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Hello Bob,

Yes, it's crazy me again and it is not even Halloween! Just wanted to stress the point with this picture that we can and do use all of the Shaklee products in our home. Now I will guarantee you that you will never catch me wearing the lipsticks. And so far, I have not needed Shaklee Menopause Balance Complex; at least not yet! :o But, we men also like to stay looking young as long as we can and the Shaklee products, such as the Enfuselle Infusing Mineral Masque, will do just that. 

Being healthy and feeling great is what I would hope everyone would want to enjoy as long as they can. That is why we use all of the Shaklee products and recommend them to everyone.  We are not getting any younger over these years, but we are feeling younger!

"Can I really use 100 PV?"

In the 25 years I have been a Shaklee business owner, I have never once heard a true business builder say they use less than 100 PV per month. Even if they lived alone, they still had no trouble using 100 PV of Shaklee products each and every month. Some business owners laugh at that amount because they are like us, using 300 to 600 PV each month and more. It really is easy to do when you switch brands to Shaklee products and start feeling great. I like what one business owner told me: "If Shaklee makes it, I use it!" Her health is so much better now, after years of using Shaklee products, that she has now decided to build her own Shaklee business because she feels that so many others need to know about was is possible for them.

Why is it that all Shaklee members on record are not all using at least 100 PV per month? Sometimes it is because they do not understand what benefits are available to them from using all the different products together. I had one member who felt better on the nutritional products but still did not feel as good as she thought she could feel. I suggested she switch her other products to Shaklee and when she did, she felt great! It was the fabric softener she was using that was causing her health problem. Once she began to use Shaklee laundry products, her energy level increased dramatically!

Sometimes people just don't think to try the other products. But when you understand that 100 PV is all that is needed to qualify for Shaklee's pay out plan, and you have a simple way for anyone to qualify, you have a win/win for everyone! Now even people who have an interest in Shaklee as a consumer only, can take full advantage of the Shaklee conpensation plan!  

Take a look at how many Shaklee products could be used in just one day:

Wake up after a great night of sleep breathing pure clean air all night from Shaklee AirSource. Take a shower with Meadow Blend Liquid or Meadow Blend soap-free cleansing bar. Shampoo with ProSante Shampoo and Conditioner. Then be sure to use the ProSante Nourishing Scalp Treatment so that you can keep all of your hair on your head long into your later years! 

Not done yet, be sure to brush your teeth with New Concept dentifrice in wintergreen or spearmint and don't forget to apply Desert Wind Roll-on deodorant. For a final touch, be sure to use your Enfuselle anti-aging system to keep you looking your best long into your future years. And if you have kids, the Shaklee Small Wonder Shampoo & Baby Bath is great as well as the Small Wonder Creamy Baby Oil.

Time for breakfast so it's time to get your Shaklee Wellness Pack out. Maybe you are already healthy and just want to keep it that way so you are using the Wellness Pack for prevention. It gives you a great serving of soy protein, a multi-vitamin with extra Vita C, B-Complex and E. And to make sure you are covered on all sides, it also includes OmegaGuard to protect your heart and NutriFeron to build a strong Immune system for protection against outside invaders.

For some of you, you may have to deal with other health concerns such as I do. We have a high rate of heart troubles in our family, so I added CoQHeart, Lecithin and Garlic to keep my arteries open and in good condition. My body also builds up cholesterol and so to fight back, I use Cholesterol Regulation Complex and Shaklee Fiber Plan. It sure beats taking Lipitor and risking the side effects from that drug that others have had to deal with.

I also want to protect myself from such things as prostate cancer, which also runs in my family. Shaklee's Saw Palmetto gives me that protection and the comfort knowing I am taking a pro-active step toward prevention. I also take OsteoMatrix because I do not eat a lot of dairy products to get my calcium intake for the day. And due to a car accident I was in years ago, I sustained a back injury and could not be on my feet for more than 1/2 hour because of the pain I would have to deal with due to the injury. Alfalfa has helped so much with this along with the other supplements that I no longer have any pain at all! But I still use Alfalfa for all the other benefits it provides such as help for allergies and to keep my digestive system in good shape.

If you work out, you will want to use Shaklee Physique to repair your muscles after a work out as well as Shaklee Performance to keep you hydrated. Many times I will eat a Carbo-Crunch or Multi-Munch Nutrition Energy bars if I don't have time for lunch or want a quick snack during the day. Then there is Metabolic Boosting Bites sitting on my desk in case I need a boost of energy while at work in my home office.

Don't forget CarotoMax if you are not a big veggie eater like me. And FlavoMax if you are not eating a lot of fruit each day. Both of these will make sure you get the anti-oxidants, which will help you to prevent pre-mature aging. Are you tired a lot during the day? It could be that you need additional iron in your diet. Shaklee Iron+C Complex is there to help because iron is more absorbent when taken along with vitamin C. Maybe you just need to add Shaklee Cor-Energy to your diet for it sure helps me on days I burn the candle on both ends.

