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Listed below are different topics on the 4 major beliefs you must have to be the leader you need to be for this business to work for you. People will only follow a leader so if you want to build people into leaders, you must first be one yourself. 

This is just a starting point and we will add others as time goes on. But a true leader is never done with his personal study for he knows there is always something left to discover to make tomorrow better than today. 


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There are 4 Major Beliefs Needed in this Business

1- Belief in the Company
Shaklee Annual Income Ranges by Rank

Shaklee "Questions & Answers"
The Challenges of Using Natural Products
The Shaklee Difference
Products that Can Make a Difference

2- Belief in the Industry of Network Marketing

How To Answer The Big Question: "Isn't that a pyramid?"
Network Marketing Eternal Laws and Truths
Moral Compensation
285 Million People Available!
Save $240/Hour in Tax Savings
There is no place on earth like South Beach.
Do we have something to offer other people?

Ideal Types of Distributors 
The number one problem in Network Marketing
Network Marketing Resources.
Change Happens, We Need To Except It!

3- Belief in You
5 Beliefs for Success in Network Marketing
"A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses."
How do I get myself to have self-motivation?
Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle in Network Marketing
Discretionary Spending Vs. Personal Development
Are You Interested or Committed?
The "Why" For Doing This Business.
Would You Trust You?

How is your attitude?
The Four Major Enemies
Call Reluctance

Are You Committed?

4-Belief in the Process

Why the name - RWB?
Are You On The Right Track to Build Your Shaklee Business?
What is "Your" Law of Averages?
10 Phone Calls a Day Keeps the Job Away!
The One Thing That Can Hurt Your Business.
Sorting for Dollars


Report Messages

Contract - For personal coaching the Shaklee Field
Report 4/4/04 Working with a lot of builders.
Report 9/5/04 Using new tools with the RWB process.
Report 9/27/04 Fun, Excitement and Focus.
Report 10/21/04  Change to products / Record yourself.
Report 10/25/04 Advertising

Why the name - RWB?

I was asked why I named this process the Red White Blue plan or RWB for short. I thought I would send this to all of you so that you will know why as well. 

First, because I believe it is something any American living in the U.S. can do, no matter where they live or how busy they are. As long as they are willing to learn and follow this plan, they will enjoy the results from their efforts. I also know that earning money is something every person needs and wants because they will use it up every month and will always need more of it. Do you know of anyone who can live without it?

The second reason is because of the different levels involved when building a Network Marketing business such as this. The first 3 levels, RWB, is the most important. After you build these you will have an above average income and so will all of your people.

The first level for you to build is the RED, your 6 first levels.

This can be the hardest part because it is up to you to make the decision to get started in the first place. That is why it is so important that you know up front what your core desire is so that you get it off the ground. Only you can get your business off the ground and only you know the reason for doing so. You have to want it bad enough to do whatever it takes.

It is like the fuel tanks on a rocket, 95% of the fuel is used up in the first two miles to get it off the ground then it gets easier the higher it climbs. This is also the reason for the red color. You may get red when someone tells you they are going to do it and then they never get back to you. Keep in mind that your sponsor and other uplines are there for you and will do whatever it takes to help and support you. But the finial decision to get started and stay in the game is entirely up to you. Remember, your uplines are building their 6 as well so this is a team effort. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

The next level for you to build is the WHITE, helping your 6 find their 6.

Now it gets easier because you have gone through the on-job training with your upline when searching for your 6. The red is now gone, per say, because you now have a good understanding of how this works. Those who once said they were going to do it and did not get back to you, are now knocking at you door. You learned a lot and can now help your 6 effectively because you have been in their place before. You also have your upline team members to back you for even more support if needed.

The next level is the BLUE, the fun level.

When you have this kind of organization built life becomes what most people would consider a dream. Earning an income of this amount puts you in the top 3% of income earners! Blue is a color of relaxation and calm. Whatever your core desire was, you are now enjoying it. Also, one of the benefits you have come to enjoy from building your business is all the new friendships you now have developed within your group. This is something no money can buy!

Hope this helps to explain the name, Red White Blue, (RWB).

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285 Million People Available!

Interesting Fact:

There are about 5 million people involved in Network Marketing in this country today. There are about 285 million who are not. This means there are literally thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of great future leaders for our industry roaming around this country who nobody has ever approached. However, someday, somebody will approach them about the many benefits of having a Network Marketing business and it could be worth a million dollar income to that person! In fact, there will be thousands of them!

Personally, I think the very best network marketers are not yet involved in network marketing. The odds are there are many people among the 285 million who are not involved, who may be far better network marketers then even the best of the best. 

Based on surveys performed by MarketWave in 1989-91, 85% of all Americans who do not own their own business do have the desire to be entrepreneurs. When polled as to the reason why they do not pursue this desire, the four most common reasons were:

1. Takes too much money,
2. Takes too much time.
3. Too much risk.
4. I don't know how.

Understand, this means that over 200 million people in this country want to be self employed who are not-- and for reasons that do not apply to network marketing! Nonetheless, these are powerful objections and ones that must be overcome before a prospect would even consider our opportunity.

Once the prospect has accepted at least the possibility that there might be a  type of business which overcomes all of their concerns, they will find it to be, Network Marketing. At this point, you will very likely have to address the stigma that surrounds this industry and/or at the very least, educate the prospect on what Network Marketing is in general.

So to share this business with new prospects, the first step is to open their mind to starting their own business, the second step is to remove all the garbage about Network Marketing, and the third step is to then pour new information in - by finally presenting Shaklee. I developed a process I call Red White Blue because it addresses these 4 concerns people have about getting started.

1. - Takes too much money - I show them they can get started with less then $20
2. - Takes too much time - I show them the business over the phone in about 10 minutes.
3. - Too much risk- I let them know that all the products are backed up with a full money back guarantee.
4. - I don't know how - I let them know we have a process in place and then send them the first training emails that day.

Keep in mind that there are thousands and thousands of prospects out there just looking for the right opportunity to come along. Will you be the one to offer them the gift? 

Get out there and spread the news! Recruit one, two or three and have fun doing it!!!
How many 10-minute calls can you make in a day, week, month or year?

Start today!


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10 Phone Calls a Day Keeps the Job Away!

You see, Network Marketing  is not for everyone and you don't need everyone. You just need 1-3 strong people or Leaders to get you a nice, comfortable income. 

So what you really need is a game plan!


A plan that helps you find those people.

You may love the products.
You may love the pay plan.
You may love the concept.
You may love the company.
You may love your upline.

Whatever sets you on "fire", so be it. Just get in there and get after it!

What does matter is that you "do" take action.

If you'll make 10 Phone Calls a Day, for the next 20 days you'll know whether this business is for you or not!

Make 200 calls then you'll know!

Get everyone in your group to dial 10 phone numbers a night, 5 nights a week for one month you'll find your group will grow.

"10 Phone Calls a Day Keeps The Job Away"

Are you up for growing your future Bonus Checks???


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Sorting for Dollars

You never know where your next business builder will come from so -- ask everyone.

I had a few referrals given to me from a woman I never knew before and still have not met her in person. The reason she gave me referrals is because I walked her through the RWB process and she liked the concept a lot. But she did not want to get started in anything new until she had her house remodeling done. However, she is a member now and loves the products. I put her on the back burner for later but then the other day she emailed me 2 people for me to call.

The first one was more interested in the health benefits of the products because of what the other woman shared with her about them. But because I did the RWB with her as well, she is now interested in the earnings as well and moving more toward that commitment. At this point she is field testing the products and has called me with more questions about the earnings. She was a 5-6 when I did the RWB with her and said she knew for sure she wanted to become a member for the products but was not sure she could do the business.  She told me she wanted to think about it after trying the products. The other day she told me that she ordered more products on line and is learning how to do email. Then she said, "I have some people lined up and soon I will decide where I want to take this." I told her I would support her in any way she wanted to go and she liked the fact that I was not pushing her.

The second one that I called told me that she heard that we had some cleaning products that may help with her allergies. I said we have that and a whole lot more and then I asked her the $ question. She said a big YES!!! Then she went on to tell me about her family and how many are into their own businesses. She wanted to start her own and has tried other Network Marketing companies but found it very hard to balance her time between working, children and then going out 2-3 nights to build her business. So she decided to just give up the idea of NWM until I showed her the RWB.

She is so excited about this new concept and said right away "I Can Do This!" She is now on her way!

Keep searching and never give up. Ask everyone for you never know where the next builder will come from.

The "Why" For Doing This Business.

The Three Letters That Spell Success In Network Marketing

For millions of Americans, network marketing represents the best vehicle for the average person to build a powerful business in a relatively short time. Two to five years of consistent action and following your plan can create explosive results.

Ironically, out of the estimated 200,000 Americans joining a network marketing company every month, more than 85% of them quit within the first 90 days. Why is that? Is network marketing at fault or is our focus aimed in the wrong direction? How do we maintain motivation when the first few weeks or months don’t live up to our expectations?

Our focus must be on a few simple questions. Why am I doing this business? Why did I get started in the first place? What did I see then that I might be overlooking now?

Everyone in this business has or had a powerful motivating force that compelled them to get started, that compelled them to visualize the power of their opportunity. These reasons or "whys" are what we must focus on daily in order to achieve the success we seek.

The following steps can help new as well as seasoned network marketers put more power in their business punch.

Mentally review and write down all the reasons or "whys" that prompted you to start your program. Were you looking to leverage your time and spend more of it with your family? Did you want to help others? Become financially independent? Build a retirement fund? Become a public speaker? Get clear on exactly what inspired you to choose your business. This list will continue to grow as you discover new goals.

Step two is to review your "whys" on a daily basis. You can simply go over your written list every morning and evening until they are engraved into your mind and heart. For those who are absolutely serious about their success, rewriting your reasons every morning will condition your mind to stay open for any opportunity that may come up during the day. This one technique alone can dramatically increase your motivation, your actions and your convictions.

The third step is to share your reasons with others. This will turbo charge your convictions and others will take notice and be motivated to action. Talking to others about your "whys" will create an instant bond with those who share your same reasons.

For instance, if I tell you I’m involved in this business to secure my family’s financial future, if that is important to you, a connection will be made. You will be open to hearing how you could do the same. This not only develops instant rapport but it is also a dynamic recruiting tool.

Unfortunately, many people who start in this fascinating business don’t realize that, like any other business, network marketing has its ups and downs. Problems are a way of life for every businessperson. However, if you maintain your focus on your personal reasons, you then stimulate yourself to action and strengthen your convictions. Action and conviction are the founding elements to network marketing success.

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Discretionary Spending Vs. Personal Development

The Test – Discretionary Spending Vs. Personal Development

So how much money per month should you be investing in your own personal growth and development program?

To find out, take this simple four-question test:

1) What am I paying for cable/satellite TV per month? $__________

2) What am I paying for my cell phone per month? $__________

3) What am I paying for my entertainment per month? $__________

My monthly total for TV + cell phone + entertainment: $__________

4) What am I investing in books, CDs, and classes? $__________

Personal Development (circle one) Credit? or Deficit? $__________

Reality check:

If you are spending more money to watch TV, talk on your cell phone, or grab yet another latté (or beverage of choice) than you are on your own personal growth and development—and your life is NOT working out the way you intended—investing a bit (or a lot) more money (and time) in this area would be more than a great idea....

1) Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!

2) Work on becoming the person you want to attract!

Go to work on the fundamentals:

* Prospecting * Presentation * Duplication * Leadership

Go to work on your life skills:

* Career * Recreation * Family * Spiritual * Financial * Social/Cultural * Health

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Are You On The Right Track to Build Your Shaklee Business?

