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Bob Andolina

                                                              Vol. 02/2007

Welcome to our Shaklee Product Newsletter for the month of February. I hope you are continuing to do well and everything is going as planned.

Soon summer will be here again and so maybe we should talk about looking our best this summer. Some would say; "Fat Chance".

You hear people say things like: "I have been trying to lose weight forever and nothing seems to work." Well, there is something that is sweeping the country now and people are talking about it everywhere.

It's the Shaklee plan called "Cinch".

That's what it is, a Cinch to use, but I want to talk about what it is not.

Let's face it, diet plans and pills have been around for a long time and will continue to be because of the kind of food available, junk food advertising, and the poor choices people make. But what we must be careful about is how unsafe and misleading they can be as well.

Many consumers are unaware of the facts about diet supplements. In a recent survey of 3,500 people, 60 percent believed that diet supplements had to be proven to be safe before they could be sold. And more than half believed that they had to be approved by the food and drug administration first.

Diet pills are considered nutritional supplements and so they are not required to be proven safe and effective in order to be sold to the consumer in stores. Because of this, many marketers of popular diet pills are misleading consumers with promises of dramatic weight loss.

On Jan. 4 the FTC announced it had charged marketers of CortiSlim, CortiStress, One-A-Day WeightSmart, TrimSpa, and Xenadrine EFX with making false or unsubstantiated claims.

For example, ads for Xenadrine EFX said their pill was clinically proven to cause rapid and substantial weigh loss. However, according to the FTC, studies commissioned by Xenadrine EFX's manufacturer failed to demonstrate that claim and in fact, one study showed that people lost even more weight with taking a placebo than they did with Xenadrine EFX. A placebo by the way, if you don't already know, is nothing more than a sugar pill!

The FTC also said that the claims made by the marketers of CortiStress, that their product would spur repid weight loss and reduce the risk of conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease, were also unsubstantiated.

My question to anyone wanting to get into great shape would be this:

Why take these risks if there is a much better way?

Shaklee has always proven their product claims over all of these years. In fact, for the past 50 years they have been in business, they have never been charged by the FTC for anything! This is one of the reasons why Shaklee is so different from the competition. Shaklee conducts testing that is not required and goes over the top to do so.

A good example of this was when we made a decision to discontinue making Asian Ginseng Complex. We became aware that Panax ginseng, imported from China during the 1998 season, was contaminated by a fungicide. This was an industry-wide problem. 

Though the FDA determined that the levels of the fungicide were not harmful and that the fungicide-contaminated ginseng compounds could continue to be sold in the United States, we decided to discontinue our ginseng product until a pure source of ginseng could be found. 

We were the only company to do so!

But that is only one of many reasons our products are different. Another reason is that our manufacturing process is then followed by a comprehensive final product analysis designed to verify that the active ingredients are actually present in the proper concentrations in the final product before it is ever sold to you. 

As many as 256 separate test are preformed during the process, 176 on the raw materials alone! Every product is backed by our 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Unlike many of the nutritional products on the market today, we will not even bring a product to the market unless there is substantial proof of its health benefits. Each of our products is formulated based upon third-party research and independent clinical studies. There is scientific substantiation behind each of our products.

It's a sad fact that the huge demand for herbal products has spawned so many bogus ingredients. However, you will not find these ingredients in our products because they don't hold up to scientific scrutiny. 

For example, DHEA, glycoproteins, shark cartilage, Garcinia cambogia, and many other "trendy" products do not have enough scientific support to qualify as one of our products. We simply will not sacrifice our integrity for short-term profits.

Every claim we make is backed by 100% scientific proof. Rigorous analytical testing ensures each of our products consistently delivers what is on our label. We offer you safe, reliable guaranteed performance and you are the final judge.

Recently the FDA is looking into providing regulations on nutritional supplements to help protect the consumer and we are leading the way. Until then, it is very much a world of “Buyer Beware”.

So why take a chance with your health when you can have the very best?
It’s one place where second best is simply not good enough.

Try Shaklee Cinch today; it will be the best investment you ever made!

We Guarantee It!

Till next time,

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