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Welcome to this month's Shaklee business newsletter. This is the first newsletter from my new office so I included a little treat for those of you who may be interested.

As some of you know, I just finished my new office, which is now on the main floor of our home overlooking the pool. I put together a quick photo-story yesterday for those of you who ask me to send pictures of the building process of putting it all together. If you wish, you can view it here at my Web site. When you click on this link, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Bob's New Office".

Home Office or Lifestyle?
It's great having a large picture window in your office allowing natural light to enter your work environment. In the summer months I move outside to the lower deck so that I can work outside sitting right next to the pool. There I train other distributors in this business, on my wireless phone, on how they too can have the same lifestyle.

You might be thinking: Am I home in the office everyday? Don't I ever meet people in person?

Sure I do, but it is when I want to, not because I have to in order to conduct business. 95% of my business activies are conducted from the comfort of my own home. The Shaklee home office takes care of all the day-to-day activities of product distribution while we get to introduce new members to the business and train them on all the great benefits this business has to offer. This is a true home business, which translates into lifestyle or simply time freedom!

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to earn an income without having to go out to work every day?

You know,
        Sleep in to whatever time you feel like getting up.
        Travel when and where you want and with whom you want.
        Live on the ocean or in the mountains or both at the same time.
        Spend your time, as you want to spend it, every day of your life.

What would you do with all your free time?

We know that Movie Stars, Rock Stars, Famous Authors, Inventors and so forth have this one thing in common with each other. They all earn a residual income that rewards them with the time freedom they always wanted. They have used their creative minds to get them to where they are today and because of it, they get to enjoy a great lifestyle.

So what is this residual income thing and is it available to everyone?

Residual income is money earned today on the work you have done in the past. Which means, you can live the life of your dreams and still earn an income to support it while you do. And yes, it is available to everyone when it comes to building a Shaklee business.

Itís really pretty simple in Shaklee to build a residual income. Itís simple, but not easy. You do need to invest some time up front in training to learn a few secrets about this fast growing industry. But if done right, you will reach the point where you will never have to work another day in your life!

More people than ever before in history are entering this industry, mostly due to the baby boomer group. This group will be the largest group in history to ever reach retirement age at the same time. The sad part about this is that many of them will not be ready for it.

Many boomers will have to continue to work in their retirement days to earn an income due to poor retirement planning. Some planned well but the cost of living will increasingly eat up their retirement funds they do have. Still others will want to stay active doing something with a challenge yet fun and on their own time and in their control. A home-based business of their own continues to be on the top of their list.

More and more people today are starting up a home-based business in Network Marketing because it offers the average person an opportunity to earn an above average income. No special schooling needed because you learn as you earn.

Look at some of the facts:

        A new home-based business opens every ten seconds.

        25% of North America is involved in some sort of home business.

        The average home-based business generates over $50,000 yearly in income, while the average working wage is only $22,000 in North America.

Did you know that 9 of 10 families now need two working members to just make ends meet?
Surveys indicate that 85% of all Americans would like to own their own business.

What I found to be true over the years is that anyone can build a Shaklee income if they want or need more money to support their family. But what I also found is that most people donít really understand it and when they do, they have a hard time believing they could earn it. So they end up just enjoying the products but miss taking any action to find out if it can be real for them.

Iím here to tell you that you can earn a residual income once you understand it, have a process in place to follow on how to do it the right way, and then simply show up to do what it takes to get there.

The illustration below will help you understand why Network Marketing continues to grow now on a global basis and at a very excitingly fast rate.

Keep in mind that what goes up in smoke or down the drain, is where you get the greatest gain. So because of Shaklee products being a consumable product line, everyone using the products each month and buying replacements the next month, it is one of the best businesses for earning residual income.

The chart below makes the following assumptions:

1.     It's a geometric formula.

2.     This process is based on adding three new representatives who duplicate the same process through only 8 levels deep. Each person finds 3 who each find 3 who do the same.

3.     Each Representative uses just 100 PV in products per month.




Product Volume






400 PV



900 PV = 1.300 GPV



2,700 PV = 4,000 GPV



8,100 PV = 12.100 GPV



24,300 PV = 36,400 GPV



72,900 PV = 109,300 GPV



218,700 PV =328,000 GPV



656,100 PV = 984,100 GPV

As a Director in this example, you would have a gross residual income of over $48,389 per month or $580,619 per year! Thatís over a half of a million dollars in residual income!


Naturally you might be thinking, but this is "hypothetical," I could never expect to build an organization that large.


But my question to you is this: ďWhy think that way?


You do know that whatever you believe to be true for you.

So why not start believing in what you really want?


It's true that individual results will vary, but if you've been around network marketing at all, then you're probably already aware that many representatives have and do build large organizations of hundreds, even thousands of people like this all the time.


Some of the top leaders in Shaklee are making $40,000 to well over $100,000 per month! The average income at the top in Shaklee is $120,000 per year. That is over 5 times the average income level in all of the U.S.!


So we know that it is possible and that it is already happening right now as you read this for a lot of average people all around the world.


So why not you?


If you still find it hard to believe, here is something you can get your teeth into:


Let's assume that you were only half this successful. In other words, you were only able to build half of this size of an organization. Would $24,000 per month or $288,000 a year make your life better?


What if you were only 10% this successful? You would still earn an income of over $4,000 per month! Thatís over $50,000 per year! Still twice the average income in the U.S. and remember, thatís if you were only 10% successful!


Now if that doesnít get your juices flowing and help you begin to see this as possible for you, then maybe this one will.


Once you build your income to whatever you want it to be earning per year, you can then stop working if you like but you will continue to earn this income well into your future. Better yet, you will see an increase in your income each year afterwards as others who you have trained continue to work on their goals as you have done.


Now that is what I call lifestyle!

To get a collage degree today, it takes 4 years and a lot of money and my daughter Marissa tells me a Masters degree is more needed today then ever before. So thatís even more years and more money. Marissa is just finishing up her PHD degree after 20 years of straight full time schooling!

Those of us who donít have 20 years, but would like to earn a great income, can do so by building a Shaklee residual income in less than 5 years and in some cases as little as only 1 year! It all depends on your effort level. It does not only pay better, but it also offers a great amount of freedom of time while you build it and it takes a lot less time and money to get there in the first place.

Isnít it time to make your mark in life? We have a proven process to get you there but it is up to you as to what you want to do with it. Your only one e-mail away or one phone call away to change the rest of your life. Will it be more of the same or will it be what you really want?


If your life is already on track, maybe you know of someone this could help. Why not give us a call right now or reply to this message and learn what you would need to learn to get there. Itís not only a lot of fun on your way to the top; you will make a lot of friends and be awarded well when you get there!


For those of you already on your way, you can see the need that is out there today to help many people to better health and wealth. This need will increase each year over the next 10 or more years as more and more people have less and less spendable dollars. The exciting part of this business is that the more people you help to get what they want, you automatically get what you want.  It sure is a win/win for everyone.


Maybe now itís your turn to take action. We want you to know that there is a lot of support to get you to where you want to be. All you need to do is take the first step and ask!


Till next time,


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If this is a leadership business, which it is, and you don't have a business building process in place, which most people in Network Marketing do not, how could you ever lead others? To lead others, it is important for you to first know where you are going and how to get there. 

If you like, visit the home of the RWB business building process to learn a very simple step-by-step duplicatable  process to build you a life-long repeatable income from the comfort of you own home.

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