Are you on the right track to build your Shaklee business?

I have talked to so many Shaklee people over the last 6 months and have learned a lot from them. Fixing the one problem I found could play a major part in growing your business as well as Shaklee as a whole company.

When I read this message below it really came home to me so I thought I would send it out to all of you just in case it may refer to your business situation today. There is help so don't ever give up!  

Here is what I read:

Dan Barrow could not get his gas furnace to light. Determined to get it to work he tried everything. He blew out and stripped the lines; he scraped and cleaned the inside; he disassembled and reassembled parts; he screamed and cursed at it.


In a fit of frustration and despair, Dan called in a heating mechanic. The mechanic took one quick look inside the heater and tapped the outside with a small hammer. Presto! The furnace lit up!

Delighted, Dan asked what he owed and the mechanic replied,

"That'll be $300 please."

Astonished at the price, Dan demanded an itemized bill.

Here is what the mechanic wrote down:

One knock with one hammer: One dollar.

Knowing WHERE to knock: Two hundred and ninety nine dollars.

So, what's the lesson here?

Do you know where to be knocking in your network marketing business to make it work?

Are you in a situation where you are basically having to figure it out all by yourself?

Are you having trouble managing your time?

Do you lack structure or a step by step process?

Are you sick and tired of going no where?

If so, let me know for I have just what the doctor ordered.

The "Red White Blue" process.

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How To Answer The Big Question: "Isn't that a pyramid?"

Out of the hundreds of RWB calls I have done over these past months, I have only been asked this question three times. Once a person understands Network Marketing and how it works during the RWB presentation, there will be very few who will ask you this question. However, for those few, here is a very interesting answer you may want to use.

Ask them first of all, do you own your own business? Most will answer NO! Then briefly explain that the typical business, whether a Corporation or a small town company, will generally have the following structure ...



President/CEO or owner


Vice-President or Partners


Senior Executives or Managers


All of the other employees

Then proceed to explain to them that it would be hard to believe that a Vice-President will train his Sr. Management to the point where his job or position is threatened. This means that you are only going to get trained just enough from the people above you so that they do not lose their positions. Same goes for the rest of the pyramid with Sr. Management and employees. Pretty interesting when it is put in this light, don't you think? Amazing. It looks like a pyramid to me!

Now on the other hand, it is completely the opposite with a Network Marketing company. Matter of fact, you can call it the upside-down pyramid. With the support of your sponsors and their sponsors and upline leaders, your success with the company makes them that much more successful. Your success insures them of a commission check each month. So you will find it really comforting when your upline seven levels up sees that you are working the business and they offer their support and advice to help you advance even more!

See the following MLM structure:


The Network Marketing Company


Upline Leaders


Your Sponsors






Your 1st "level"


Your 2nd "level"


Your 3rd "level" etc.

Look what happens. We all know that it's very rare for the President of a company to come down and train an employee to advance up the management levels. With your "Pyramid" you become the President/Owner of your own MLM company which then takes on the above structure. And unlike the typical Corporate or Business pyramid, it benefits you to go down several levels in your organization to train and coach them to advance because when they advance you advance.

WOW!!! What a concept! Then after pointing out all of this you can say, "Now, which pyramid are you referring too?" (Also grinning as they appear to be speechless!)

Until next time,


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Network Marketing Resources.


As I mentioned on the RWB weekly call, below are a few good resources for learning about building a Network Marketing business. These would be good only for the person who is looking to build an organization, not for someone who is looking to sell some products for extra income. In other words, they would be great for the person who wants to build a lifestyle.

As with any book on the subject, you will learn many ways to build an organization so don't let that confuse you.

Take from these books the basic fundamentals that must be followed to reach success in this industry. You will learn these throughout these books. 


I told some of you about Jack Zufelt and how he opened my eyes to what changes needed to made in order to build a large Network Marketing business. I bought his complete package but if you are limited in money, order his tape program, "Learn to Earn".


A book that I and others have found very helpful and that you can find on the internet at http://www.amazon.com is by Dr. Joe Rubino and the title is called, " Secrets of Building a Million-Dollar Network Marketing Organization from a guy who's been there done that and shows you how you can do it, too. It is a long title but a short book which gets right down to business. When you read his plan on page 108 you would think he was teaching the RWB process.


Another book is called "MLM Magic" by Venus Andrecht. What I liked about her book is that she tells it like it is, both the good and the bad. I really enjoyed her book because she is very believable and proves that if you are willing to work hard for at least a year, doing the right things, you can be earning a 6-figure income as well. The point she makes a couple of times in her book is to never quit.


Then there is "Street Smart Networking" by Robert Butwin. Read the foreword on page ix in the front of the book and see what he writes at the bottom of the page. Again, we are right on track with the RWB process.


Last is a book written by Mark & Rene Yarnell called, "Your First Year in Network Marketing." This book teaches you some things to speed up your learning curve about the network Marketing industry and again, some of the basics that everyone must learn.

I could list many more as I am sure many of you could as well. I have built a collection over the years and if I listed all of them we would have a library of books listed here which isn't needed. I read them for knowledge as well as inspiration and just for fun. So why not just start with these for I am sure you will enjoy them.

Keep in mind that most of these books have been written a few years back and this industry continues to change. But, keep in mind, they are to build belief for you, not to encourage you to go out and re-invent the wheel. Once you are making the money you want to be making, than you can play all you want! 

Till next time,

Change Happens, We Need To Except It!

Change Happens-We All Need to Accept It!

Thanks to Bruce Meyers for sending me the below message about how things have changed in the world over the years. It caused me to think about how this industry of Network Marketing has changed over the years and how many people, at the time of these changes, did not believe it would work any other way. In some cases, they were even against any change at all.

There are many people who do not like change because it means stepping out of their comfort zone. This is true for many new business builders in Shaklee when first starting out to build their businesses, but it can also be true for some of the old timers who have been in this business for more than 25 years. However, and this is important, if you are not willing to change, you will never get started or re-started to have the success you want. If you are in this business for 25 years or so and are not growing, but you want to, then change is needed here as well.

If you do not see why this is needed or you are simply closed to the idea, you will be eaten alive by your competition who will and are making these changes. I have already seen it happen and it is continuing to happen in this industry as I write this message. However, Roger is doing something about it and we are very lucky to have him leading the way. Watch what is about to be introduced by the company in 2005!

There are certain basics in Network Marketing that will never change because without them there would be no Network Marketing program in the first place. These are common among all companies in the Network Marketing industry.

They are:

1.) Contact and invite people to learn about what you have to offer them.

2.) Make an appointment to talk to them about it.

3.) Have a process that includes a presentation that is simple to understand and easy to copy by others.

4.) Follow up by using your process with those who have an interest in the business or products.

5.) Build belief by using the products/attending meetings to learn the process in person or by conference calls.

6.) Make a decision to get started and continue to follow a simple process that your upline lays out for you.

You need to learn how to do these skills and the best way to do that is to just do it. Don't depend on tools such as web sites or other people to do these for you. Learn the process and then use it over and over again and teach it to your people. This is how you earn the big money in this business. If you depend on others to do this for you, they will be paid the big money and you will help them to earn it by doing your small part. But if you want to be the one earning the larger incomes, you need to become the leader by doing and teaching these things yourself.  

These are the general basics to network marketing that will never change. But, how they are delivered will change with time. We must learn to accept these changes and then learn how to best use them for growth! It is a different world out there and soon we will be going even more worldwide!

Years ago when I first started to use email I was excited about how this form of communication could be used in our network marketing business to both inform and educate our group. At the time, most people were not using it so they said that it will not work because you need to do this in person, you know, eyeball to eyeball. However, I continued to learn how to best use it and as time went by, many others caught on as well. Today, it would be very hard to be successful in business without being online and most businesses are, successful ones that is!

When Shaklee first offered to supply products to all of my members directly instead of me having to run a store out of my basement, I felt it would free us up to talk to even more new people because we would not need to spend so much time doing all the busy work. I also saw that it would be more copyable for busy people to do this business on a part time basis. However, many in the field at the time thought that this would not work because you need to deal with everyone face to face like it has always been done in the past. They told me that you can't sell out of an empty wagon. Today over 80% of all leaders do not inventory products and they all are now enjoying more free time! Today we even have Autoship!

Years ago when I put up this personal web site, I wanted to have a place where my organization could go to get information that was passed on over email before they became a member. This way they would not miss anything that may be helpful to them. I also thought it would be a great place for training a person on different things in Shaklee such as on AirSource when it was first introduced. They could go there whenever they wanted to visit and would still be able to get this information even if they missed the training meeting that month or lived out of town. 

Today, well over 1,000 Shaklee leaders and consumers both in the U.S. and Canada use it. I have had people visit from many other countries as well over the years. There were some leaders such as Bob Ferguson who also saw the need for this and he has also been very helpful to the entire Shaklee field with his web site as well as many other Shaklee field leaders.

But again, at the time, most leaders I talked to about this were closed to the idea because they never did it that way before. They were not open to learn how they could do it because they did not see the need for change. Today we have the home office providing this for each of us and so most leaders now have a Shaklee personal web site. This to will change with improvements in time, Roger has a lot of things in the oven!

There are many other new things such as conference calls and 3-way calling to make it much more easier to reach out to people as well as train them all over the country. Shaklee, with Roger leading, plans on going global and entering many more countries. We now even have email programs that will translate English into other languages!

The point I am making here in all of this is that the basics of this business will never change because they can't without ending this way of marketing. However, the way it is delivered will always change with time to make it even better then before so that it will fit into today's market place. Just study the history of Network Marketing and see how it has evolved... or is it MLM?

That is one of the reasons I developed my RWB process. At first, it was because I could not work the business as I have always done before due to health reasons. But, just because I could not work hard, it did not mean I could not work smart. I was not going to quit this business because it has been too good to our family over the years. When I started to use the RWB process, I was surprised at just how many other people wanted to do use it as well!  I found they were as excited about this process as I was and wanted to do the same. Today I have now taught it to over 50 Shaklee organizations including 3 Masters!

I am finding that people today are much more busier then they were 20 years ago. Most couples are both working now and building a family and have such little time left. If someone talked about a Daycare center back when I first started, I might have wondered why a day would need any care. But I show them how they can fit this business into their busy lives anyway by working it at home a few hours here and there and they love it! I have found more people this way then I ever did before because I was willing to accept change and risk but in the long run, I am having much more fun and so are they!

If you are looking for a process to use to build your Shaklee business and you like the idea of working at home instead of just from home, request more information by sending an email to  Mailto:rwb@youfoundyourfuture.com and it will return a message explaining it as best I could to give you at least an idea of the concept. If you want to talk more about it or have questions, I am available for phone appointments as well.

You know if you keep opening the same door and continue to find a dead end, it is your choice to find a new door to open. Be willing to accept change when it is clear that it is needed. If you have a process you enjoy doing, and it contains all of the basics above, stick to it for at least a year without changing it to prove if it is the way for you to build. If it does not work for you, don't quit, simply change what you are doing to get it to work for you!

Below are some things that have changed over the years so that you can see this in a much more clearer view. Look at what the talk was at the time and how much things have changed.  Thanks to Bruce Meyers for passing this on to me.

Comments made in the year 1957:

I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $20."

Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long before $2000 will only buy a used one."

"If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. A quarter a pack is ridiculous."

"Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging a dime just to mail a letter?"

"If they raise the minimum wage to $1, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store."

"When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 29 cents a gallon. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage."

