Why Can't Everyday Be
Mother's Day?

It's almost Mother's Day again but why only one day per year? A mother is the most important person in the world. Without her, none of us would be here today! So, since she is so special, why not offer her Mother's Day, everyday?

As you can see from the picture on the left, some mothers want to have a career as well as a family and some are discovering a way to do just that. But for most, they feel that they must give up one for the other. They believe there is no way to have both and still have a life, or at least make it through one.

They would be right if they were thinking about the 9-5 jobs. Everyone would agree that just getting to work and back home everyday is a chore fighting all the rush-hour traffic. Then they need to come home and start their second job running a family and taking care of a home. To top it all off, they have us husbands to deal with who want attention and love too, just like as if we were little boys!

Moms are Special, So What Does this Guy Know About Being a Mom?

Well, I was a Mr. Mom once when I started a Shaklee business 25 years ago. I don't know if you ever seen the movie called "Mr. Mom", but, it sure was my life at the time! I spent 16 years fixing cars and then went to fixing baby dippers, toys and dinner. I remember the first time I did the wash and thought to myself; how hard could that be? Well, my wife's dress came out of the dryer 5 times smaller then when it went in. I had my daughter sit on one end of it while I pulled on the other end to try to get it back in shape before my wife came home. After all, I told her it would be no problem for me running the house when she was gone and I made it seem that anyone could do it. You should have seen the different dinners I came up with! I could have written my own cookbook. The title: "What Not to do or Make for Dinner". Yes, mothers are very special!

This all came about due to a car accident I was in. After being in and out of hospitals and home a lot I wanted to help out. I could no longer return to my job fixing cars so I needed to learn a different way to support my family and that is when Shaklee came along. But I did turn it down three times because I did not want to sell anything and I did not believe in vitamins at the time. As far as cleaning products were concerned, I had no interest in what we used, I was still trying to figure out how to operate the wash machine. So I didn't see why it made any difference what we used until I met and used Shaklee products. They made the difference for me!

The only reason we were open to hear about Shaklee was because the person who called us wanted our opinion. That person happens to be my mother-in-law, so I really had no choice. Even mother-in-laws are very important mothers. Without them, we would not have our wives and without our wives, we would not have mothers for our children or even have any children. See how important they are?

Anyhow, getting back to Shaklee, I saw that it could be a way to support my family and that I could do it from home and part time at first without any large investment. I did not have a background in business nor did I ever sell anything in my entire life or want to sell anything. I was not the type a person you would want to have on your team at the time. But what really attracted me was this thing called "Network Marketing". 

I could see that there was no ceiling as far as the income one could earn and the time freedom a business like this could provide was not something I found anywhere else. I also discovered that it was not a selling business, like I thought it was at first, it was more of a promotion business. Telling others about Shaklee because we enjoy it so much was just like we do with anything in life such as a good movie or restaurant. The next step was to try the products and when we did, we were sold on Shaklee for life! When it comes to the health of the family, mothers seem to be more interested compared to fathers. Some husbands even go as far as to wait for their wives to put out their vitamins for them each day! Women have us beat in this department as well.

Over the years we have worked a lot of different programs to build our Shaklee business and many were fun at the time when we did them. Other programs however were a complete waste of time and there were a lot of them as well, maybe too many. However, we never focused on what did not work, only on what did and are always open to improve on it to make this business even better and easier than ever before. We feel a Shaklee business should be a business one can run at home earning the income they want to be earning but yet still be there with their kids. That is what the RWB business building process is all about and one of the many reasons why so many Shaklee leaders love using it.

A Shaklee home business today is so much better then it was 25 years ago. Mothers fit this business perfectly but even us guys are having fun with it. However, most guys start to claim the business only after their wives build it. They start saying; "Our business" instead of; "My wife's business", but only after it produces. But either way, as long as they both support it, even if only one builds it, it will be successful for them. 

What we learned is that there are certain things in this business you must do to have any success and you must do them over and over again.

1.) You must invite people to learn about Shaklee. 
You need to be doing this each day and you need to tell them all about Shaklee, not just the business or the products. It needs to be the whole story. This does not mean you need to fire hose people with everything you know about Shaklee. It means to let them know what options are open to them that could make a difference based on their wants and needs. You begin to build relationships at this point which mothers are very good at doing.

2.) You need to learn if your prospect is interested in joining you in the business or is interested only in Shaklee products at discounted prices.
Some will, some won't, so what, someone is waiting. This business requires the right attitude and so quitting is not an option. Bruce Meyers sent me a link to a ice skating video showing what a woman with determination can do. Visit this link and watch this clip  http://cdjp.org/Articles/article.php/55 and see what courage looks like. Our job is to learn what interest a person has and then to help them get there as soon as we can. In other words, do whatever it takes to move forward. We use the CBC program to help our consumers get up to 44% discount and for our builders to get a fast start in the business. We want them excited and into profit the first month if not sooner! Mothers are also very good in this department because they care about other people and love to shop where they get the best deal!

3.) You must have a process in place to: "Teach your builders what to do, so that they can duplicate without you."

Successful Network Marketing is all about marketing through duplication. You must have a process in place that is simple to do and teach and one that anyone can follow. You could simply sell the products through direct sales methods if you like, but the larger incomes and lifestyles that offer free time come only to those building a large network. Here again the mothers shine. They are the best teachers of our children. They have compassion but yet do not do everything for everyone. They know that soon their child will be out there on their own and must learn to be independent. Maybe that's why they call us "Independent Distributors".

Yes, everyday can be Mother's Day. A Shaklee home business allows you to sleep in when you want, play with the kids almost everyday if you like and even home-school them because you are there for them. This does not mean that you cannot earn a great income as well. One woman wanted to earn $100,000 in her first year in Network Marketing and she did. She was a single mother with a young daughter and wanted to make sure she was there for her daughter but also wanted to be a full time networker. If you want to read her story, let me know for it is a great one.

All you need to do is discover your own personal core desire for building a Shaklee business. It must be a strong reason for if it is not, you will not be willing to do what it takes to reach the top. If it is a true core desire, then set a goal to reach for and build your income using a process and a plan of action to take you where you want to be and when you want to be there.

If you are willing to commit part-time hours, 25-30 per week, or even spare time hours, 10-15 hours per week, you can build Mother's day... Everyday!

Have a wonderful "Mother's Life"!

Bob Andolina

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