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Hi, we hope you find your visit with us enjoyable
as well as very informative.

First, we want to give you a complete and honest look at what we can do for you. We are talking about your future here, so you deserve your time to be as informative as it can be. That is why we put together this site without all the fancy & confusing extras but still enjoyable to view.

If you would like to learn about what we have here to offer you, please visit any of the many different rooms listed on the left. If you are returning for a visit, welcome back. Be sure to check out our Back Rooms as well for more details. 

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Read on to learn more about us....

Most people want a better future for themselves as well as for their families. If not, life would be very boring. However, until now, only a handful really ever get to reach their true potential. There are many reasons for this but one of the main reasons is that they just did not have:

The Right Opportunity 

One of the many benefits you will enjoy when you decide to join us is that you would become part of the first and oldest company in this fast growing home health care industry! 

We will be offering you our very own unique health products and our own proven marketing system which so many other companies have tried to copy over all of these years but with little or no success.  

In other words, we know what we are doing and we can help make a difference for you, because we are the company who started it all many years ago. With our proven plan, we can help you to improve your life in many different ways as we have done for so many other people just like you over the last 85 years. 

We started as a small family business in 1915. This was before the word vitamin was even coined in the dictionary! Then, in 1956, we developed our own unique marketing plan so that we could make our products available to even more people than those who were currently using them at the time. 

Today we continue to expand our product line with other exciting and innovated health related products for people who only accept the best and at the same time like the idea of saving money. 

We have also made our system of distribution simple and very profitable to those who love the idea of working from home as well as working the hours they choose. 

Because of the way our system works, many people can continue to do what they love to do the most. 

If you are interested in joining the business side of what we have to offer you, it does not mean you will have to give up what you are doing now in order to earn a good living with us unless you want to. 

In fact, many who have joined us over the years were already working a job they enjoyed or were already business owners and were simply looking for new products to use, more excitement or just simply a new challenge. There is something here for everyone.

We Built Our Company 
Without Ever Having to Advertise! 

When we first went into business, we were told by many marketing experts that without advertising, such as other companies were doing, we could not grow. But we have proved to them that it could be done by offering great products and by creating long-term partnerships with our customers. 

By doing it this way, we would not only help thousands of people to improve their health, but in turn, they would naturally want to share their results with others they care about. We then offered to share our profits with them for doing so!

That is one of many reasons why we are now recognized as the leader in the health care industry and have now become the largest of it's kind.

The Bottom Line; 
We Provide Results! 

When you have something great to offer, word of mouth advertising is always the best form of advertising and it has worked fantastically well for us in the past. 

Now that we have the Internet to let more people know about us, we are now able to share information with just a click of a simple link. The speed that we are growing now is faster than ever and will continue for at least the next 10-15 years!  

We want you to know that:
You Will be Joining a Company that is Already Successful, and Will be Around For a Long Time to Award You The Benefits!

We are very different from other opportunities that have become available on the market today. You will come to see this if you decide to give us the chance to prove that to you. 

We would like to offer you a future that you can count on. A future of better health and a financially secure future you can pass on to your children like so many other people have already done with our company.  

Think about this:
What good would a company be that offers you a lot of benefits if it is never around long enough 
to pay them out to you? 

When it comes to searching the Internet for products that are proven to provide results or for ways to earn an honest living, the Internet can be full of a lot of dishonest opportunities as we all have come to know. 

If you have ever tried doing a search for health, money, working from home or whatever benefit most people want in their lives, you will find so many matches that you may walk away feeling you are the only one left who has not acted on any of them. 

But the fact is, many of the matches you find may be people who have never made a dime and are willing to sell you just about anything. Many of them could care less about you because for some, it may be the 20th idea they have tried simply to make a buck! You are not alone, for we have all seen it as well and that is why we are so different.

This Does Not Need
to Happen to You!

You don't want to spend years of your life building something, whether it be better health or a secure future, only to be forced to start it all over again when the company goes out of business or you find out the product claims were untrue; that is, if you ever get another chance.

With Our Company, 
You will be Rewarded
 Over and Over Again
For the Rest of Your Future!

The reason we say this is because we are not a company who may or may not make it. We are not the kind of company that is here today, gone tomorrow. We have already made it to the top and we are now offering you an opportunity to join us as we enter into our next explosive growth phase.

