Learn about Your
Wellness Profile

Have you ever thought
 of starting on a nutritional program 
but did not know where to start?


Have you ever read
 a book, newspaper, magazine or 
watched a TV Info Commercial in which 
they all told you a different vitamin 
you should be taking?


Have you ever found that the vitamin 
you were told you needed yesterday
was not good for you today, 
but then they went on to tell you 
that now you needed something different 
for tomorrow?

Is there a better way 
to design a nutritional program 
that is tailored to your personal needs 
and delivers results?



Is there a way you could 
use a nutritional program that would also come with 
a 100% money back guarantee and
when it worked for you 
it could also be free of charge?

The answer is YES again!

We call it 
The "Wellness Profile"


People are often asking, "What should I take for ...................?" Whether you may know the answer or not, this program can help you start on the right nutritional program without all of the trial and error of either a well intentioned but poor advise or mixed messages. 

If you don't know the answer for what you should take, this program provides an answer. If you do know the answer, this program will confirm it and also tell you why!


The Wellness program is based on statistical studies of how people feel and what they did to feel better. Additionally, certain nutrients and/or herbs have been scientifically show to enhance a personís health and are recommended by the medical profession and government under certain situations.

The Wellness program will ask you questions to determine if these situations apply to you.

How Does it Work?

It all starts with the questionnaire. 

You simply complete a series of questions describing how you feel today. There are 36 groups of statements which you rate by marking them with the numbers 1, 2, or 3. 

1- if you experience the symptom Infrequently or Mild.
2- if you experience the symptom Occasionally or Moderate.
3- if you experience the symptom Frequently or Severe.

If a symptom does not apply to you, you simply leave it blank.

Then you mail your completed questionnaire with a small fee of just $20 to cover our cost to our home office. We then enter your totals into a computer software system which designs a personal nutritional program for you based on the symptoms you are dealing with. 

We then send your personal report back to you by priority mail so that now you will have the answers you have always wanted to know. If you wish, you can now begin your road to better health. 

The computer software program is designed and based on current research relating to statistical cases of how people felt and the nutritional supplements they took to feel better in conjunction with current research on nutritional support for various situations. Your report will have all the references listed as to how the results were completed.

Your Finished Report

Your personal wellness profile will be sent to you by priority mail and will contain approximately 17 pages of vital and educational information about your health and what you can do to improve it for feeling your very best.

Your profile will contain 9 sections plus 1 Extra Bonus:

1.) Wellness Profile - Summary
This is somewhat like a score card. You will find a listing of different categories with a high percentile as well as a very high percentile column of number ratings. Next to these will be your current score in each category so that you can learn what areas you are doing good and where you have room for improvement.  

2.) Wellness Profile - Analysis
    Here you will fine paragraphs containing dietary information relating to specific areas of your Wellness Profile that had high or very high scores. You will find this very educational for it will show you what foods and food supplements that can be very beneficial for moving you toward optimum health based on the symptoms you are now experiencing.

3.)  Wellness Profile - Supplement Guide
This section of your profile will list different supplements and suggested quantity of each one you may need to improve or eliminate the symptoms you reported on the questionnaire.  You will also find a reference number indicating how many times the Wellness profile called for a certain item out of a maximum possible. This listing is what others have found to be the best help in moving toward optimum health naturally based again on your answers.

4.) References
The listing of references that you find in your report is the foundation from which the nutritional information was taken from. You will not find just anyone who decided to write a book on nutrition listed here. Some you may already know from their past nutritional research history and books they have written such as:

Lavon Dunne - Nutrition Almanac
Dr. Roger J. Williams Ph.D. - Nutrition Against Disease
Earl Mindell - Herb Bible
Dr. James Scala Ph.D. - Making the Vitamin Connection
Dr. Bruce Miller DDS, CNS - The Nutrition Guarantee
And many others.

Nutritional supplements are not medication. They are designed to supplement the diet for nutrients lacking from the food we are not eating and in many cases, even from the food we are eating in today's fast pace world. 

When starting a good nutritional program for the first time, it is always best to start out slow and in different phases over a period of weeks to allow your body to begin to adjust itself.

5.) Phase One - Preparation
        Phase one will give you suggestions on starting your first week by detoxifying your system with a few detoxifying herbs, fiber and pure water to prepare your body for building healthy cells.

6.) Phase Two - Foundation
        Phase two will give you suggestions on laying down a solid foundation by adding the basics such as Soy Protein, and a balanced Multi-Vitamin/Mineral supplement. Depending on your report, it may also suggest supplements such as B-Complex for stress etc.

7.) Phase Three - Anti-Oxidants
        This phase will introduce other supplements you can begin to add to your program that your personal profile has found to be helpful based on the symptoms you reported on the questionnaire. Your Immune system is your first line of defense against disease.

8.) Phase Four - Special Programs
        This last phase will list other supplements that your wellness profile suggests that may also be of benefit to you. At each phase you will begin to feel a difference and will know which of the supplements to add to your program and when. 

Always let your body be your guide and at this point, because of your experience with what a healthy diet feels like and what you have learned from your Wellness Profile report, you will know what is best for you.

9.) Nutritional Selection Guidelines
        The last few pages of your report will give you more information made up of both common sense and the latest scientific evidence on general as well as specifics topics about your health and nutrition. 

Here you can learn about different supplements and what we know about each one as well as some information that may surprise you. You will find it very interesting and it will give you more reasons and encouragement to stay with your new healthy diet.

10.) The Extra Bonus 
    After you receive your report, and when and if you decide to act on the information it contains by purchasing Shaklee products for your nutritional supplements, we will offer you a 100% guarantee to better health. 

If for any reason you are not happy with any Shaklee product, we will refund 100% of your purchase price even if you return a empty container to us! 

We are that sure you will be pleased with your results. 

Here is how we define the Shaklee Guarantee:

  1. 100% money-back, satisfaction-guaranteed policy, insuring risk-free trial
  2. 100% guarantee that the ingredients listed on the label are in the product
  3. 100% guarantee of quality-controlled product formulations that insure product safety, purity, reliability and bioavailability
  4. 100% guarantee that we use the finest quality ingredients available

When you see just how well you feel, you will want to share this by telling others what you found. They may even ask you when they see how much better you look.

If you do, not only will you be helping them to feel better, but we can show you how simple and easy it can be for you to enjoy all of the Shaklee products for free for the rest of your long and healthy life! 
Many of our members have been doing this for over the last 45 years.

Your First Step to Better Health is

Your Next Step

To take your first step to better health now, download a copy of our free questionnaire and instructions and fill it out today. Then drop it in the mail and we will get your report out to you ASAP 

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