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Welcome to our Shaklee product newsletter for the month of May.
This month we will talk a little bit about the Shaklee Nutriferon™ product. We are very excited to be able to offer this product to others because we know
what it can do for them.

Allergies are one of the many symptoms reduced or eliminated that users have reported to us ever since they have added Nutriferon™ to their diet. Now you too can breath easy because there is great hope for major allergy relief and without any injections. The main product and the most important one to improve your symptoms is Shaklee's Nutriferon™.

Your immune system is your first line of defense so you want to make sure you have the strongest one protecting you. Thanks to Shaklee and the long  and hard research done by Dr. Kojima, who discovered interferon and its crucial role in building the body's immune response in 1954, we now have Nutriferon™.  Dr. Kojima dedicated 40 years of his life finding a way to boost interferon production naturally in the body and now his patented botanical blend is found in Nutriferon™.

So Why Use Nutriferon™?
Well, there are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to build up their
Immune protection. The main reason would be to put their body in such a condition that it would be prepared to fight off viruses when it needs to do so. 

If there was a proven way to help you increase your protection against illness, would you want to at least learn more about it? If it was as easy as using a food supplement each day that was guaranteed to work,
wouldn't you use it if you knew it was proven safe and very effective?

If you want to do whatever you can to stay healthy and feeling your very best, Nutriferon™ would be the ideal Shaklee product for you and
one that we recommend everyone use everyday.

Dr. Bruce Miller did such a wonderful job explaining how Nutriferon™ works in your system so I thought I would post his comments here to give
you a basic understanding of how it works. Once you really understand it, you will not want to be without it..... It is that important!

Dr Miller:
I understand the position of our “friends at Shaklee.” We cannot make a claim that a particular product will protect you from—or cure any disease,
be it “yearly flu virus”, bird flu virus or any other virus. However, I feel it is appropriate to explain what happens (the mechanism) on a cellular level when a virus invades your body.

The immune system’s actions are obviously much more complicated than my explanation. This is the “made simple outline version”---just hitting the main points.

A virus (any virus) cannot duplicate outside of a cell. When a cell is invaded, the virus takes over its duplication machinery and begins to replicate itself. Thus when a virus invades the body it heads for a cell.

When a virus enters a cell the cell releases a chemical messenger called interferon.

1.  Interferon does two things.

      1) It tells other cells how to defend against this virus.

      2) It stimulates cells called macrophages to multiply and get active.

2. Meanwhile the virus is multiplying in the invaded cell.

      1) When the cell gets loaded with new viral particles---it  
          explodes releasing more particles into the body to invade other cells.

3. The newly released viral particles are in for two surprises.

     1) The exploding infected cell is surrounded by macrophages which
          "eat" up viral particles. 

     2) Other cells in the area are more resistant to viral invasion.


4. Most of the time a viral infection can be stopped at this stage.

What if a cell is low in interferon when the invasion occurs?

1. The interferon output is low, weak and there is a time lag.
     1) There is a delay and a weak signal telling the other cells how to
          defend against the virus. 

     2) The macrophages receive a late and feeble signal.

2. During the time lag the virus is replicating rapidly in the 
    infected cell.

1) The infected cell bursts releasing millions of new viral particles.

     2) Macrophages are few and weak and many particles escape.

     3) The other cells fall to invasion because they do not know how to
          defend against this virus.

     4) This is a chain reaction.

     5) You become ill.

NutriFeron increases the production of your own natural interferon.

     1. If a cell has a “full tank” of interferon, it seems to me that it would be
 able to battle a viral invasion.

                                                                       Dr. Bruce B. Miller, DDS, CNS


In my view, that is one of the best explanations of why you would want to consider using Nutriferon™ so that your body will always be prepared for whatever may come along. Could you imagine sending our army to battle without guns or ones that where not working very well? They may be lucky and win a few battles but for sure, they would lose the war.

Impressive Results Have Been Reported!

There have been many testimonies sent in from people who have been having great results with Nutriferon™, but the one below maybe the most shocking I have read so far!


T-Cell Count Up With Shaklee

I am kind of a mentor to a young man I met through an associate and came to find out
that this young man of 20 years at the time had AIDS. I suggested that in addition to his regular treatment, he try some Shaklee products, mainly Vita Lea, Basics with Soy and Immune Building Complex at the time.

When he started the program his T-Cell count was very low and viral load very high, I cannot remember the specifics, but I think his T-Cell was around 200 and the viral load was in the high thousands.


Well, he went back to his Doctor for his regular blood work-up less than 30 days later
after starting Shaklee and to his doctor’s surprise and his..... 
HIS T-CELL Count jumped way up to around 498+ and the virus was no longer detected in his BLOOD! 

He was so excited when he called me on my cell phone and said his doctor was stunned and kept count on his fingers the number of days since he last saw him!  His doctor also turned pale and said he NEVER saw anything like this before!
One of the nurses smiled
at him and told him "keep doing whatever it is you are doing because it's working..."

I thought this might help folks realize the POWER of this GREAT Shaklee product,

Richard Cooper

NutriFeron naturally activates the production of your body’s own interferon. With its patented combination of four plant extracts, it invigorates your natural immune system and increases your resistance safely and naturally.

Does this mean you will never get sick if you use Nutriferon™?
No, but it does mean your body will have what it needs to fight back when it is invaded, which happens to us everyday. All Shaklee nutritional products are created to make up what is now missing from our diets. How many of us really eat the required daily amount and quality of food to keep us healthy?

I recently caught a bad virus that most others who caught the same one warned me that it would take two to four weeks to get over. I did not see the doctor, did not use any cold med's or flu products, nor did I ever get a flu shot. But, I did not want to take 2-4 weeks to get over this so I increased my Shaklee supplements including Nutriferon™. In less than a week I was already feeling better. 

ou can read more about NutriFeron at the Shaklee Web site:

Also, visit this link to understand Interferon:
Learn more about interferon.

Till next time, keep feeling your best!
Bob Andolina

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