"Kids today are impossible. Those duck tail hair cuts make it impossible to stay groomed. Next thing you know, boys will be wearing their hair as long as the girls."

"I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more. Ever since they let Clark Gable get by with saying 'damn' in  "Gone With The Wind," it seems every new movie has either "hell" or "damn" in it.

"I read the other day where some scientist thinks it's possible to put a man on the moon by the end of the century. They even have some fellows they call astronauts preparing for it down in Texas."

"Did you see where some baseball player just signed a contract for $75,000 a year just to play ball? It wouldn't surprise me if someday they'll be making more than the president."

"I never thought I'd see the day all our kitchen appliances would be electric. They are even making electric typewriters now."

"It's too bad things are so tough nowadays. I see where a few married women are having to work to make ends meet."

"It won't be long before young couples are going to have to hire someone to watch their kids so they can both work."

"Marriage doesn't mean a thing any more; those Hollywood stars seem to be getting divorced at the drop of a hat."

"I'm just afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the door to a whole lot of foreign business."

"Thank goodness I won't live to see the day when the Government takes half our income in taxes. I sometimes wonder if we are electing the best people to congress."

"The drive-in restaurant is convenient in nice weather, but I seriously doubt they will ever catch on."

"There is no sense going to Lincoln or Omaha anymore for a weekend. It costs nearly $15 a night to stay in a hotel."

"No one can afford to be sick any more; $35 a day in the hospital is too rich for my blood."

"If they think I'll pay 50 cents for a hair cut, forget it."

Again, if you are looking for a process to use to build your Shaklee business and you like the idea of working at home instead of just from home, it can be done. Request more information by sending an email to  Mailto:rwb@youfoundyourfuture.com 

I will add one more just for fun.

"I use to worry about losing all of my hair as I grow older. But now, if I do, I will fit right into the younger generation!"

Have a change for the better.......... tomorrow and every day to come,

Have a great Shaklee Week,

The number one problem in Network Marketing

The number one problem in Network Marketing is the same problem it was 25 years ago.

Most people do not understand it and most do not know what to do to build it the right way.

On the surface it looks like a sales business because there are products involved. However, only 10% of the people approached about the business are sales types. 90% of people are not interested in selling anything due to fear of rejection etc. Ask them if they want to get into the selling business and they will sell you on why they do not want to join you. Try it and see.

Network marketing is really about looking for people who are looking. That's it! No selling, high pressure, begging and twisting arms here. This is why most anyone can be successful if they really have a true core desire to make a change in their life. In order for anyone to build a large organization in the network marketing industry, they will have to find people who want to join them in the business. So the question would be, do you want to have 10% available to you for prospecting or 90% or even 100%? 

So this is really a business about promoting something you believe in or have enjoyed yourself.  Look at the movie Jurassic Park. At first the movie company advertised it to get people to come out and see it. After they did, they loved it so much that they told their friends who also went to see it. Then their friends told their friends who told their friends etc and then the movie company stopped all of their advertising. However, the movie went on to become the most successful movie of all time. In fact, over two fifths of the world have seen it!!!

This is the same way network marketing works except people get caught up in the process of selling the product that they lose their ability to promote effectively. They then decide to run classes to teach people how to use the products and sell it instead of how to develop a successful network marketing business and so the whole company stands still and stops growing.

The more people get into having to sell, trying to to sell, the further they get from the natural, contagious enthusiasm of promoting and are soon out of the business. Some will even get so discouraged that they lose all of their belief that they will ever succeed in this industry and simply fall back to just using the products if they even do that much.

This does not need to be the case and there is an answer. Understand this is a sorting business and the faster you sort the faster you grow and you will have much more fun in the process.

You make people an offer by asking them:

Do they want to build a large business such as a network organization that will pay them a 6-figure income?

Do they want to build a small business such as a doctor whom may want to sell the products from his office?

Do they want to use the products at discount prices for their own benefit and savings?

Do they not have any interest but know someone so that you can make the same offer to them?

Do they want you to stay in touch with them in case the timing is better for them down the road?

Whatever their answer is, be OK with it and say to yourself, NEXT!

  Continue to make the offer and you will find people who will see this the same way you saw it and will want to join you in building their own Shaklee income. Then all you do is plug them into the same duplicatable process you are using and following and repeat the process all over again with them.

Then when you teach them how to teach others how to sponsor still others, you have just created your own Jurassic Park! Now you can do what most people only dream about and earn more money then you can spend in a lifetime! Do you know any good works you can do and people you can help in this world if money was not a issue? 

Network Marketing is perfect for everyone but not everyone is perfect for network marketing. If you are ready for the ride of your life and sleepless exciting evenings, why not get started today? 

From what I heard, Shaklee may be making an offer to pay you an extra cash bonus of $100,000 just for you helping one other person become a Master Coordinator! This is in addition to the 6-figure income you will be earning monthly for the rest of your life for doing it!

I know a lot of people who are about to do this. Are you ready to be one of them?

Till next time,

RWB Internet Stuff


I was asked on the RWB conference call tonight to put together a directional email message on how to personalize your RWB email training messages with your name and office hours to be used for all your future mailings.

I will attempt to do this below for those of you using the Windows operating system and Microsoft Outlook only.

To Edit or change an email message to keep for your records for future mailings. 

First, right click on the email message you want to edit to highlight it and then click on forward in the drop down menu that appears.

  You should now have the email opened and waiting for you to place an address in it. Put your email address in this window because you will send it to yourself after you are finished making the changes.

After you put your email address in it, click on the place at the beginning of where you want to make any changes in the message window such as replacing my name with yours or replacing my office hours with your office hours. Then left click and hold your mouse button down as you first drag it to the right of the window and then down over the section you want to change. It will all become highlighted as you do this.

When the whole section that you want to change is highlighted, leave your mouse button up and then start typing what you want in place of what is already there. 

After you make any changes you will then want to send it to yourself. When it comes back to you, save it in a folder for all of your future use with your group. 

If you make a mistake and delete something you wanted to keep, simply go to the edit icon at the top of your window and click on undo button on the dropdown menu. 

How to set up a link to your web site in your email message

First start a new email message and then type something like:

Click here to visit my web page

Then open your web site and go to the page that you want to send a link for. It can be your home page, which is the first one you see when you go there, here is mine, https://www.shaklee.net/fyi or it can be any sub pages such as a certain product page like mine, Andolina Distributors or how to sign up as a member like this one https://www.shaklee.net/fyi/member?remember=.&AppType=DK 

When you have the web page opened to the one you want to link to, right click the web address in the address window at the top of the window. Then click on copy in the drop down menu.

Then go back to your email message and right click where you want to place the link and click on paste.  

It should now look like this:

 C lick here to visit my web page https://www.shaklee.net/fyi/


This one I custom made for you so that you can visit the RWB owners!!!


Go on and click on it but if you want me to show you how to do that one, you first have to move up one level in your business using the RWB process!


Hope this helps,


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Keeping Track of Everyone

Yes, I use SBoss and some use a spiral notebook and some use index cards and a box. Whatever works best for you is fine. The reason I like the SBoss is because I can use the filters to get myself better organized when working with different groups of people such as customers, members, hobby builders and leaders etc. I can bring up just that one list when working it instead of everyone I have. When I spend time for prospecting, I bring up the prospect /referral list and begin making my calls.

Can't Afford to Join Shaklee

Have you ever had a person tell you they can't afford to join Shaklee even if just as a member for $19.95? The potential of this Shaklee business is so great that it just surprises me when someone questions the cost. 

Even the Fast Start kit at only $299 or the Gold starter package we suggest in the RWB at only $325, which is mostly products they are already buying, is really nothing when compared to any other business start-up cost. To start a home based business with this kind of low risk is unheard of in the business world but yet some still have to think about it! If your friend can't afford to join your business, read this:

Consider the following summary of a story in "Chinatown:

"A Portrait of a Closed Society" (HarperCollins, 1992):

"Many immigrants start out as street peddlers for three or four years until they have saved enough money (between $50,000 and $100,000) to start their own small business."

The book tells about Lin, who earned $360 a week peddling vegetables, fruit, and umbrellas. His annual income: $22,000. What is amazing is that Lin saves $18,000 of his income and lives on the other $4,000.

Lin has saved over $70,000 in four years so he can start his own business."

Hmmm. I'd say Lin is motivated and willing to make a few sacrifices in his standard of living to achieve his dreams. Now, back to our friend who couldn't come up with any money to start a business.

What do you think? Does your friend have a strong, burning desire to be in his or her own business?

Americans take too many things for granted. We're spoiled. We want things, but aren't willing to pay the price. New immigrants to America also want things, but they are willing to pay the price because they are coming from a place much different from what we have come to take for granted. They are excited that they have the opportunity to pay the price.

What do average Americans want?

* They want to be the boss, but refuse to stay late after work.

* They want to take exotic vacations, but refuse to save from their monthly paychecks.

* They want to own their own business, but only if it is free.

No wonder average people have trouble starting their own business. They must build the business themselves, and that's a gross inconvenience. That's why being your own boss is reserved for the un-average American. It's easier to build a successful business when somebody is willing to work.

That is the point, there are people out there who are willing to work and are willing to pay the price. All they need is the direction such as our RWB process and the cost will not even be a consideration. When they have a core desire for something, and you show them an option as simple as the RWB for building their income, and it is something they want to do, cost is never a problem. All you will need to do is teach them the process and then get out of their way for they will run you over if needed!

Here are some people who are already on their way and you will notice that there is no talk about how to afford the cost. They are all paying the price and soon will reach their core desires!

What about you? 

Dear Bob, 

Got my first Fast Start from the new script last night. She's going to order it with her TAX refund. This may be a great month to be doing this, eh? I have 2 directors in my group who are using the RWB and training downlines on it. For the last 2 weeks, we committed to do 5 a day...came up short on some days, but still very focused work. ....All together we added 7 new members last week.


I have so much going on in my group right now, I need to start my own training soon.  It is exciting.  Not a lot of growth yet but have 1 or 2 people under at least 4 who are interested.  Haven't seen this much excitement in a long time. 


Just thought I'd let you know that Ginger has already sent me three leads including two good  friends and her mother along with a sentence about it.  I am very excited about getting referrals.  I'll call them tomorrow. I am so excited and can't wait for advanced training e-mails. 

Thanks again,


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Save $240/Hour in Tax Savings

Taking Your Home-Based Business Tax Advantages to the Bank

By Graham Anthony, CEO Upline

Here's a concept -- you can put an additional $5,000 of spending money per year in your pocket if you sign up as a distributor in Shaklee -- whether or not you actually succeed at first in signing up a downline or retailing products..


As a Network Marketing distributor, you will  be entitled to an advantageous collection of tax breaks which will enable you to reclaim thousands of dollars in taxes -- dollars normally taken out of your day job paychecks by the IRS.

The good tax laws that allow Network Marketers -- and other small business owners -- to garner substantial tax breaks are the same laws that GM and IBM benefit from. The only difference between most Network Marketing businesses and these Fortune 500 entities, in the eyes of the IRS, is their size, and the fact that Network Marketers can also deduct many expenses from their homes and daily lives. If these expenses contribute to the success of their Network Marketing home-based business, then they are fully tax deductible!

What is deductible by a Network Marketing home-based business owner?

When you discuss business out to lunch or dinner with co-workers and friends, your meal is 50 percent tax deductible. For that matter, so are theater and sports event tickets, and other expenses relating to entertainment focused on building relationships with prospects, retail customers and downline or upline distributors. (Remember, by definition, everyone is a potential prospect or customer of your Network Marketing business!)

