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You Must Have A "Process"
For Your Network to Enjoy "Progress!"

Hi Bob,                                                                           Vol. 9/2007

Welcome to our business newsletter/tipline for the month of September. Hope you are well on your way to a bright future! What a great time to be building a Shaklee business!

This month I want to focus on the importance of having a business process in place for those of you interested in the full potential of what Shaklee has to offer all of us. At the bottom of this newsletter, you will also get to read a few comments from others who are in the process of building their businesses using a very simple process.  

But Bob, even if you are a current active member who is only interested in using the products for your personal use up to a 44% discount, it's also a great time to be in Shaklee today for there are lots of benefits for everyone!

Shaklee products were always great, even long before I started to use them some 26 years ago. They just keep getting better and better as we understand more and more about how the human body works.

The new Shaklee Vitalizer Wellness Pack is a great way for anyone to enjoy full health benefits in Shaklee today because they are designed with the latest delivery system on the market today! You can only get it from Shaklee and you only need to take them once-a-day!

If you have an illness such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, PMS or whatever, we also have custom programs to help get you back to better health and back on track.

As long as you follow a process of using them everyday, you will see a diffence in your health and get the full benefit from using them.

When it comes to building a Shaklee business it is no different.

As long as you follow a process every step of the way, you will see a difference in your income and get the full benefit from the Shaklee compensation Plan. So you must have and follow a process because you will also need to teach it to others.

To build a Direct Sales business, it requires a salesman type person with lots of contacts and willing to work very hard every day. You can make a living if you like selling this way and the best process to use would be to use the In-Home Party Plan. Some love to do this but for most who don't, there is a better way.

I find that 86% of the people I meet don't want to sell anything. So a Multi-Level Marketing business would be a much better way for them to build a super large income! The best part about it is that most anyone can do it!

Heres why:

he process it requires is a step-by-step plan of action to help motivated people wanting a change in their lifestyle to get there ASAP! All they have to do is be willing to follow a very simple plan of growth.
It pays very well and at unlimited levels which would earn you a lifestyle when built right instead of just a paycheck.

We are talking here about "Residual Income".

Get paid for work you did in the past,
even when you are not there to work the plan!

Anyone who cares about other people can share the business this way for it is really more conversational in style instead of "Selling something" and it is very exciting to do, to say the least!

Talking with and meeting other people with the same purpose in mind;
"Better Health and Wealth", is a lot of fun!  

But you must have a step-by-step process in place to use or else people do not multiply in this business! How could someone follow someone who is lost?

You must first know where you are going
before you can ever get there with others.

It also must be easy to follow by most anyone and easy to teach by everyone.

That's important to read again!

It must be easy to follow by most anyone and easy to teach by everyone.

"If you don't have a process to follow,
You surely can't teach one."

So whatever you do, if you don't have a business process in place, the first thing you want to do is to get one. It is important that you get one right away when you are first getting started in this business and then start using it today if not sooner!

September through April are always the best months to grow a Shaklee business. With the new Golden Ambassador Program and an All Expence Paid Trip to Hawaii, I can't think of anything better as a prize for doing so except for one thing.... all the extra cash the plan will pay you for the rest of your life for finding just 6 -12 others who want the same thing! Think about it!

So get with a process and work the plan.

If you want to understand the concept of this business better,
Visit: Click Here for The Basic Concept of This Business

If you want to use the RWB process, we can teach you how
Learn About The RWB Home Business Building Process

If you need people to talk to,
Visit: Buy Leads Here

If you want to learn how to work with prospects who are looking for a business:
Visit: How to Recruit Your Way to Millions

As someone once said:
"Just Do It"

Let me know if I can help in any way
And Have a Wonderful Day!


Below are some comments from current 
RWB owners. I asked a few of them to share how they feel about the RWB process so I could include them in this newsletter. 

If you are also one, please let me know how you are doing. It is always fun to hear about all of the excitement!


Dear Bob:


Thank you for considering me a “Top Gun”.   I apologize for not getting this to you sooner but I’ve been so very busy with leads for Dotty and myself.  It feels good.


You have asked me to write a few lines on how I feel about the Red White & Blue Plan.  Well, I am too excited about the Plan to write just a few lines.  So here goes.  Even if excerpts of this don’t make your newsletter, at least you know on paper how I feel about the Red White and Blue.


As you know, I am one of those people who have tried everything to move my business forward and have spent probably thousands doing so.  I have been with Shaklee for over 3-1/2 years and I have had the strong desire to be successful; however, it has been very difficult to say the least. 


I’ve jumped through all the hoops paying for a website and subscribing to google adwords (what a joke – the only one making money was google), doing in-home parties with my upline with only 1 or 2 people attending, sending out pamphlets every month, sharing a booth at different venues, leaving my business cards at various locations, putting “Want to earn extra money” signs at traffic intersections, etc., etc.  I’ve done it all without success.


When I first started with Shaklee it all seemed so easy – find six, who find six and so on but the question was how?  The other question is ok “I have a possible new prospect now what?”  

Yes, there is a great business opportunity presentation but getting people to spend the time with me looking at the presentation was difficult.  I have been struggling essentially for the last 3 years until along came Bob Andolina and the Red White and Blue Plan.  


What I was missing all along was a plan and a process.  I had a strong desire and willingness to succeed but I didn’t have a real plan that was duplicatable.  Well now I do and I am moving forward and bringing along everyone who wants to join me.   


I can’t say enough good things about the Red White and Blue Plan.  Bob has worked tirelessly to come up with a duplicatable system.  It is so easy that anyone can follow it.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips. 


