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Welcome to our Shaklee Product Newsletter for the month of January. I hope you are doing well and above all, enjoying great health and staying warm.

I use to think that only people like us who live in the north had to deal with cold temperatures like we have been having. However this year it seems like we all have some cold days ahead of us. So I thought the topic we could talk about for this month would be our Immune System. I included some information at the end of this letter about this subject, which is a short explanation about how it works and also about vaccinations; are they helpful or harmful? 

You know, I found out why they say a doctor has a practice. It is because that is what he is always doing, practicing. They can only know what has been taught to them based on what is known at the present time. Where the problem comes in is that many times the future research causes the present information to change. 

Keep in mind that the medical field is always learning about how the human body works and as it does, new discoveries are always being made. Our Creator is very good at putting us together and so we may never know everything there is to know about how we work. This is also the case when it comes to getting vaccinations. What is really going on in the human body when we get these vaccinations?

You can read about this in the article below but the bottom line is that it becomes very important for each of us to take personal responsibility for our health. And the foundation we need for doing so is our Immune System. This is something that we do know for sure and it will never change. It is our first line of defense and so it needs to be in great shape at all times to take care of us if we wish to stay healthy.

We also know for sure that eating right, drinking plenty of "Pure" water, breathing "Pure" air, exercising, avoiding stress, and getting proper rest are all important things to keep ourselves in a healthy state. But when it comes to our food, water, and the air we breathe, many times we either make bad decisions, fall short of the nutrients our bodies need for a strong immune system, or simply are unaware of what is happening to us from day-to-day from the water we drink and the air we breathe.

This is why Shaklee products are so important. They provide a way for us to get the protection we need. We can supplement our diets to make sure we get the nutrients we need. We can clean up the water we drink and the air we breath. In fact, with Shaklee's Get Clean product line, we can even clean up our environment in which we all must live! The best part about all of this is that we can know we are getting the very best quality available because of Shaklee and its commitment for the past 50 years!

Start with taking a closer look at the Shaklee Wellness Pack. It has everything you will want to make sure you have a fighting chance against the outside invaders we all have to deal with this winter season, or for that matter, all year long.

While you are taking the good nutrients into your body with our Wellness Pack, you can also cut down on the outside contaminants trying to get into your body in the first place. You do this by blocking them out with a Shaklee Best Water unit and our AirSource system.

People who drink pure water, breath pure air and supplement their diets with the proper nutrition from Shaklee products, notice a difference in their health in as little as 30 days! Many say that they feel better than ever and sometimes even better than they did when they were much younger!

Remember, a strong Immune System is your front line of defense, so don't go to battle empty handed. You would not go out in these cold winter days in a swimsuit. So do yourself a favor and wrap yourself in the protection that only Shaklee products can guarantee to provide for you. It is the best you can do to stay healthy during these cold winter months and long into your later years. And don't forget, we can even help you to pay for them!

Below is an article that was sent to me about this subject written by a doctor. I hope you find some time to read it over so that you get a better understanding about your immune system.

Remember, if we don't take care of our health, no one else will!

Till next time,

I want to thank everyone for all the kind words you sent our way about Debby's mom, Lydia Gadd, passing away this month. She lived a very long and happy full life and we will miss her very much. I want you to know that it was comforting to know just how many people cared and the comfort that comes from knowing you were there. I know Lydia is happy now and she is smiling down on all of you. So thank you so much again, for I want you to know that it really did help us through this time of our lives.

Bob, Debby and Family


The following article has to do with vaccination, but it contains an excellent concise explanation of how the immune system works (and how allergy and auto-immune problems develop).