We can go on and on here with Optiflora, Liver DTX, or even EZ-Gest if you want to be able to get back to eating the foods that you love but that give you trouble when you eat products like milk and cheese. Are you having problems with regulating your glucose levels? If so, there is Shaklee Glucose Regulation Complex. What about a sick stomach? Shaklee Stomach Soothing Complex works great in about 20 minutes!

Do you feel a cold starting to come on? Use Shaklee Defend & Resist ASAP because it will stop it in its tracks. Most of the time it will feel like you can never get sick again. Also, be sure you are handling your stress levels with Shaklee Stress Relief Complex and if it is your mood you want to change, try using Shaklee Moodlift before jumping on the bandwagon of anti-depression drugs as most consumers are now using. There are no side effects from Moodlift such as you get form Anti-depression drugs. And just so you don't forget all of this, be sure you take Shaklee Memory Optimizer and Mental Acuity Plus.

Many people are having a lot of knee problems these days and a lot of joint pain. If this is you or you know someone, be sure to try Shaklee Joint & Muscle Complex before going under the knife. If you are already having pain, use Shaklee Pain Relief Complex and Joint & Muscle Pain Cream for very fast relief.

If you are a woman going through menopause, be sure to add Shaklee Menopause Balance Complex and GLA to your Shaklee Wellness Pack. For a fast cooling down from a hot flash, be sure to also have Menopause Balance Complex Cooling Lotion on hand. And if weight management is something of interest to you, be sure to use the Shaklee Weight Management program to keep you slim and fit.

Last, don't forget the kids. The Shaklee Meal Shakes in Bavarian Cocoa and French Vanilla make a great meal replacement when you want to be sure they get the nutrients they need in their growing years. In addition to the Meal Shakes, be sure to have them take Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders for ages 4-12 or Vita-Lea Infant if under age 4. 

It's now time to do the house cleaning. But before we do, let's toss in a load of wash. We have Basic-L if we like a powder or Liquid-L if we prefer a liquid. We even have Basic-L Free if we have fragrance sensitivities. Then to take care of heavy soil, we have Nature Bright and Softer than Soft for our fabric softener. So now we can do our wash without polluting the environment or us!

Back to cleaning our home. Start with Basic H for windows and a different mix of Basic H for multi-purpose cleaning around the house such as dusting and the kitchen floor. Before we go on to the bathroom, let's run the dishwasher with Basic D and a few dishes at the sink with Satin Sheen. After the dishes are done, get Shaklee Basic G out to clean and kill the bathroom germs and At-Ease Liquid to scrub the tub. And if you have any real heavy duty cleaning to do, remember this: What ever Basic H can't do, I can. Basic I works great for grease build up and At-Ease paste is great for any scouring jobs that need to be done.

If you are going out to the store to do some shopping for the day and you are a woman, us guys have it easy, you may want to freshen up a bit with Shaklee Minerelles. You have everything you need to look your best. Foundations, Concealers, Pressed Powders, Blush, Eyeshadows, Eye Pencils, Mascara, Lip Pencils, Lipsticks, Lip Gloss and even Nail Polish! See, I told you we guys have it easy. 

Now that all the cleaning, washing and shopping is done, and you are about to retire for the day, why not relax with a cup of herbal tea? Boil a cup of BestWater, it's a lot cheaper than bottle water, and stir in 3 Gentle Sleep Complex tablets. Sit back and relax because you had a busy day but still look and feel great!

So the next time someone is not sure if they can use 100 PV, remember this message. All one needs to do is switch brands and see how much better they feel once they use all the Shaklee products in their home. There is a reason for doing this; your good health is something I hope you would want to have for a very long time. Shaklee products have been helping people for over 50 years ever since Dr. Shaklee introduced Vitalized Minerals back in 1915. They are products many of us have come to trust because they really do what they are claimed to do; build health! 

The next thing I do is help people use these products for free like we do. If they do not want to join me in the Shaklee business or even talk or refer anyone, I now tell them about our new program called the "Cash Back Consumer Co-Up Reward Program" and how this will save them up to 44% off the retail price. Everyone seems to like this program a lot because it is like getting something for nothing. This has been one of the best moves we have ever done in the 25 years we have been in Shaklee and it is working very well for all who wish to join!

Whatever you do, be sure to use all the Shaklee products in your home so that you can really put them to the test. That's why they all come with a money-back guarenteed which means, no risk to you, only benefits! 

Be sure to visit our Web site to read about all of the product details and ask about our CBC program to save you the most money on Shaklee products; maybe even use them all for free! 

Till next month,                                                                                                                       

Bob Andolina     

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