I am finding that when I ask the money question, everyone is interested in hearing more.  It is a sorting process and not everyone says yes after the two 10 minute calls but that is ok.  I move on to the “NEXT”. 


What I like about Bob’s plan is that you can actually do this from your home without traveling from place to place.  No more in-homes, no more spending hours setting up booths, putting out business cards, etc.  Prospects seem to be very open to a 10-minute phone call within the comfort of their home instead of a 30 to 60 minute opportunity presentation. 


Don’t have any prospects?  Have you run out of people in your warm market? Well Bob has thought of everything.  He has the answer to that with a free leads program. 


Bob has all the bases covered.  His plan is ideal not only for the business prospect but also the consumer (love that Consumer Cash Back Co-Up Program – helps get people on board as a consumer and then uses the back door to present the business). 

With Plan A, B, C and D, you will acquire a new business builder, acquire a consumer who buys at least 100 PV per month (we all need those), new leads and/or help others by sending them health information.    It is a win, win plan.  It addresses all the new prospect scenarios in an easy to follow script that is duplicatable.  All you need to do is follow the plan, have a phone, a computer and a PWS, as well as a strong core desire and you will be successful.  All of your downlines will follow the same process.       


Bob Andolina has given my business new life.  My hope is that the word spreads and that everyone uses this system so that they too can experience how good it feels to be successful and to help others to do the same while truly having an in-home business that creates relationships for years to come.

Bob thank you.  I admire you greatly for giving your time and talent to help all of us, including those outside of your downline, to achieve great things.  You and the Red White and Blue have been the answer to my prayers.  Now, it is all up to me.  You have given me the duplicatable plan and process, and now it is time for me to implement it.  I look forward to seeing you in Hawaii!   


God bless!
Nancy Rinda


Thank you so much for your RWB Process!  It has given me a program right up front in approaching people with the business.  I absolutely love it! 

I have been in Shaklee for a number of years, and have been very successful in sharing the products.  I knew I needed a duplicatable process for the business, but just never was able to come up with one.  Many times the members in my Shaklee Family would tell me they just could not do the business like I did.  One by one they dropped out, and became product users only. 

I have looked for a program that could be duplicated and done by anyone. So, when a friend sent me a newsletter from you, I was very impressed and contacted you.  The result is that I am now using your RWB Program with fantastic success. The incredible thing is, I not only share it with new people, but with the members in my down line. 

As a result, I have six distributorships now building a business, with great results, and my PV has increased 15% over last year. Plus 20 others are following the program! 

My goal is to be an Executive Coordinator in 2008.  I have set my sights on being Master Coordinator, which has been my dream for a long time, but now the path is wide and clear ahead of me.

Marie Nemesh Coordinator

For me the RWB process has been an answered prayer. 

My husband and I move quite frequently due to his work.  We may only be in one town or state for a few months.  With a process that you actually do from where you call home, I can pick up and move, know exactly what I need to do the day I move in and be able to follow up with those I moved away from. 

I  would not feel comfortable going out at night, in a town I just moved to, to do a business or product presentation.  I am able to work with people showing them a step by step process, so they know what to do when someone says YES.  

Without the RWB, I don’t think I would have felt that going global was a possibility.  With it I feel the world is my oyster bed.

Miriam Gruber, Director 

Building a business through Shaklee has become exciting.  The recent announcements about the landmark study and enhancing the compensation through the global ambassador program is creating momentum among distributors.  I firmly believe that to be part of momentum one needs to have a process in place.  Many of us are fortunate to be RWB owners. 
As RWB owners, we have access to a process that is simple and follows the pattern of network marketing duplication.  Training of new distributors can be conducted by forwarding a series of e-mails, then discuss each message with the new person.  The three top e-mails on my list is, determine your "Core Desires", the "Seven Key Steps" and the importance of "Good Follow-Up."  I consider these messages the basics for being successful in any business. 
The best about the RWB process, however, is the ten minute presentation script. 
This script takes a prospect from knowing nothing about network marketing and/or Shaklee to a point where their level of interest can be assessed.  The prospects are not intimidated or pressured by the presentation.  The RWB process is simple to use and easy to teach. 
I foresee my team and other teams using the RWB process will be master coordinators of the future.

John Balbach

Thank you, Bob!!!!
Please send me anything new - in addition to anything that might have been recent since Nashville.  Somehow my computer has taken on a life of its own and has decided to either reject or delete items before I've seen them.  This was fixed yesterday so I should be good to go.
Bob, I know I haven't been on calls or whatever (lots of family stuff) but I tell you from my heart - if it weren't for the RWB, I wouldn't be growing like I am in such a limited amount of available time that I have.  I already have about 80 points of sponsoring and the goal is to have the 200 ASAP.
No need to respond to this - I know you must be incredibly busy getting the 8.0 ready to go, but just wanted to take a quick moment out to thank you again :) 

Thanks Bob,

I am getting ready to make my calls for today, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with RWB. 

I just finished reading through all the emails.  I have an appointment set up next week with my first level Director and two of her business builders.  I am reviewing the RWB process each day so I make sure I follow the system the way you have it set up, which I think is ingenious.  I know I'll have more questions for you as I go along but for now the emails have provided the info I need to get started. 

For the first time in my 26 year career in Shaklee I finally have a true duplicable system that will allow me to take a new business builder and teach them how to teach others how to do this business.  Thank you for making this system available to the rest of us in the Shaklee field.  I’m committed to the $10,000 plan-5 calls a day for one year.  Have to go….. Time to make my calls!!

Make it a great day.
Ruth Narveson



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