[As a side note:  notice in the second paragraph the importance of the tonsils and adenoids in the immune function that eliminates infectious agents from the body. 
These are not throw-away organs that are simply "vestiges of our past evolution" that are no longer necessary, as  parents have been told for years by secularized medicine.  These very important organs were placed in the body by design by the Creator for a purpose -- though we are just beginning to understand that purpose. 
They should NOT be removed routinely or just because they become infected or uncomfortable.  Is it any wonder that the generations who have had their tonsils and adenoids removed now suffer as adults from an epidemic of auto-immune disease, allergies, asthma, and various infectious infestations (such as chronic fatigue/mononucleosis, candida, etc.).]
Also note the imbalance caused by routine vaccination that may show up later in life as chronic immune system malfunction, allergies, auto-immune disease, etc.  I have been preaching for many years that vaccination may be beneficial from a public health standpoint in underdeveloped areas that do not have access to consistently abundant nutrition, pure water, and sanitation.  But for those, as we do, who have access to abundant nutrition through supplementation, pure water, and good sanitation, routine vaccination makes no sense since it is so damaging and since there is a far better way.  This article confirms that.
Stan Pulliam
How Vaccines and the Immune System Interact
May 5, 1999
In order to use vaccinations wisely, we need to understand exactly how they work.  Until recently, the "mechanism of action" of vaccinations was always understood to be simply that they cause an increase in antibody levels (titers) against a specific disease antigen (bacterium or virus), thus preventing "infection" with that bacterial or viral antigen. 
In recent years science has learned that the human immune system is much more complicated than we thought.  It is composed of two functional branches or compartments that may work together in a mutually cooperative way or in a mutually antagonistic way depending on the health of the individual.

One branch is the humoral immune system (or Th2 function), which primarily produces antibodies in the blood circulation as a sensing or recognizing function of the immune system to the presence of foreign antigens in the body. 
The other branch is the cellular or cell-mediated immune system (or Th1 function), which primarily destroys, digests and expels foreign antigens out of the body through the activity of its cells found in the thymus, tonsils, adenoids, spleen, lymph nodes and lymph system throughout the body.  This process of destroying, digesting and discharging foreign antigens from the body is known as "the acute inflammatory response" and is often accompanied by the classic signs of inflammation: fever, pain, malaise and discharge of mucus, pus, skin rash or diarrhea.

These two functional branches of the immune system may be compared to the two functions in eating: tasting and recognizing the food on the one hand, and digesting the food and eliminating the food waste on the other hand.  In the same way, the humoral or Th2 branch of the immune system "tastes" and recognizes and even remembers foreign antigens and the cellular or Th1 branch of the immune system digests and eliminates the foreign antigens from the body. 
But just as too much repeated tasting of food will ruin the appetite, so also too much repeated stimulation of the "tasting" humoral immune system by an antigen will inhibit and suppress the digesting and eliminating function of the cellular immune system.  In other words, over stimulating antibody production can suppress the acute inflammatory response of the cellular immune system!  (1)

This explains the polar opposite relationship between acute discharging inflammations on the one hand and allergies and autoimmune inflammations on the other hand.  The more a person has of one, the less he or she will have of the other!  A growing number of scientists believe that the increase in America, Europe, Australia and Japan in allergic and autoimmune diseases (which stimulate the humoral or Th2 branch of the immune system) is caused by the lack of stimulation of the cellular or the Th1 branch of the immune system from the lack of acute inflammatory responses and discharges in childhood.  (2, 3, 4, 5) 
We need to identify the factors which cause this shift in the function of the immune system or which cause allergies and autoimmune diseases in childhood to increase!

If we now return to the original question of the mechanism of action of vaccinations, we find what I believe is the key to the puzzle.  A vaccination consists of introducing a disease agent or disease antigen into an individual's body without causing the disease.  If the disease agent provoked the whole immune system into action it would cause all the symptoms of the disease!  The symptoms of a disease are primarily the symptoms (fever, pain, malaise, loss of function) of the acute inflammatory response to the disease.

So the trick of a vaccination is to stimulate the immune system just enough so that it makes antibodies and "remembers" the disease antigen but not so much that it provokes an acute inflammatory response by the cellular immune system and makes us sick with the disease we're trying to prevent! 
Thus a vaccination works by stimulating very much the antibody production (Th2) and by stimulating very little or not at all the digesting and discharging function of the cellular immune system (Th1).  Vaccine antigens are designed to be unprovocative or "indigestible" for the cellular immune system (Th1) and highly stimulating for the antibody-mediated humoral immune system (Th2).