Automobile mileage is deductible between your home-based business office and a meeting where business is discussed, such as the meals mentioned above, or an opportunity meeting -- or even a golf outing with friends who are prospects!

Travel is deductible -- be it to an industrial center or an island resort -- if the purpose is to hold an opportunity meeting, to discuss business with other travelers, or to attend a seminar. Your spouse's travel can even be deductible if his or her presence is helpful in closing the sale.

You can also deduct wages paid to your children for help in the business -- and if those children are under 14 and have no other sources of income, all wages under $4,000 per year are tax free. It's a great way to help save for college with Uncle Sam's help!

You can pay with pre-tax dollars for expenses like braces, eyeglasses and visits to the doctor if properly structured through a qualified medical expense reimbursement plan -- this is easy to do with standard forms. (see resource box)

Home computers, fax machines, telephones, office supplies, and office furniture are also fully tax deductible. But there's more....

The IRS's only requirement is that you legitimately treat your Network Marketing business as a business -- not a hobby. That means regularly working your business.

What counts as "regularly working" your Network Marketing business?

Just taking the actions you are telling your downline to take:  call prospects regularly, use the product, tell people about the product and, if successful, teach others to do the same.

If the people you sponsor actively follow your guidance, they should make money; but even if they don't, the IRS will recognize their right to their home-based business tax breaks -- If they properly document their activities and expenses!

Documentation Is Everything for Tax Deductions!

Documentation is a big word, but a simple process. It merely means writing down in your day planner all business-related activities, business- related expenses and any revenues you earn. Consistent record keeping will prove to the IRS (on the rare chance you have to) that you are truly running a business and not engaged in a hobby -- whether or not it makes money.

What do these records look like?

They're simple. Just writing down who you spoke with about the business, where you went in pursuit of your business, and what you spent in the ordinary course of conducting your business -- if done in a regular and consistent manner -- will provide you with proper documentation and a sea of deductible business expenses!

Sure, it's a hassle writing down your business-related activities every day; but for a maximum investment of five minutes a day, the time spent record keeping is worth a minimum of $5,000 in tax savings. That's $240/hour of tax savings for the time you spent keeping track of your activities and expenses.

A pretty good wage for simple record keeping!

So, what do these records look like exactly? Here's a sample day from a day planner:

8:00 AM: Breakfast meeting with Prospect Jones (a friend who works near you). Presented products. She's considering it. Breakfast cost $14.50. Mileage from home office to breakfast: 15 miles. Ate at Chock Full of Nuts.


12:00 PM: Lunch with Prospect Smith (a co-worker). Discussed how great I felt using the product. He's considering it. Lunch Cost: $15.75. Ate at Joe's.


5:30 PM: Drink with Prospect Lee (a friend). Discussed the product. Drinks cost $16.00.


Lee committed to buy 1 month's worth of the product.


7:00 PM: Attended Opportunity Meeting. Mileage to event: 10 miles. Mileage to next event:15 miles. Watched presentations and gave support.


8:30 PM: Attend professional basketball game at home with Prospect Harris and our spouses. Harris is considering the opportunity. Cost for tickets: $60. Help from Uncle Sam


What's deductible in your ordinary lifestyle expenses when you own a Network Marketing business? If you legitimately work your business engaged in the following actions, here's what's deductible. Check out the math:

$500: Lunch with co-workers is deductible (Hey, they're prospects!). $4/day times 250 work days = $1,000 x 50 percent deductible = $500

$1,500: Travel expenses for you and spouse to vacation land -- if you hold opportunity meetings (could be to the friends you are visiting) and your spouse participates

$1,800: Home office deduction ($150/month) for use of spare room in house out of which you operate your home-based business

$1,500: Automobile mileage from home office to day job or other places where you actively encounter prospects and actively discuss the product. (20 miles round trip to work x 250 days x 30 cents/mile)

$8,000: Tax free wages for two kids without other jobs who assist you in your Home-Based Business (2 kids x $4,000 per year paid to their savings accounts for college/weddings, etc.)

$2,700: Health insurance for family (Spouse is an employee of your home-based business, who chooses to include you and kids on the plan -- $225/month time 12 months)

That's $16,000 Total tax-deductible expenses x 35% combined Federal and State

tax rate = $5,600 Cash refund from IRS on April 15th

Remember, to deduct the above expenses, you must be actively working your business in the lunches, trips, visits, etc. mentioned above, and be keeping proper records. If you are an active Network Marketer, this is not only perfectly legitimate -- it's good business

Upline recommends that Network Marketers consult their accountants and individual tax advisors in applying these concepts to their businesses.

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Are You a Leader in This Business?

 you feel that investing your time in training and working at your network marketing business interferes with your daily cable television schedule? When your bonus check arrives at the end of the month and it is much smaller then what you wanteddo you say:

“This business doesn’t work, the checks are too small”
 “my bonus check got smaller all by itself.”

Well, if you do you are partially right.

The business doesn’t work — you have to do the work. 

“The check got smaller all by itself?”  No, the bonus check only reflects the sales volume of one’s downline organization.

There are three types of people in network marketing:

1. Those who joined because they love the products.

2. Those who want to receive bonus checks, if it doesn’t require work.

3. Those who want to earn a bonus check.

Type 3, those who want to earn a bonus check, represent only a small percentage of all network marketers.  Most network marketers will give great lip service to the idea that they want to earn bonus checks, but their actions speak louder than words.  They are easy to recognize by their actions. They. . .


can’t be on the weekly conference call because “The Simpsons” have a special episode that evening;


won’t make phone appointments because the prospect might say no;


wish the company would make it easier for them by lowering prices or qualifications;


won’t make up a prospecting list because everyone they know just wouldn’t be interested; and


wish someone else would do the presentations for them because they believe nobody will believe them.

The great part about networking is that 95% of all network marketers fall into product users and people who wish for bonus checks. That means there is little or no competition for dedicated leaders who want to earn their way in this great business! That’s why it is so easy to work and earn large bonus checks in network marketing — there’s no competition at the top!

Distributors and prospects are naturally attracted to leaders who lead by example. Good network marketing leaders don’t have to prospect for new distributors — distributor prospects come to them.

You’ll always hear the non-working network marketing distributors say:

“How is it that my upline leader gets all the good prospects?”

Because prospects look for leaders — not non-workers.

Can you imagine a prospect saying:

“I think I’ll find a sponsor who whines, complains, and doesn’t work the business." 

No way. Good prospects look for energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, working sponsors.

So, if you want to work where you’ll encounter little competition, start at the top. 

Be a leader,


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The One Thing That Can Hurt Your Business.

What is the one thing that can hurt your Shaklee business most of all?  Here it is!

There are lots of things that will hurt your Shaklee business. If you don't have a process to follow or really know what to do, that's a pretty big one and should be addressed first. Ask about our RWB process if this is a problem for you. But there's one thing that will kill your MLM career faster than anything. It's very seductive and can creep in subtly. Take regular inventory of it so every time it raises its ugly head you stomp it out immediately!


It's falling into the trap of...

NOT being consistently consistent.

You got excited, put in an intense week of MLM'ing. You went all out. Actually sponsored some people... got yourself some results. Then it creeps in. Next week you don't hit it as hard. Layoff it, kick back... after all you worked hard last week and the whole reason you got into MLM was to buy back your time. MISTAKE! Once you get the ball rolling... keep it rolling... don't ease off!!!

Network marketing is built on the concept of compound interest. You know, the old example, how much money would you have if you doubled a penny every day for thirty days? Multiply it out on paper and you'll discover it's over FIVE MILLION dollars. But look at each day individually... on the 10th day it's only worth $5.12 and it doesn't even break the thousand dollar barrier until the 18th day. So it's hard to believe that by day 30 that penny has grown into millions.

But that's the magic of compound interest... it feeds on itself! But it takes time for the compounding to take effect. If you spent your thousand bucks on day 18 instead of keeping it working for you, you'd never reach the 5 million dollar payday. And you'd have to start all over again from zero with a new penny and another 30 days.

MLM works exactly the same way. The time you put in to it feeds on itself. If you put in 20 hours one week, 2 the next and nothing the week after that but "make up for it" by giving it some extra time the following week, your results will be weak. Even though you may have averaged 10 hours a week, it was in fits and starts. You're not giving the compounding a chance to take hold. Not giving your business consistent time every week is the exact same thing as spending the thousand bucks on day 18! You'll always be starting all over again from zero.

Are you willing to pay the price for MLM riches? There's no getting around paying your dues. MLM really can provide you with money for the rest of your life, but it's not free and it won't happen in your first month or even your first year. It takes being consistently consistent for at least 2 to 4 years! Every single week block out your MLM time. I suggest you give at least 8 productive hours a week... 8 productive hours. That means you plan your business. Don't start your week (or your day for that matter) before you finish it on paper first!

Who are you going to prospect? How many presentations are you going to give? Who are you going to duplicate yourself into this week? Write it down, make time for it, and follow through on it... 8 hours a week, each and every week, for 2 to 4 years. That's the price you have to pay for a six figure residual MLM income.

If you don't have a step-by-step process in place, ask about our RWB process. It will teach you not only what to do, but also what to say, how to say it and best of all, you will have it written out for you as well as a personal coach to support you. If this was not enough, you even get the support of other top Shaklee leaders from around the country who are all working to move their businesses forward. To request free information, send an email to rwb@youfoundyourfuture.com 

Stay with it, for it is only a matter of time,

Networking-Working the Numbers.

Yesterday evening on the RWB conference call we talked a little bit about working the numbers in this business and also why we might not be doing this activity as best we can We also talked about this on the RWB Leaders Club call as well for it is the most important fundamental we need to do in this business if we want to grow.   

As some of you reported great results on these calls over the last few weeks from running the ad that Shauna shared with the RWB group a few weeks ago, I know that there are still some of you who want better results to grow even faster. Below is a recap of part of that call in a hope that you may find it helpful to increase your results.


When it comes to Network Marketing, that is just what needs to be done to become successful with it. You must network in order to market your opportunity and products if you are looking to earn an extraordinary lifestyle!


Jim Rohn has said the following:

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals."  There are no new fundamentals. You've got to be a little suspicious of someone who says, "I've got a new fundamental." That's like someone inviting you to tour a factory where they are manufacturing antiques".


Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn't going to get the job done. So don’t do a lot of prospecting for 1 month and then very little if any the next month. Make it a habit to do a little each day and you will get much better results.


Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure.


So ask yourself:


Am I asking the money question enough times each week?

If you are asking 5 people a day and you have been working that way for at least 90 days consistently and you are not growing, then increase your numbers and work on improving your skills.


Am I doing the 10-minute calls each week for myself or for training my downline?

If you are and you are not growing, increase your numbers and work on improving your skills.


Do I follow up with my leads and potential prospects each week?

If you are and you are not growing, increase your numbers and work on improving your skills.


We all have a set number of calls and appointments to do to reach our core desires. The problem is, we don’t know what that number will be and it will be different for each and every builder. That is why you should never compare yourself with the results that someone else is having.


Let's say you just heard of a person on a conference call who became a Director in just 3 months. However, you have been in the business for 3 months and you are not a Director. Is it fair for you to compare yourself to this person?


First of all, this person might be the only one out of 100 who had this growth. The other 99 may still be working like you are doing and have not broken out as a Director. Also, let's say you did 30 appointments over a 90 day time frame but later found out that this person did 130 appointments and was a Mayor of a small town. 


You can see why you should never compare yourself with anyone other then yourself in this business. Ask yourself what your numbers were during the first 90 days and then look at the growth you had. What can you do different in the next 90 days to improve your results?


