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TeamWork = Super Bowl

Hi Bob, I hope your day is a great day because in Shaklee, everyday can be great day! With our products, we can all feel our very best! With the Shaklee opportunity, we can live a great lifestyle! And what makes this all so much fun is that we get to help so many others have the same great day we are having! This is all called, "TeamWork."

In this month's newsletter, I want to talk about "TeamWork." Because without teamwork, none of us would have a great day in the first place. A team without teamwork, would be spinning their wheels. Nothing would get accomplished because everyone would be doing what they felt they wanted to do, and in doing so, they could cancel out the other teammate’s effort.  Being from Pittsburgh, I found that the Super Bowl win this year can be a great lesson for all of us when it comes to real TeamWork.

TeamWork = Super Bowl!
Well it did not surprise me. I was excited a few weeks before the Super Bowl saying to my wife that we were going to win this year's Super Bowl! She said, "How do you know that for sure?" I said because they believe in teamwork and they believe in themselves. That is what this Shaklee business is all about! In fact, that's what life is all about. This is a very very powerful combination and unstoppable when a team has it! Even having a bad game, as the Steelers had that Sunday, can still be good enough to win when a team has this kind of gut effort in motion.

Everyone was saying that there was no way the Steelers could ever even come close to making the Super Bowl, let alone win it. At a 6th position spot, no team has ever made it from there to the Super Bowl in the history of the game! Top that off with winning the Super Bowl and you have a new record in place that will be hard to ever break by any team, even after another 40 years!

But there is a lesson to be learned here. What I kept hearing from the Steeler players week after week, winning game after winning game was this:

"We believe and are focused as a team on only one thing, winning the next one."

They would say things like this: "We each have a job to do and no one on the team is any better than the next regardless of the position they play. We cannot win unless we play as a team and follow the same game plan. If I am called on to do my part to make that play happen, I will do my very best and nothing less of me will ever do."

That's how you win at the game called life!

What Do You Want? 
If you want to build a Shaklee business, you first have to know your why if you want to have success. Before you can even put together a team, you must first know what you want. Is your life presently going in the direction you want it to go? If not, what would you change if money were not an issue holding you back? What is your core desire for even considering this business in the first place?  How would you feel living the life of your dreams? That is your Super Bowl Bob! You can make that core desire into a reality if you really want to, but it will take teamwork. In this business, to be very successful, you need to build a great business team.

You Need a Process and a Plan. 
In order for you to get started in building this business team, you need to first have a process and a plan in place so that you can build your business the right way from the very start. I find this one missing most of time when teaching others my RWB process. It's not that they are not willing to work and love this business, it is just very confusing to them as to what to do or to say to introduce Shaklee to other people without turning them off or getting into a debate as to who's product is better. I was once there myself, so I know this first hand. It does not need to be this way for this business is very simple, but only when you have a process in place and work as a team.

There have been so many "programs of the month" that have come along over the years. If you have been in this business as long as I have, you know what I mean. The problem with this is that it tends to hold people back because there are so many choices for them to make. Some people in this industry put up a different program each week hoping that if they offer many different programs to others, something might work! This has been happening ever since I came into this business and it will continue to be this way long after I leave this world because that is just the nature of this business. You have a lot of talented people in this industry that are self-employed entrepreneur types and that's what makes this such a great business to be part is not just another job.

But it's amazing how excited I see people get when they know what to do! Their belief level hits the roof and they look forward to working at building their business! Even the leaders who have been in this business for over 25 years and who are already earning 6 figures get excited! Some have said to me that this was the first time in their entire 30 year career that they had a set-by-step process in place! That should happen on day one in this business, not day 10,680!

So you need to decide what your process is going to be. You also can't have more than one process at a time going on or keep changing the one you do have. If you are going to build a Network Marketing business, you better first have a process that you stick to and then have a plan to put it into action. Once you know what to do and what to say, you can then go on to teach it to the others on your team. Other programs can now come and go, but because you are now focused, you will no longer even see them going by!

This is just like a football team; they may want to win, but without a process and a plan in place, or changing it all the time, even if they had teamwork, it would not get them to the Super Bowl. They have to have a process- what to do, a plan- when to do it, and teamwork- each doing their part. Only then can you have success! Even with everyone around you saying you can't do it, it no longer matters because you believe and know deep inside, you can!

TeamWork Starts with Great Leadership.
This is a leadership business so you must first become the leader for your team. Not someone else, YOU! So if you want others to follow you, you better first know where you are going and hopefully it is not off a cliff!  90% of people fail in Network Marketing because they had no real plan in place. So be sure you have one if you are planning on reaching the top and want others to follow you.

As a leader, you must develop teamwork. You are no better than the next person regardless of the rank you may have reached in this business. Always remember this. You can learn so much from the new person who just joined your team, as much as they can learn from you. So be open to what they say and don't put them down if they disagree with you. Talk about it with them instead and reach some kind of an agreement. Let them fail if that is what it will take to teach them this business. Whatever do, don't put them down for trying for they might just have a great idea you will miss!

Just being in the same group does not make you a team either. We have a RWB Leaders Club made up of 22 Shaklee Leaders from different groups all around the country. They are all leaders who have reached the ranks of Director on up to Master. They are a very special team because we all work together to help one another grow as a better leader. What rank each one holds never comes up because it does not matter to us. It is a give and take atmosphere and again, nobody is any better than any one member. Everyone has a special part that makes this group work with real teamwork. Even if this conference call starts at 10:00 PM during the weekday, we all look forward to it each and every week!

So think teamwork all the time in everything you do. Your business, as well as your life, will be a much more happier place to be! Then you too, cannot only reach your Super Bowl in life, but also win it! 

Till next time,
Bob Andolina

PS, I listed some great quotes below on TeamWork that I hope you enjoy.
Read them over a few times and then insert them into your life.

The Strength of the Team is Each Individual Member...
The Strength of Each Member is the Team.
Coach Phil Jackson Chicago Bulls

Wearing the Same Shirts Doesn't Make You a Team
Buchholz and Roth

A Team is More than a Collection of People. It is a Process of Give and Take.
Barbara Glacel & Emile Robert Jr.

Effective Teamwork is All About Making a Good, Well-Balanced Salad
Not Whipping Individuals Into a Single Batch of V8.
Sandra Richardson, OD Consultant

Individual Commitment to a Group Effort —

That is what Makes:

A Team Work 
A Company Work,
A Society Work, 
A Civilization Work.
Vince Lombardi, football coach for the NFL (1913-1970)

Win Together, Lose Together, Play Together, Stay Together.
Debra Mancuso


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