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You were invited to this room because you just signed up to learn the Red White Blue process or RWB for short. Your password to this training site is good for 30 days. After this time period, you will be given a different user name and password to our advanced RWB owner site.

Please do not share this link with anyone. I want you to know that there is only a one time charge for this process if you are outside our organization. After you learn the process, you will receive lifetime support without any additional charges. We want you to be successful with this process and will do whatever we can for you. However, real success depends more on the person than on any process.

You will also own the copy rights to the RWB so that you can teach it to your downline at no additional charge to them. You are not given the rights to publish, charge a fee to teach it or even give it away to anyone outside of your direct downline  organization.

If anyone should ask you for the RWB outside of your own downline organization, simply point them to Andolina Distributors to get them started in their training the right way. We do this so that the value as well as the future success of all RWB owners are protected.

The standard failure rate in Network Marketing has been 90% over the years because of lack of direction or a good proven process with solid support. However, we have enjoyed a 75% success rate with the RWB over the last couple of years which is unheard of for this industry. It does and is producing Sales Leaders, so we want to keep this kind of track record or improve on it if we can.

So if we find anyone violating this copyright, we will take legal action. All RWB Owners are important to us so we will do whatever it takes to protect them. Leaders understand this so if you plan on being a leader, trust is the number one trait you must have.

You are encouraged to take part in all weekly RWB Conference Calls to make the most from you RWB ownership. We send an email reminder out to each RWB owner each week containing the dial-in information as well as announcing the guest speaker for that week. Once you have a group going, you may want to start your own RWB weekly conference meetings.

If and when you have any questions, simply send us an email and we will respond ASAP. We will also keep you informed on any and all future updates. We want you to know that we will always be here for you if or when you need additional support.

There are also now many Shaklee leaders around the country from the new Distributor all the way to the Master level who use the RWB process. We all support each other on an ongoing basis and many of us have even formed new friendships over time. We have also put together a RWB leadership club to improve on our leadership skills. You are also invited to join this club when you reach the Director level or above. 

The RWB is different from most all processes being taught today for it teaches you to become the leader instead of you depending on something or someone else to be the leader for your organization. This is the only way you can earn the larger incomes in this business. If you don't believe this, look at anyone at the top in this industry and you will find that they don't depend on anyone for building their business other than themselves. Once they learn a process, they never look back.

So you need to become a leader and to do this, you first need a process to follow. Once you learn the process, then you can lead others by teaching it to them. The longer you stay with the same process, the better you will become with it and soon you will be at the top of where you want to be.

At this point, you have been sent the first 6 RWB training emails when you signed on. You should have read these by now and done what they have instructed you to do. If you have done this, you are ready to start learning the process.

To start your training now, play the introduction audio below and request the next 6 RWB training emails be sent to you if you do not already have them.

There are 12 training emails all together that make up the RWB process. The first three are not numbered and then you have #1-#9. You will want to have #9 in front of you to follow along with the audio presentation as well as #7 for the planning meeting outline.

You can come back to this room as often as you want over the next 30 days to learn this process or you can learn it all in one day. It is up to you as to how fast you want to go.

Good luck  & Meet You at the Top,

Bob Andolina

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RWB Training Introduction


Request Training Emails #4 - #9
If You Do not Already Have Them.
(Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.)

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Session #1
Working the Warm Market

Introduction to Session #1


Results - Interested in Business

Warm Lead #1

Step 1
Presenting Warm Lead #1 

Step 2  
Follow Up Warm Lead #1  

Step 3
Planning Meeting #1


Let Us Know Your
 Core Desire for Building Your Business

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Results- Interested in Products

Presenting Warm Lead #3 


Results- No Interest

Calling, Presenting, and Asking For a Referral

Session #2
Working The Cold Market

Introduction to Session #2


 See Scripts in # 9 Training
Working the Cold Market


Sample of how a phone leave behind message might sound.

1st Phone Message to Lead  2nd Phone Message to Lead 3rd Phone Message to Lead


Listen to how a business owner put together his own message.

 1st Phone Message to Lead  2nd Phone Message to Lead  3rd Phone Message to Lead


Results- Interested in Business

Step 1
1st Call to Cold Lead #1

Step 2
Presenting to Cold Lead #1  

Step 3
Follow Up to Cold Lead #1

Step 4
Planning Meeting


Results- Interested in Products

Step 1
1st call to Cold Lead #2   

Step 2
 Presenting to Cold Lead #2  


Results- No Interest

 Step 1
1st call to Cold Lead #2

Step 2
Presenting to Cold Lead #2

Session #3
Training Downline & Group Support

Introduction to Session #3


Doing a 3-Way Call to Train Your Downline  

  Downline Training Call to Builder       3-Way Downline Training Call


Weekly Conference Meetings

The time is every Thursday at 8:00PM EST 
The number is 212-990-8000 
The pin is 5817#


RWB Owners Doing Conference Calls

Live Weekly Conference Call #1 Part 1    Live Weekly Conference Call #1 Part 2


New Director as Trainer

Live Weekly Conference Call #2 Part 1    Live Weekly Conference Call #2 Part 2



Closing Message "You are on Your Way"

Let Us Know You Started the Process

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