufacturing process is then followed by a comprehensive final product analysis designed to verify that the active ingredients are actually present in the proper concentrations in the final product before it is ever sold to you. As many as 256 separate test are preformed during the process, 176 on the raw materials alone! Every product is backed by our 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Unlike many of the nutritional products on the market today, we will not even bring a product to the market unless there is substantial proof of its health benefits. Each of our products are formulated based upon third-party research and independent clinical studies. There is scientific substantiation behind each of our products.

It's a sad fact that the huge demand for herbal products has spawned so many bogus ingredients. You will not find these ingredients in our products because they don't hold up to scientific scrutiny. For example, DHEA, glycoproteins, shark cartilage, Garcinia cambogia, and many other "trendy" products do not have enough scientific support to qualify as one of our products. We simply will not sacrifice our integrity for short-term profits.

Every claim we make is backed by 100% scientific proof. Rigorous analytical testing ensures each of our products consistently delivers what is on our label. We offer you safe, reliable guaranteed performance and you are the final judge.

While any two nutritional supplements may resemble one another in the sense that they utilize the proper nutrients in their respective formulations, the ingredients used may still differ in type and quality as markedly as a second-hand car does from a new Mercedes. Oftentimes, lower-priced products are usually synonymous with inexpensive (or even inferior) raw materials. Moreover, with the consumer in mind, there remains questions related to issues such as ingredient safety, product testing, and so on. Shaklee is among the very few manufacturers who have its own manufacturing facility and who regularly test their products for safety and efficacy with the consumer in mind.

Recently the FDA is looking into providing regulations on nutritional supplements to help protect the consumer and we are leading the way. Until then, it is very much a world of "buyer beware". 

So why take a chance with your health when you can have the very best? It’s one place where second best is simply not good enough. Try our products today; it will be the best investment you ever made! We guarantee it!


"Supplements are absolutely crucial due to the quality of our soil and food today.  
There are a lot of different supplements available on the market, but labels do not accurately reflect contents.  Over the past ten years I have been using Shaklee supplements for personal use, as well as confidently recommending them to my patients."

"For over 19 years Shaklee has been a blessing for me, my family, and my patients who have all benefited from scientifically proven products for quality health and healthy living. Our food today is so deficient in nutrients because of what we have done to it, it is no longer the same food that Mother Nature offered to us.  For my fellow physicians who are looking into incorporating nutrition in their practice, I encourage you to consider using Shaklee's quality health products that you can trust and recommend with full confidence."

FROM KATHY WICKENS, Chiropractor, Perth, ON
"Patients get results with Shaklee!  There is a definite difference in the holding patterns for chiropractic adjustments for patients taking Shaklee supplements."

FROM CHARLENE DAY, Registered Nutritional Consultant, Toronto, ON
"I have been in practice for over 26 years and have used many brands of supplements, including Professional brands.  About 7 years ago, I was given information about the Shaklee Corporation.  I was impressed when I read that over 100 research studies and articles about Shaklee products were published in prestigious nutritional and medical journals.  Wanting the best for my clients, I started recommending Shaklee supplements.   I was amazed at the results.  My clients experienced a level of wellness far exceeding anything I had experienced in the previous 19 years."

FROM NEIL PAGETT, M.D., Internal Medicine
"Supplements make sense.  You have to have good double-blind, peer-reviewed clinical studies in order to evaluate them.  As a medical professional, that's the only thing I will listen to.  Except for Shaklee, I am not aware of any company that does on-going, in depth studies.  Shaklee is the only company I can professionally recommend."

FROM RICK MEDORA, Chiropractor, Kingston, ON
"The most trusted name in clinical science is Shaklee."

A Pharmacist tells why he takes Shaklee and only Shaklee!
I thought you might be interested in this e-mail.  I asked my friend, Harry Shurley, a pharmacist, why he took Shaklee vitamins when he could get others, as samples, for free.  Here is his reply.....  
Why do I take Shaklee vitamins?  From a pharmacist's view you have to look at the clinical research that is done by Shaklee.

Mrs.  Lindley and I are writing a book on prenatal nutrition -- not quite complete -- and we requested clinical studies from the makers of prenatal vitamins and NO major company (except Shaklee) could provide us with any studies!

Also, as you know, the Shaklee vitamins are natural as opposed to the synthetic prenatal vitamins available in drug stores.  The makers of those prenatal vitamins stress the amount of folic acid in them, which is 1 mg .  Because they have 1 mg of folic acid they have to be on prescription because folic acid can mask pernicious anemia, but if you look at the prenatal vitamins they have very few of the other vitamins and most leave out biotin completely.

It is funny that you ask me this question because a few weeks ago I had a nurse call in for some prenatal vitamins and I asked her what was the best prenatal vitamin and she said, "I don't know."  So I asked her how did they determine what brand of vitamin to give to the patients and she said, "Whatever they can tolerate".

There are so many reasons why I take Shaklee over the vitamins I could get from pharmaceutical companies.  I don' t have time to explain all, but the main reason is because the Shaklee vitamins produce results!
Till next time, have a great month,
Bob Andolina
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