Now 8020!

Now You Can Enjoy an 80% Success Rate On Line
Instead of Less than 20%!


This is Different and It is Very BIG!

Just like Hotmail, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and YouTube,
there are a few business owners who will discover
this same break through marketing concept
because they were looking for a solution to a major problem....

Prospecting & Earning A Profit Fast.

I have been slowly seeing this coming for the last 10 years:

The Network Marketing Group

Joining Hands with

The Internet Marketing Group.

Some call it
 "InterNetwork Marketing!"


  1. It is learning how to sell yourself on the Internet,
    instead of your product or business.

  2. It is learning how to use the power of attraction,
    instead of chasing a person till they say no to your offer.

  3. It is where you can put your business on auto pilot,
    instead of doing meetings or calling leads every night to keep it going.

  4. It is learning how to become a professional marketer,
    instead of trying the hit or miss method in sales.

  5. It is thinking like the prospect and what is in it for them,
    instead of throwing a lot of mud on the wall with hope some will stick.

  6. It is building an income from day one,
    instead of months, years, or in the 80% group, never!

  7. It is doing things right from day one,
    instead of trying program after program with the same results.

  8. It's earning an income,
    Instead of investing more and more money.

  9. It is offering solutions for problems people have,
    Instead of "Selling Something."

  10. It is having people come to you for information,
    Instead of you always giving out information to the wrong people.

I always believed that there was a way to bring these two marketing systems together
and now, for the very first time, it is happening!

The best part is that I did not have to discover this because
someone else was thinking the same as I was.

They not only have the proof it works for them,
others are also doing it successfully as well and it is growing very fast!


Does a Person Earning

 Over $90,000 a Month

Have Something Good to Teach you?

You bet, now you can learn as well!

Instead of 20/80, It Will Now be 80/20!!

That's right!

It has always been known that 20% succeed and 80% fail in this business.
Now it can be 80% who succeed!
This will level the playing field for everyone in more ways than one.

You don't have to know a lot of people or even
talk to your friends and family about your business.
Because there are thousands searching for what you have right now.


You also don't have to keep investing
more and more of your money to promote your business.

With This System, You Will Now Earn
Even If People Don't Decide To Join Your Business!

But you do need to learn how to market on the Internet to find them.
Well, you don't really have to know how to find them.

What You Do Have to Learn is:
How to Have Them Find you! 

That's what this system will teach you:
How to do it and have all the tools you will need to do it.

And, better yet,
there is no risk to check this out
which is also why it is so great!

Here is what you do:

And download the Free 35 page E-book.

This Free eBook will show why most people in Network Marketing fail.

Then, if you find this book interesting and a bit eye opening,
then purchase the system which consist of another eBook of 143 pages
so that you get into the system to see if it is for you.

It is only $67 for this marketing system and
it also will give you free access to the entire back office to look around
and learn even more to see if this is a path that you want to take.

And get this, if over a 90-day period you don't like what you learn,
you can even keep everything and get a full refund of the $67!

This is not another system to take your money,
if it was, I would not be writing this or even take part in it.
I feel it is a no-brainer at $67 with an offer of a full refund.
But you do what you want.

My First Month With This System
Earned Me An Additional

I am not saying that you will earn this much.
But it also can be that you may even earn more!

At least get the free E-book and go as far as you like with the system.
Once you get a full understanding about this system,
you will have a hard time not wanting to learn more and get started!

One of my downline business owners
wanted to cancel a trip to the islands after I sent her this link.

I have not seen her this excited in a long time about using the Internet.
She has little to no experience with the Internet and her computer,
but she is going faster with this system then me!!!

To Get Your Free Information,

Click here>>

It will be a turning point in your business if you go forward with this system.

Ever Since I Introduced This System,
I No Longer Have to Call Anyone.
They Now All Call Me!!

If you don't go any further than this page, that is OK.
At least you had a chance to see it in the early days
when it was first starting to catch on.

Then you will understand why it grew so fast and
became the new way of doing business.

At that point, it will continue to earn a great income for the 80% group!

To Get Your Free Information Now,

Click here >

Learn Now How You Can Have a 80% Chance of Success
Instead of Less than 20%!


To your success,
Bob Andolina

Questions? Email me at:

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