If you knew you needed to reach 1,000 presentations to become a Master and your core desire was to be a Master, would you continue if the first 50 said no to you?  Would you slow down on the number of appointments you were doing or speed up? What if the next 150 said no, what would do then? If the next 500 said no would you still hang in there? You see, this is what it takes to be successful in this business and you will also find that it is worth it when you reach your true core desires.


Look at it this way, if you wanted to open a restaurant and you asked your family and friends if they wanted to open a restaurant just like you are doing, should you be surprised if they all said no? So why be disappointed when you show this business to someone and they say no. It is just how this business works so welcome to Network Marketing and now that you know this, you can move on!


We are all looking for people who are looking, for it is as simple as that. When we find them, then we are looking to see if there is a match, with our products, our company, our opportunity and most importantly, us!


Most of the time it just comes down to a word called Procrastination.


If you are not making the numbers work for you because you have not yet got started with your prospecting, here are seven techniques to help you overcome procrastination:  


1. Take five minutes to identify what you are putting off.

On a blank sheet of paper, note several important activities that you realize you are delaying or have put on hold.


2. Look at your list of tasks and do one of them right now.

Put the energy you've been directing toward excuses into the activity you've been avoiding. You'll discover that action eliminates anxiety.


3. If getting started is the hard part for you, set a designated time slot in the day to work on the list.

Set aside thirty minutes of your lunch hour for work specifically on one job, project, or personal goal that you've been avoiding or find difficult to start.


4. Don't worry about perfection. 

What counts is quality of effort, not perfect results. Don't let yourself get bogged down with a preoccupation for perfectionism.


5. If what you are putting off involves other people, consult with them.

Your reasons for delaying action may be imaginary. Lack of communication often turns molehills into mountains.


6. If you fear the consequences associated with the action you've been avoiding, ask yourself, What's the worst thing that could happen If I did this today?

The worst-case scenario most likely would be a minor inconvenience or a temporary setback. 


7. Finally, Vividly picture how you'll feel once the task is done. 

Freedom from anxiety. Freedom from nagging pressures. Freedom from self-doubt. Accomplishing put-off tasks will give you a great boost of confidence and energy!


Ground breaking requires TNT to blast your way out of apathy and overcoming procrastination.


Remember what TNT means:  

 Today! Not Tomorrow! 

Hope you found this helpful now have a great Shaklee week!

Till next time, 

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Tennis & Shaklee

To Shaklee Business Leaders:

The information below was the business tip shared on last weeks RWB conference call. You will find that this business works this way and always has worked this way no matter what business process you are using. I hope you find it helpful.


Finding the right people when building your Shaklee business is a very important part of success in this industry. However, a lot of people in this business think they need to sponsor everyone they speak to, if possible.

It is true that you will want to talk to everyone about your business and products but you want to work closely with the people you sponsor who are really serious about it. How do you know they are serious? Is it when they say they are a 10 after you do the RWB presentation?  Is it when they purchase the Fast Start and then tell you they want to reach Master ASAP? 

It is a know fact by the best of the best in this industry, that if you want to find a good leader, give them something to do and then step back and see if they do it. You will want to treat your Networking and team-building business this way, like playing a game of tennis. This is especially true when working with new people.

 It works like this:

You make the first move - the serve. This is when you invite them by asking the money question. Now it is their turn to hit the ball back to you by saying yes to hear the 10-minute RWB presentation. You then hit the ball back by setting the time for doing the call with them. Then they hit it back to you by being there when you call them for the appointment. You then hit the ball again by doing the presentation and they hit the ball back by being interested in moving to the next step in the process.

As you know, the whole RWB process is a step-by step process that works this way all the way through to your downlines duplicating what you just did with them. Every time they hit the ball back, you do likewise. Put the ball back in their court. You continue to do this with them all the way through the process and soon they will be doing the same with their prospects. This is when real growth happens! 

This automatically empowers them to be responsible for their actions, and it makes sure you spend your time with active players. Don't hit the ball over the net twice in a row without the other person hitting it back. That is just how the game is played.

Could you imagine hitting the ball over and over the net and the person on the other side just stands there and does not even attempt to hit the ball back at all? There are some people in this business who do just that and wonder why they are not growing. They just keep hitting the ball over the net in many different ways in hoping the other person will soon hit it back.

They think if they keep changing how they hit the ball, such as lower, higher, more to the right or left, then maybe the other person will hit it back. They will do anything to try to get this person to play instead of just finding someone new to play the game. All they have to do is turn around and they will see a line of people at the gate just waiting to get into the court and for someone to ask them to play!

So be sure you understand that this is a volunteer business just like playing tennis. Nobody has to play but there are some who want to play and some that love the game. In fact, some are very good at it due to their core desires and committed effort level that they make it their life career and enjoy a very rewarding lifestyle.

So the question comes back to you as it always will. Do you want to play the game? If so, do you want to play it with real players or with the ones who say they want to play but never hit the ball back to you? 

If you have a strong core desire of what you wantthen you are the only one stopping you from already being there. All you need to find is 2-6 good players out of the whole population! How soon do you want to find them? If your answer is ASAP, then first be sure you are hitting the ball and then make sure you are not playing the game by yourself. It is a lot more fun when the ball comes back each time you hit it over the net!

Till next time,

5 Beliefs for Success in Network Marketing

Shaklee Business Owners,


Below is the latest business tip I shared with all of you on our last weekly RWB conference call. I hope you find it helpful in building your Shaklee business. Keep a copy of this for your new builders if you like


Also, thanks to Master Coordinator Laura Hostetler for doing the training part of the RWB call last week. She is a very busy person and if anyone could say they don't have the time for doing this business, it would certainly be her and she would be telling the truth. Thanks to the RWB business building process, she can now get it all done and has many great sales leaders on her recap working it as well. Wait to you see what she is about to do!


Thanks again Laura, you did such a great job and also thanks for allowing me to get to know you! Now let us all go out and as you said, "make a deposit into other people's bank accounts!"


Having fun and loving it,

Bob Andolina


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5 Beliefs for Success in Network Marketing

    By Bob Andolina


1.)    Belief in the industry of Network Marketing


John Kalench wrote a book titled, “ The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World.” If you have not read this book, I would suggest you do as soon as you can. You can find it on the Amazon web site. You need to understand, as well as believe, that you are part of one of the best opportunities ever in the history of the world! It will only get better as the years continue to go by for two main reasons:


First, never in the history of the world have we ever witnessed the baby boomer generation all coming to age at the same time. We will never again have this many people needing health care, or wanting to hold on to their youth, as we will see over the next few years.


Second, the cost to retire comfortably will also increase dramatically! The need to earn additional income to pay for things such as the increasing cost of health care will be needed by a massive amount of people, which has already started. Social Security will not be the answer, if it is even available in the future. Think about things such as what will a gallon of gasoline will cost?


Network Marketing with Shaklee products solves both major problems. You can improve your health and wealth at the same time and you get to enjoy the freedom of retirement early! Spend 5-15 hours per week on your Shaklee business doing the RWB process and enjoy the rest of your time with your family doing what you always wanted to do, such as planning two of your kids weddings in the same summer like we are doing!


When you have the beliethat if people really understood what Network Marketing is all about, everyone would want to be involved, you will then have the right belief. You will then believe you are offering people a lifeline or a gift, which you are. You can then say: “I’m not really prospecting or recruiting. I’m offering you a gift of incredible value. Do you want to take a look at it?"


Your job is to help them understand Network Marketing and how it works. You want to educate them, not sell them on doing it. Help them to understand what this business is all about. The only way to do this effectively, is to get that belief yourself!


2.)    Belief that the company you represent is a Great company!


You cannot have a good chance of success with a company you believe is just okay. There are hundreds of other network marketing companies out there so why would someone want to join yours?


You need to know this answer and see Shaklee as a leader in this industry. It really is not hard to see Shaklee as a leader because we are the ones who started this Network Marketing industry in the first place, which is what leaders doThey don't follow the crowd, they lead them to new and better ways of doing things and getting things done!


We are also a leader in the vitamin supplement industry. Dr. Shaklee introduced vitalized minerals seven years before the word was even in the dictionary! Read the history by clicking here Shaklee Early History  Even when it comes to our products such as Basic H, again we were the leaders having a cleaning product that was biogradable before anyone new what that word even meant!


Now we have Roger Barnett as owner and CEO of Shaklee. He has set in place a mission to be number one and will not stop until we have done this on a global basis! He also has a passion for his distributors welfare and their customers. He has done some things this past year that are just un-heard of in this industry. For many, it would take years to do what it took him months to do and it is only going to get better!


You never want to put other companies down, just talk up about yours. If someone asked you about how Shaklee compares to xyz company, just say, “ I don’t know much about xyz. Let me tell you about Shaklee and you decide.” This is why you need to have strong belief in your company. You are the advertisement and you get paid very well only when you do a great job.


Having a strong belief in Shaklee as a company, will make it very natural for you do tell others what you can offer them. Just like we present to them in the RWB presentation, it's like sharing a good movie or a restaurant. Your prospects will pick up on this, so if you want them to join you, it better sound like a great company that they would want to join.


3.)    You must believe in the products.


You must become a "product of your product." You have to use the products yourself and become your own best customer. You have to love them enough that you would use them even if you were not in the business. You don't need to have a special personal testimony on each product. I'm a man and I sell Shaklee Menopause Balancing Complex. Now, I never used it because I have not gone through menopause, at least I don't think so. However, I know woman who have and they love it! I also sell lipstick but will never use it myself. I have my wife try it or if I was not married, I would find a woman to try it for me. The important point here is that I need to know if the products work, not how they work. 


You also don't need to be a nutritional expert doing classes on how people are do drink their protein drinks to be successful in this business. This is a word-of-mouth business and one of the most powerful forms of marketing in the world. Like anything we share with others, we first have to believe it is worth something before we would tell others about it. This is why we read about the products and use them.


If I saw a movie and wanted you to see it because I felt you would enjoy it, I would not have to first learn how is was made before I could tell you about it. I would just need to see it first and decide if it was worth sharing with you. It is the same in this business, just keep it simple. But, if you do not love your products, you can’t expect anyone else to care about them.


Shaklee products are one-of-a-kind and cannot be purchased anywhere else. Read about them as well as use them and when you see and feel the results, either yours or someone you read about over email, you will find it much easier to represent them. Show your prospects where they can learn about the products at your Shaklee web site or pass the information on to them so they can pass it on to others. Don't try to become the expert because if you do, most will not be able to follow you. In a duplicating business such as this, that can hold you back from growing your business to your full potential.


It is not when you get into Shaklee that you become successful, it’s when Shaklee gets into you. That’s when you just can’t keep it to yourself! Set the example for your organization and all of them will reap the rewards.


4.)    You must believe in You!


You must believe you will succeed in this business before you do. You have to have the right self-talk. “I am a great success and I will succeed!” Are you willing to do whatever it takes? If your answer is not a resounding Yes!!, then the first obstacle that comes your way will likely become your reason to give up and quit.


Think of the diamonds in the sand story. I go over to a sandbox and put some of the biggest diamonds you have ever seen into the sand and mix the sand around. I then tell you that you can dig as long as you like and when you find the diamonds, they are yours to keep for the rest of your life.


So you take a big shovelful, sift it, and find no diamonds. You are a little discouraged but you know they are in there so you dig again. Still no diamonds! Do you say, “well, I tried but I am just not good at this so I think I will quit?” Absolutely not! You know they are there and that is the same belief you need as you build your business. You need to believe so strong in yourself that you will not stop until you shovel that whole sandbox if needed to get to those diamonds!