Many people today are looking to improve their lives. They either want to enjoy better health, earn a better income or have an alternative to working the typical 9-5 job. They want to own their life not rent it out to someone else. But one of the problems they have is deciding what to do, where to go for help and most important, who to trust. 

Thousands of others have come and gone over the last 50 years and have tried to copy our marketing system and in some cases, our product line as well. Many of them are no longer in business today because they were missing very important parts of our system. 

But the really sad part about this is that they caused a lot of people to experience a great loss. Many of these people have spent years of their life with these companies and now have nothing left to show for it. The company they were with offered a lot of hype but nothing more. Now these same people find it very hard to trust anything that sounds too good. We don't want that to ever happen to you, so with us, you will find that there is simply no risk at all.  

Even the Internet is now just beginning to use part of our marketing concept but there is still one missing link. You will discover this missing link as you get to know all about us and you will be so glad you invested some time with us. 

Another important benefit to you is that you will be backed by the only wellness company on the market today that we know of who can and does prove their products will improve a person's health. 

This is not just because we say we can prove it, but we also have our results independently tested and published in top major medical journals.

We have nearly
100 published clinical studies 
that have appeared in prestigious scientific journals such as:

 Journal of the American Medical Association
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
The Journal of the American Dietetic Association
The Journal of Applied Physiology
The American Journal of Cardiology
The Journal of Nutrition

No other company has done this or even comes close. The FDA may soon require this of all health product companies in the near future, but we did not want to wait for the requirements, we decided to lead others by setting the standards instead!

That is why we say, when you decide to join us, your future will change for the better, and it will do this in more ways then you can even know at this point! 

Everyone would like to feel better, and that is the first benefit you will receive. 

With Our Company
We Don't Sell to People

People Want
What We Have to Offer.

We Simply Make it Available for Them.

You don't need selling skills if you have an interest in the business side of our company, you just need a love for other people and a willingness to help them.  

What we are talking about here is sharing with others something that has already improved your life. This is something anyone can do when they find something they really enjoy!

By touring all of our site, you will be in for a big surprise and highly impressed! What we do and teach is so simple that anyone can take advantage of it if they simply follow our proven process. 

For the past 85 years, and before the use of the Internet, we have helped thousands of people all over the world improve their lives. With the use of the Internet, those numbers will be in the Millions, and You can be a part of it!

By Joining Our Company, You Will Be On The Ground Floor with a Company who has Already Risen to the Roof!
This has never happened in the history of our industry and it may never happen again.

Are you beginning to see
why we are so excited? 

There are going to be a lot of new, healthy and very wealthy people over the next few years with us, and if you choose, you can be one of them! 

We want you to understand that not all of the people who have joined us over the years were looking for more income. Many of them just wanted to enjoy the benefit of purchasing our products at wholesale prices.  

The reason for this is because our products are truly one-of-a-kind products and saving money is one of the first options open to you. Our products will indeed improve your health forever when you use them and better yet, we will also show you a simple way that you can even use them for free! 

Many of our members have gone on to build very successful businesses with us. The reason they did was because they could not keep from telling others about the positive results they were enjoying from using our products.

We Offer a Full Money Back Guarantee.
There is Absolutely No Risk at all for You to Try Them.

We Guarantee
 You Will Feel Better in 30 Days 
Return Our Products for 
a Complete Refund!

So at the very least, you should not miss out on trying our products because then you will see what all the excitement is about!

The only people who have not joined us are the ones who have never heard of us or who have not taken the time to investigate our company. 

We hope you will be someone who will check us out very closely and learn all the facts first, because we know you will be impressed with what you discover here.

So please, do yourself a favor and bookmark this site right now so that you never lose this web address. That way, you can come back as often as you like for we will be continuing to update this site as time allows. There is already much here for you to see so you may want to get started right away. 
Whatever you do, don't wait too long, because there will never be a better time then there is right now to

Find Your Future.

We hope to get to know you better some day because the web will never replace the personal touch that comes between two people. So we do hope you decide to join us, but for now, check out some of the links at the top of this page to learn a little more about what we are offering you.

If you like what you see, then get in contact with us to receive a password so that you can enter other parts of our site. 

Don't worry, all the information is free at our site and you will not have to become a member with us to gain access to our back room. If you are a current member with this company and wish to use our Back room, let us know and we will simply send you a password as soon as possible so you can open it.  

If you are ready to investigate what we have to offer in more detail,
return to the top of this page to visit the
different rooms here at our home.

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