Perhaps it is not difficult to see then why the repeated use of vaccinations would tend to shift the functional balance of the immune system toward the antibody-producing side (Th2) and away from the acute inflammatory discharging side (the cell-mediated side or Th1). 
This has been confirmed by observation especially in the case of Gulf War Illness: MOST VACCINATIONS CAUSE a SHIFT in IMMUNE FUNCTION from the Th1 side (acute inflammatory discharging response) TO the Th2 side (CHRONIC AUTO-IMMUNE or ALLERGIC RESPONSE).  (6)

The outcome of this line of thought is that, contrary to previous belief; vaccinations do not strengthen or "boost" the whole immune system.  Instead vaccinations over stimulate the "tasting and remembering" function of the antibody-mediated branch of the immune system (Th2), which simultaneously suppresses the cellular immune system (Th1) thus "preventing" the disease in question.
There is no system of the human being, from mind to muscles to immune system, which gets stronger through avoiding challenges, but only through overcoming challenges. 
The WISE USE of VACCINATIONS would be to USE THEM SELECTIVELY, and NOT ON a MASS SCALE.  In order for vaccinations to be helpful and not harmful, we must know beforehand in each individual to be vaccinated whether the Th1 function or the Th2 function of the immune system predominates.
In individuals in whom the Th1 function predominates, causing many acute inflammations because the cellular immune system is over reactive, a vaccination could have a balancing effect on the immune system and be helpful for that individual. 
In individuals in whom the Th2 function predominates, causing few acute inflammations but rather the tendency to chronic allergic or autoimmune inflammations, a vaccination would cause the Th2 function to predominate even more, aggravating the imbalance of the immune system and harming the health of that individual. This is what happened in Gulf War Illness.
The current use of vaccinations in medicine today is essentially a "shotgun" approach that ignores differences among individuals.  In such an approach some individuals may be helped and others may be harmed. 
If medicine is to evolve in a healthy direction, we must learn to understand the particular characteristics of each individual, and we must learn how to individualize our treatments to be able to heal each unique human being in our care.
VACCINATIONS are usually effective in preventing an individual from manifesting a particular illness, but they DO NOT IMPROVE the overall STRENGTH or HEALTH of the individual nor of the immune system. 
Instead, VACCINATIONS MODIFY the REACTIVITY of the IMMUNE SYSTEM, decreasing acute discharging inflammatory reactions and INCREASING the TENDENCY to CHRONIC ALLERGIC and AUTO-IMMUNE REACTIONS.
Epidemiologic studies (7, 8, 9) have shown that as families improve their living conditions, hygiene, nutrition, literacy and education, the risk of life-threatening acute infectious, inflammatory diseases very much decreases. 
Families with poor living conditions, hygiene, nutrition and literacy would generally be most likely to benefit from vaccinations.  Families with good living conditions, hygiene, nutrition and education probably would benefit from vaccinations very little or not at all.  Individuals with a tendency to allergic or autoimmune diseases are LIKELY to BE HARMED BY VACCINATIONS.
SIDE EFFECTS of VACCINATION are usually ALLERGIC or AUTOIMMUNE inflammatory reactions caused by the shift of the immune system's reactivity from the Th1 side to the Th2 side.  Modern medicine is just beginning to recognize this.  (10) 
Modern MEDICINE HAS NOT SCIENTIFICALLY MEASURED the RISK/BENEFIT RATIO of ANY VACCINE.  (11) Research into the risks of vaccines is very inadequate, according to two comprehensive reports on vaccines by the U.S.  Institute of Medicine in 1991 and 1994.
My preceding explanation of how vaccinations affect the immune system is true also in animals.  Vaccinations cannot make animals healthier, but only good handling, environment and nutrition can make animals healthy and resistant to disease.  Vaccinating pigs may prevent them from having illness from one particular strain of virus but will not improve their overall resistance to other illnesses nor even to other strains of the same virus.
It is important to remember that an infection with a particular virus or bacterium does not necessarily cause illness unless the resistance of the individual is low.  In the case of Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV), most infections cause no symptoms and less than 0.1% of infected individuals develop severe encephalitis.  (12)
Individuals living in poor conditions, with poor hygiene, nutrition and education are at higher risk of serious illnesses from JEV or any other infection.  In such individuals a vaccination would most likely be helpful.
VERY OFTEN the MEDIA EXAGGERATE the EXTENT of such outbreaks.  Each individual should freely decide, based on knowledge and not on fear and hearsay, whether he or she or a child would benefit from a vaccination.

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