There are many people out there just waiting to hear about this great opportunity. Keep in mind that most of them will not see it as you do but it only takes a few who do. Always remember that there is much more sand then there are diamonds! When you have a strong core desire for why you’re in this business, you will not let anything stop you. This is why we first send the new builder the RWB training email on discovering their core desires. Just be sure you are clear on what your core desire is and you will become unstoppable!


5.)    Belief in the process of show and tell.


Network Marketing is a teaching, coaching and leadership business, not a selling business. However, you cannot do this if you don’t have a clear process to follow in the first place. Your success in this industry depends directly on your ability to help other people become successful. You can only do this if you first know where you are going.


The RWB is one process that is already laid out for you every step of the way. All you have to do is follow it. The one thing that will keep you from growing your business is to have no process, or, too many of them that you keep changing it every few months. This will only confuse people and confused people will not go anywhere. Whatever process you follow, the most important thing is to first have one and then stay with it for at least a year if not longer. If you are truly putting the effort out, it can only come in as results, both good and bad. That's just the way this business works...welcome to Network Marketing. Just don't keep pulling up the flowers every month to see if the roots are growingStay focused and stay on the track. Continue to plant the seeds and water them everyday for a huge harvest!


Teach your downline to be even better then you are. Don’t be one of these leaders who cannot get enough attention for themselves. Hold others up higher then you and let them be in the limelight. Coach them by helping them get in touch with their emotional motivators. Become a Master at teaching people to succeed and you will become a Master as well!


Till next time,

Bob Andolina      

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What is "Your" Law of Averages?

Hello Shaklee Business Owners,

Below is the training tip I talked about on this weeks RWB conference call concerning "Your Law of Averages." I hope you find this helpful and I will also add this one to the others at my web site for your future use. You will find them posted by clicking here:  RWB Additional Training

Also, you can find the web site you requested for Jack Zufelt's information by clicking here:  Jack Zufelt

I also want to say thanks again to Shaklee Coordinator Brenda Bergstrom for doing the training part of the RWB call this week. As most of you just heard, she is fired up, focused and having fun! That is how this business needs to be and it is when you are doing it right. 

As you learned from hearing Brenda, anyone can do this business when they have the true belief and direction it requires. If you are not having fun, you must be doing something wrong. The message below may help you a bit but the most important thing to do is to fix it right away so that you too can move your business forward! 


What is YOUR Law of Averages when it comes to building your Shaklee business?

by Bob Andolina

Many times a new business builder will ask me: "How many people do I need to talk to before I should expect to find one who wants to join me in this business?" 

There is no solid answer for that question because it will be different for each and every person. No matter who you are or what your experience, when you start to look for people to join you in your new Network Marketing business, you may get one out of ten or even one out of fifty or so. However, this is not as important as some may think. 

What is important is that you get better results as you continue to keep talking to more and more people. Your learning curve will continue to improve and so your law of averages will improve as well. Remember, it is your law of averages, not the law of averages. So, whatever you do, never compare your results with another business builder because it will always be different from one builder to the next.

This is one of the main reasons people quit this business so soon. They figured that if after they talked to a few friends or family members and found that none of them wanted to join them in the business, that they must not be cut out for this business so they give up and quit. When all along, all they needed to do was to stay in the game long enough to improve their law of averages.

This would be like drilling for oil and then giving up just inches away from hitting a main vain! Everyone has to go through this learning curve and there is no getting around it. So don't even waste your time trying for it will be worth it for you in the end.  

As you build your business you will begin to get two out of ten and then three out of ten and before you know it, five out of ten! You will even get more selective as to whom you will work with and where you will be willing to spend most of your time. As you continue to improve and practice the step-by-step business building process you have been taught, you will keep getting better and better results.

Your law of averages will be much better when you look back and compare it to when you first started. The person that you always compare with should always be yourself. Are you getting better and is your belief and attitude strong? Are you determined to do whatever it takes to reach your core desires? If so, your law of averages will improve over time.

Now all of this is true as long as you are doing this business the right way. There are certain fundamentals in this business that must be followed and done for you to improve your law of averages and that is why having a personal coach is so important. Hopefully that coach is your upline sponsor or sales leader. But there are many others out there such as a man named Jim Rohn.

One of the quotes Jim made was: "If you do this business right, you can make a fortune and take a lot of people with you." So that would mean that if you are doing it wrong, you will not earn much money and you will not be able to help very many people, if any at all.

So, be sure to get it right the first time as soon as you start out in this business or as soon as you find the right process to follow such as the RWB in this case. Then keep your focus on your core desire and the process you are following and you will continue to improve your law of averages everyday by simply putting it into action.

One last point that Jim also teaches: You can't just sit there and wait for someone to come along and motivate you or your people for that matter. What if this "someone" does not show up? Then where would you be?

To be successful in Network Marketing, you've got to motivate yourself! 

I have met many people who depend on others for their motivation. They also depend on other things or other leaders to motivate their people. This never did work or ever will work because it does not last for more then a day or two if even that long. It is nice to be inspired by others but motivation is not the same.

Treally motivate yourself, you must become "self-motivated." To do this, ask yourself why you're really in this business in the first place and what do you want to get out of it? If it is a true core desire of yours, from your heart, you will see a great improvement in your law of averages because you will stay focused on that core desire until it becomes your personal reality!

Look at the most successful people in this Network Marketing industry or in life for that matter. Are they pointing you to someone else to get you motivated or do they teach you how to become self-motivated? There is a big difference. If they are teaching you how to become self-motivated, you have found yourself a great leader.

So no matter what anyone tells you or says to you such as those so called “Dream Stealers”, you will succeed. If you want to prove this just look at all the people in Shaklee over these past 50 years. Someone had to tell all of these people about Shaklee so why should it not be you?

Until next time,

Would You Trust You?

Would You Trust You?

by Bob Andolina

When you are working on building your Network Marketing Business, there comes a time where you will need to talk to people you don't know. Some call this the cold market but what it really comes down to is that it is just another market to meet more people to share this great opportunity.

Every successful business owner wants to have growth over the months and years they are in business and it is no different here. To build your Network Marketing business, you must staff it with the right people 80% of your time. You then use the other 20% of your time giving great service. Many say this is the "lifeblood of your business," which it is!

Many people in this business have this backwards and that is one of the many reasons why they are not growing. They are "selling something instead of building something."  Now that is ok if that is what they want to be doing, because they may only be in this business to make some extra money. But this business tip is more directed to those who have the larger visions for their businesses by developing a network organization and really building an extremely great income and lifestyle for themselves and their families.

What you will find when you spend your time this way is that 20% of the people in your organization will produce 80% of your product volume. This is the old 20/80 rule and it is just the way it works in this industry. So if this is true, which it is, and if it depends on new people coming into your organization, which it does, then how do you attract the right prospects to join you in this business in the first place?

Well, there are many methods but one of the best is always personal contact. This is one of the reasons why you want to start with people you know because you have already established this contact with them so you don't need to spend more time doing this. Hopefully they already trust you but that does not mean they will necessary join you in your business or even use your products. You will have to first see if there is a match.

But when you have the belief that Shaklee is a great opportunity for people to improve their lives, then you would want to first start with the people you already know and care about, wouldn't you? Then just take them through plan A, B, C or D of the RWB process. This will prepare you to talk confidently to people you don't know when that time comes because you will then know what you are doing and also, more importantly, how to do it.

Some of your warm market will lead you to even more people but these will be people you don't know but would like to meet. Now you don't need to meet each person in person before you can talk to them about this business. How many extra hours in a day do you have past the 24 that everyone else gets to have? If you have more then 24 in your day then be my guest to do this, but for the rest of us, I am talking about the need to develop trust with them so that they can feel good about what you are sharing with them.

With the right personality and/or practice, you can develop this warmth over the phone with running ads, buying leads or even the coldest of cold calls! I read about a guy who does all of his recruiting over the phone with cold calls. He said many times it takes more than one or two calls to the same person but eventually he wins many of them over. How? He genuinely cares about them and becomes their friend. He identifies with their lives and situations.

All you need to do is listen to them and don't worry so much about what you will say next other then to say, "Tell me more about that." When you finish your call, make notes and fill out your track record, (see #7 of the RWB Process), so that you remember what was talked about on the last call. This is also like a mirror to see if you are doing what you have set out to do to reach your core desires.

The key is to build trust while building a new relationship with them. You will meet some of the most interesting  people and some will become lifelong friends. Sometimes you may be able to build trust in minutes with certain people. I called a cold prospect once and took him through the steps of RWB process to signing as a member with the $200 Silver starter order all on the same call! We hit it off great right away but some need more time then this.

So just learn to listen and lead, listen and lead some more. When you know the steps of the process you are using, you will get better as you continue to follow it each week, month and year. In doing so you will attract more people and your confidence will continue to increase. People will begin to feel good about joining you because they trust you know where you are going and also how to get there.

This is why having a step-by-step process to build this business is so important in the first place. If you don't know where you are going, how could ever lead others? Why would anyone trust you if you continue to tell them so many different ways to do this business?

Your personal coach or upline leader will help you with this when you first get started because this is how you will become the leader you need to become for success in this business. Then, you can teach it to your downlines. After all, at that point, they would now have the trust in you that you can teach them how it's done!   

Until next time,

"A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses."

"A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses." - James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

You are not limited to the life you now live. It has been accepted by you as the best you can do at this moment. Any time you're ready to go beyond the limitations currently in your life, you're capable of doing that by choosing different thoughts.

We each earn the income we do today because that is the amount we have limited ourselves to earn. We could easily earn 5, 10, 20 times more if we did not limit ourselves through the thoughts we maintain.

Don't believe that's true? Surely you know people who earn much more than you who don't have your education, your skills, or your intelligence. So why do they earn more than you?

I love the story of George Dantzig that Cynthia Kersey wrote about in Unstoppable.

As a college student, George studied very hard and always late into the night. So late that he overslept one morning, arriving 20 minutes late for class. He quickly copied the two math problems on the board, assuming they were the homework assignment. It took him several days to work through the two problems, but finally he had a breakthrough and dropped the homework on the professor's desk the next day.

Later, on a Sunday morning, George was awakened at 6 a.m. by his excited professor. Since George was late for class, he hadn't heard the professor announce that the two unsolvable equations on the board were mathematical mind teasers that even Einstein hadn't been able to answer. But George Dantzig, working without any thoughts of limitation, had solved not one, but two problems that had stumped mathematicians for thousands of years.

Simply put, George solved the problems because he didn't know he couldn't.

Bob Proctor tells us to "keep reminding yourself that you have tremendous reservoirs of potential within you, and therefore you are quite capable of doing anything you set your mind to. All you must do is figure out how you can do it, not whether or not you can. And once you have made your mind up to do it, it's amazing how your mind begins to figure out how."

And that's worth thinking about.

Vic Johnson

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Are You Interested or Committed?

Dr. David Livingston, a missionary, was in Africa. Some people who heard him said,  “we’d like to send other men to you. Have you found a good road.”


To this Dr. Livingston replied, “If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all”.


There is a big difference between being interested in doing something and actually making a commitment to doing it. Just being interested allows us the freedom to do it only when our circumstances permit. 


But making a commitment to do that thing, means accepting no excuses and no reservations. It means putting aside our fears and reservations, moving forward until we see the end result.

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How is your attitude?

Click here to open file and take the test.

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Network Marketing Eternal Laws and Truths


Network marketing is the finest opportunity to earn money that exists today. As in all things from science to math, success in this industry is governed by eternal laws and truths that, when obeyed and followed, bring the rewards desired.   Always.


If the laws are disobeyed out of ignorance or are ignored due to fear or other reasons please don't expect to get the promised benefits. It just won't happen. Conversely, when you are in sync with those rules and laws your success is a foregone conclusion. It is only a matter of time. That is a law you can take to the bank.


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Moral Compensation

Interview with Bob Proctor

By John Milton Fogg
I've written (and said) many times that everything I know about Network Marketing I learned from somebody else. I love learning and I love learners-- those thinking men and women whose lives are devoted to knowledge. And I've never met a learner who didn't give more than he got. Such is the case with Bob Proctor-- he is a master student, and more, a master of a teacher.

I take notes when Bob speaks (and I usually never do that), because there're always three or five insightful, thought-provoking, immediately useful things he says that I don't ever want to forget.

Since the following interview is already written down for you, you don't have to take notes. But I'd sure recommend reading with a high-lighter in hand. As usual, when Proctor speaks, leaders listen. Enjoy

-- JMF

JMF: Robert, you have an extensive background in corporate America, in teaching and training those people. What attracted you into Network Marketing?

A doctor I have tremendous respect for got involved with a Network Marketing company. It was seeing his picture in a Network Marketing magazine that brought the industry to my attention and caused me to take a look at it from a totally different perspective.

JMF: What was the basis of your respect for him?

BP: I've studied the mind for approximately 40 years, and he probably taught me more about the mind than any other individual. He knows more about the mind than anyone I've ever met, or even read about. He's not a money guy, he's involved in the healing arts, so when I saw his picture attached with this company, I thought "There has to be something here that I don't understand." So I decided to look into it.

When I did, my whole perspective of the industry changed. I think I'm like an awful lot of people in that I didn't understand it but thought I did. If someone had asked me to explain Network Marketing, I would have been at a loss to explain it. And yet, if you had said, "Do you understand it?" I would have said, "Sure" when the truth is, I didn't.

JMF: Did you have a negative impression of it, Bob?

BP: I don't think I had a negative or positive impression. It was more disinterest than anything. I often say "I was caught in my own trap." I have taught in numerous programs that anything we don't understand we have a tendency to criticize and ridicule carelessly.

JMF: What did you find when you started looking?

BP: I found that, all things being equal-- good company, good product-- it's probably the most moral form of compensation I have ever seen. And I've studied a lot of them. I believe that the whole universe operates in an orderly manner, and Network Marketing operates more in harmony with the laws of the universe than any other business I've seen. A person truly receives exactly what he's worth. No nepotism, no favoritism. I find that rather unusual in the business world.

JMF: What are some of the laws you're referring to, and how does Network Marketing honor them?

BP: Well, for example, the law of cause and effect-- which is one of the laws in the universe-- clearly states that energy returns to its source of origination. Or in more familiar terms, what you sow, you reap. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. This business is so perfectly aligned with that principle. If a person puts the effort out, it does come back. People are recognized for their efforts-- recognition is a big part of it, and compensation is a big part of it.

I see that there are two sources of income in life, one psychic, one material. The psychic income is the satisfaction we get from how we spend our days. We should earn enough money to provide the things we want and live the way we choose. Network Marketing, for the most part, offers that person the opportunity for both.

The people I've observed who are successful in this industry truly love what they are doing. Once they understand the system, away they go-- helping others understand it, too. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people who are not successful, but that's their own fault. Another unusual characteristic of Network Marketing is the seemingly small distance from the bottom to the top.

JMF: Can you say more about that, because a common criticism of this industry, Bob, is that there are just a few people at the top while most people are struggling.

BP: That is something that people say, and yet, if you ask them to explain it, they're unable to. Again, what we don't understand we have a tendency to criticize and ridicule. I was probably guilty of that. I got up and said that I didn't know anyone who was earning any money. Well, I really didn't know that many people involved in Network Marketing at all. There were passing acquaintances, but I certainly didn't know what they were earning.

I've since found out, of course, that there are a lot of people earning great money in Network Marketing. My wife has been very successful, and she's having an awful lot of fun at it. I spend almost all of my time working in this industry now because I enjoy working with Network Marketers so much. I still do some work outside, and it's not that I couldn't do more, I just don't really have a desire to.

JMF: Bob, besides the moral quality that you've already spoken about in the structure of Network Marketing, what other differences do you see between Network Marketing and a conventional business?

BP: The difference is like night and day. It's paradoxical, really-- people who do not understand Network Marketing point at it as a pyramid, when the truth is that they are probably involved in something that truly is a pyramid!

All business is shaped like a pyramid, but the difference is that in Network Marketing, everybody is at the top of their own pyramid. In corporate America, that's not the way it is. A good example of a pyramid is a Canadian bank. There are only half a dozen banks in Canada, and the people at the top all earn in the millions, while the teller probably earns $20-25,000 a year, with very little hope of getting to $35,000.

A person can sit down and draw her own star, then go and get it in Network Marketing. On top of that, she'll get help-- in Network Marketing, everyone wants to help everyone. That isn't the case outside this business.

In Network Marketing, a person has the opportunity for expansion and fuller expression. In other words, his life can continually improve. There seems to be no end to it. I've only been around the industry for a little over three years, but I'm absolutely fascinated with it. People naturally want to expand and express and grow-- the corporate structure impedes that growth, while Network Marketing supports it. In fact, it's to the advantage of the people above you to help you grow.

JMF: Bob, in looking at the uniqueness of this business, what are some of those challenges that Network Marketers face?

BP: I think the biggest challenge a Network Marketer faces is the paradigm shift that they have to make themselves. Second is learning how to present the opportunity to someone in such a way that enables that person to make a paradigm shift, too.

We're conditioned genetically; we're conditioned environmentally. Like the old economy -- if you look at it as the old economy and the new economy. The old economy deals with competition. I think a good example is if you had a pie, and the pie is cut up, and you get a piece, I get a piece, maybe six other people get a piece. If I want more of that pie, I've got to outwit, out-market, or out-sell you, or out-scheme you. For me to have more pie, you're going to have to have less. We're dealing with a limited supply.

In Network Marketing, which I believe is the distribution system that is ushering in the new economy, a person is dealing with an infinite supply, which is in line with spiritual laws. There is no limit. So the person says, "If I want more pie, I'll make a bigger pie, and I'll make you aware of how I am enjoying more pie, so you can, too." It is the most phenomenal system, and it just keeps getting better, because you become more and more aware of the truth of it.

JMF: What kind of difficulties does that present for somebody who, say, came out of a corporate environment where the rules of the game are different?

BP: I'll give you a good example for your readers to try. Question to the readers: are you right-handed, or left-handed? Okay, now I'm going to ask you to sign your name. Sign your name on a piece of paper. Now put the pen in your other hand. Don't just read this -- put your pen in your other hand.

You can feel the tension building in your body. Your mind reacts to it. You think "I don't write with my left hand. This is so uncomfortable. It's so cumbersome. I'm going to make such a mess. I'm going to make myself look foolish, and what will my neighbor say?" We're not programmed to write with our other hand.

People are programmed to live a certain way. What we're saying is change the programming. It's like learning a new language. It's almost as if you go home and your family doesn't speak English any longer, but French or Spanish. Eventually, you would learn what they are saying, but it would be extremely difficult and very stressful at the beginning.

JMF: Can you speak about the things that need to be reprogrammed, specifically, Bob, or give us some examples of things?

BP: We have to begin by understanding ourselves, and improving our self-esteem. We've been raised to be dependent on the corporation, the boss, the company. We're programmed to believe that if you go to school, get a good education and a job in a big company, that you're safe. Of course everyone knows that that's not true. People have been being laid off, downsized, reengineered, or fired by the hundreds of thousands-- many are walking the street wondering what's happened.

We're living in a new economy. The world has shifted-- I believe it's aligning itself more with the universal laws. See, there's a bigger gap today between the haves and the have-nots than there ever has been before, and it's getting wider. In a recent article in the Toronto Daily Star, they pointed out that the top ten percent of income earners are earning 314 times what the bottom ten percent are earning. The people on the bottom haven't even a hope of how to get to the top, and the old system isn't going to help them.

Network Marketing clearly explains how you get to the top. The intellect can understand that-- "I know I can get to the top. Now I've got to change that emotional, conditioned mind of mine." That's harder, but people care and want to help you make the transition. There are some absolutely brilliant people who intellectually understand it, and yet don't make it. They don't make it because they never get that paradigm changed. I think there has to be more education in that area. Network Marketing is still new enough that it has not come together for the development of people yet-- and it may not for a few more years. It's in an evolutionary state. There has to be more focus on helping the individual change her subjective conditioning. People have a difficult time grasping it, so they struggle.

You see, wealthy people have always had multiple sources of income. I believe that wealth is a very real part of life-- it has to be addressed and understood. A person cannot live a full life if he doesn't have any money, because we use money for things, and we need things for the development of our potential. I have been teaching people that they must have multiple sources of income if they are going to accumulate any wealth-- not just one source. It won't work.

The beautiful part about Network Marketing is you set up multiple sources of income with each person you bring in. So in a relatively short period of time, I could have two or three thousand sources of income. Makes a difference in a person's life.

JMF: Which speaks to the business of leverage.

BP: Absolutely. There are three income earning strategies: M1, M2, and M3.

M1 is trading our time for money. Approximately 95 to 96 percent of the population does that. It has an inherent problem called saturation.

JMF: What do you mean the inherent problem is "saturation"?

BP: You run out of time. You only have so much time, and if you're trading your time for money, you obviously have a ceiling on what you can earn. Doctors are realizing that today. The doctor has to spend more time to earn less money. So does a laborer. So does a lawyer-- chargeable hours are the most important words in a lawyer's vocabulary. That's the M1 strategy that school teaches us and that we've observed our parents' involvement with, for the most part.

If a person becomes wealthy on the M1 strategy, it's at the expense of a life. They've compromised on the car they drive, the home that they live in, the vacations they take, the school they give their kids, the clothes they wear, because they need the money to live.

M2 is an excellent strategy-- investing money to earn money. Those who understand it know that leverage is a great way to work the M2 strategy. There're only three people out of 100, though, who understand, and some of those aren't very good at it.

Now, M3 is, without question, the strategy that wealthy people have always used. It's a strategy of leverage. Approximately one percent of the population uses this strategy, but they earn around 96 percent of all the money that is earned. M3 is multiplying your time through the efforts of others, by setting up multiple sources of income. It's a phenomenal strategy, and Network Marketing is tuned into it.

Earning money has absolutely nothing to do with work. This is the real paradox.

JMF: Say more about that, please.

BP: Napoleon Hill, who probably taught us as much about earning money and wealthy people as anyone, said, "If you are one of those people who believes that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, perish the thought, because it's not true. Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands, based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck."

Now, let's take what he's saying and relate it to Network Marketing-- "Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck." Is there a demand for someone who can show that 96 percent, the people who are feverishly involved in a losing proposition in the M1 income earning strategy, how to move to M3?

Is there a demand for someone to show an individual how to close the gap between the haves and the have-nots?

I think there's a screaming demand for it, and it's something that Network Marketing does. We show them how to close the gap. We show them how to spend their days doing the things that they really love doing, and at the same time, earn the amount of money they need to live the way they choose to live.

I don't think we're made for work, I believe that work is made for us. I work every day, but I never look at it as work, because I absolutely love what I'm doing. I find it amusing that I get paid so well at times. I would do it for nothing, because I absolutely love it. Love is harmony-- it's when your conscious mind, your sub-conscious, and your body are all in sync, and you truly love what you're doing.

JMF: Are you willing to talk to me about the role of love in Network Marketing?

BP: Sure -- that's a subject that people should spend a little more time with. I see love as resonance. It's harmony. People who are in love with helping people are huge winners. You see that proven in Network Marketing all the time-- the big winners in Network Marketing love watching a person wake up. They love watching them win.

I watched a couple being recognized recently-- they stood before the audience and said that they had been married for 13 years, and got a divorce. They stayed in touch because of the kids. One of them got involved in a Network Marketing company and got the other one involved, too. It ended up bringing them back together-- after three and a half years apart. They're happily married again now. Those people love what they're doing, they love each other, and they love helping other people. And who do you think likely received the greatest reward, the most satisfaction? The person who sponsored them. That's the biggest reward for people-- helping others win.

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Here is a story about a man by the name of Mark Yarnell. It will help you to understand what it takes to make it in the exciting industry of network marketing. All too often, people will give up their hopes and dreams for their future because they don’t know about, or perhaps do not understand, the four major enemies that everyone will face as they build their network marketing business.

In the case of Mark Yarnell, he was told about, and understood he would have to face and conquer the four major enemies if he was to succeed in this business. Here is his story…

Mark was a minister in a small town in Texas. He was heading into bankruptcy and about to lose his car and home. One day, Mark discovered network marketing/multi-level marketing. Fortunately, Mark had a wise sponsor that gave him this promise followed with some great advice.

"This business can set you financially free in one to three years," Mark was told. However, Mark was also told about the price he must pay for his success. "To succeed, you will have to face and conquer, the four major enemies." Mark told his sponsor it was a deal!

Doing as he was told, Mark quickly made a list of names of 200 people he new that he would invite to his home to watch a video. Using the telephone, Mark called every name on his list. Out of 200 calls, 80 said NO, I’m not interested in that. Mark encountered ENEMY #1: REJECTION! Mark thought, no problem! My sponsor warned me about that! I have 120 people that are going to come over.

Out of the 120 people that said they would come over to watch a video, guess what? 50 didn’t show up! Mark had just encountered ENEMY #2: DECEPTION! Again Mark thought no problem! My sponsor warned me about that too! I still have 70 people that have now watched the video. I’ll have lots of people that will be ready to build this business, now that they have seen this fantastic opportunity!

Guess what happened next? 57 of the 70 people that watched the presentation, still were not interested in the fantastic opportunity Mark was showing them. Mark encountered ENEMY #3: APATHY! Again, this did not phase Mark. His sponsor told him this was part of the process. Mark was excited because, 13 people did join and now he had 13 new business builders. Or did he?

As Mark began to follow-up with his new recruits, he discovered that one-by-one, for various reasons, his new business builders were not building! One-by one, his business builders dropped out. Mark had finally encountered ENEMY #4: ATTRITION! Guess what? Mark was prepared by his sponsor for this enemy as well.

From his 13 business builders, Mark had 1 serious business builder. Mark went to work with this person and taught him how to build this business. Mark led by example. Mark showed his serious builder how to use the duplicable tools and yes, Mark taught his builder about the four major enemies. This one serious business builder went on to build a huge organization of sales leaders and Mark Yarnell was paid over $50,000 a month in leadership bonuses on this single organization!

Here is the lesson from this amazing success story:

Your success is directly related to the degree to which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are committed to succeed.

Mark Yarnell’s odds were 1 out of 200! Were those good odds? ABSOLUTELY! Chances are, your odds will be better than that. This is a fantastic business in an exciting industry that offers fantastic rewards for being successful. To succeed, you must be willing to face and conquer THE FOUR MAJOR ENEMIES. The good news is...YOU CAN DO IT!       IT’S YOUR DECISION!

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Checkerboard Theory

The question that is raised many times from Shaklee business builders and that I covered on last nights weekly conference call is this:


How many people do you need to prospect to find one builder?

And, how do you get that builder moving?


Some of you missed the call and others have ask me to send this answer out by email to everyone so that they may pass it on to their builders.


First of all, I answered this question to those of you who are building your Shaklee business using my "RWB" process and that is the direction of my answer below. However, this answer would be the same no matter what step-by-step process you were using to build your business, as long as you were using a step-by-step process that others could easily follow and copy.


The answer to this question is that prospecting is a numbers game, to a point. You need to look at your numbers to see if you are on track. On track means are you doing at least 3- 5 presentations per week if that is what you need to be doing to reach your goal in your time frame? If not, how many people are you contacting each week to ask the RWB money question? Your ratio will improve the longer you are in the business and working this process.


This is why successful network marketing leaders will tell you to look at working a process for at least 1 year before looking back. If you are already questioning your results after a few months in the business, then look to improve your numbers so that you can improve your skills for better results.
If you are already working with good numbers and your business is still not growing as fast as you want it to, then look at improving your skills.


What are skills? How good are you at listening for what’s important or missing in the person’s life you are contacting? How attractive are you as a potential business partner and sponsor? Are you doing what you expect your prospects to do, such as use the products.  Are you doing what you expect your new builders to do, such as calling and presenting Shaklee to new prospects every week?


This moves us to the second part of the question. 

How do you get your builders moving?


The best answer to this question and the only way to do this is to move you. If they have a core desire to build this business, then all you need to do is point them in the right direction and get out of their way. But the other important point is to become an example to your builders by doing the business yourself. Don’t wait for others to get started, keep going and others will follow.


As long as you lead them to the next step that is all you can do. Keep the checkerboard theory in mind at all times. If you are using my RWB process to build your Shaklee business, the checkerboard theory would work like this:


You first make a move by asking the $ question,

then they make a move by saying yes for the 10 minute call.


You make a move by doing the RWB presentation,

then they make a move by joining you as a team player and get registered and started on the products.


You make a move by sending the first 6 training emails,

then they make a move by reading and doing them and by calling you to take the next step.


You make a move by talking over a plan to work together, dates to do the presentations together etc,

then they make a move by showing up and filling that time slot with their prospects.


You make a move by sending the next training emails and giving support,

then they make a move by consistently working their business to increase their volume.


If at anytime during this process they stop, you might want to call them to let them know you care about them but also to remind them that it is their turn to make a move. But, if they still don’t make a move, you then need to find someone else who wants to play checkers.


One of the best parts about using the RWB process is that you can have 10-20 games of checkers going on with different people all over the country and all at the same time but still have a life

This is the best way to grow your business and have fun in the process. If you will continue to do this, you will never be discouraged.


I like the comment someone made whom I just trained and is now doing the RWB herself. She said she is now addicted to doing this business because she is having so much fun that she can't wait to approach her next prospect. 


If you are not having fun and growing your business, you are doing something wrong. All you need to do to fix it is to find someone who wants to play checkers and then you will have a fun and prosperous business!! 



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How Do I Get My Contacts To Do Something Once They Get In?

If I reviewed all the questions I have heard from distributors in my 17 years in the network marketing industry the two that are most often asked are, "How can I get people to join my business?" and "How do I get them to do something once they get in?"

The ability to recruit is vital to your success but unless you are able to keep the people that you recruit in the business and help them be successful you will never earn the big prize -- residual income. In order to have your income continue after you have decided to slow down you have to have people in your business who are self-sufficient, self motivated and knowledgeable enough to build their business without you being there every day.

One of the first things you need to understand is the numbers involved. Not everyone you show the business to will get in the business and not everyone who gets in the business will do something. Prior to being involved in network marketing, I first managed and then owned an investment firm. In both cases I hired and trained individuals to sell investments. If I kept one out of three after a year I was doing a spectacular job.

Those numbers hold true in almost every business where the individuals recruited are independent contractors rather than employees, as they are in network marketing. Of course it makes a difference what kind of people you recruit when it comes to whether you're numbers will be one in three, one in five or one in ten.

Let me share with you a few things I have learned, first as a teacher, then a manager and owner of an investment firm and finally as a leader in the network marketing industry.

  1. You will attract what you are. If you are a positive, enthusiastic, hard worker you will attract positive, enthusiastic, hard workers. If you are negative and always looking for the easy way - the short-cut- that is who you will attract.

  2. Your people will do what you do. If you do the things it takes to build a business -recruit distributors and sell product- you will teach your people to do the same.

  3. You need to know your people. In order to motivate them and create a bond with them you need to know who they are and what they want. What are their strengths, their weaknesses, their fears? All of this information is necessary to help them be successful.

  4. Most new distributors are insecure and lack self-confidence. You must create an atmosphere that provides security. One of the most important things I have learned is that most people experience greater personal satisfaction and more financial rewards if they have a simple, proven plan of action to follow. Give them a step-by-step plan to get where they want to go. The key phrase is - where they want to go. This is why you have to know what they want.

  5. Make sure they have the knowledge and skills to accomplish the plan.

  6. Monitor their progress and reward them when they succeed. Rewards can be as simple as the words, "I respect...I appreciate...I am proud of..." Always reward the small accomplishments. Don't wait until they have accomplished a huge task. Small rewards keep us going.

These are all such easy things to do but as Jim Rohn would say, "they are also easy not to do." They are easy, but vital to the long-term success of your people. If you don't establish methods to keep your people in the business and help them become successful you will simply be putting them in one end and watching them fallout the other.

That is a no-win situation for everyone involved. It's bad for you because you never reach the goal of residual income. It is bad for the new person who has come into the business failed and left disheartened and disappointed. It is bad for your company and network marketing in general to leave people disappointed and disillusioned.

If you are having problems keeping people in the business and helping them move to success, review the six points above in relation to your business, make adjustments and work hard on the six things for the next six months and you will find that your business will look much different than it does now.

Kathy Robbins began her career as a high school teacher but found the income potential lacking. She left teaching to become a Financial Planner - a very successful one.

While Kathy was very successful in the investment business, she had little time to enjoy her success or the freedom to travel. At that time, one of her clients was Paula Pritchard, a successful network marketer who suggested Kathy try network marketing part-time.

Eight months later, having replaced the income she was making in the investment business, she left that industry for good and became a full-time network marketer.

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Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle in Network Marketing

The single greatest reason that people do not succeed in Network Marketing (and the single greatest reason that people do not come into the business of Network Marketing) is the fear of rejection.

In fact, if you think about it, it's the reason most people would never consider going into any type of sales business!

But is that really the problem?

Well, let's take a look.

The real reason we fear rejection is because we don't know how to respond to it when we meet it, and more importantly, we don't know how to reduce or eliminate rejection altogether.

So, how do we eliminate rejection so we don't have that fear any more?

The secret to overcoming your fear of making prospecting calls and giving presentations is learning what to say.  Let me give you an example of a formula that we teach in our Business Coaching Program that demonstrates just how easy it is to deal with objections when they come up.

First, here's the formula:

  1. Buffer

  2. Easy Exit

  3. Qualifying Question

  4. Close for the Appointment

Let's say you approach a prospect and she says, 'I'm not interested in your business because I don't like selling.'

Here's how you respond:

(buffer) 'I can appreciate how you feel, I don't like selling either.'

(easy exit) 'This business may or may not be for you.'

(qualifying question) 'However, let me ask you this.  If I can show you that you can have a successful Network Marketing business and you don't have to do any type of aggressive selling, would you have any interest in looking at my program?'

(close) 'May I make a suggestion? Let's set a time to get together and I'll show the entire program to you.  You can accept it or reject it as you see fit.  Fair enough?'

Many times when you use this special language, you'll diffuse resistance and the prospect will become more receptive.  This will allow you to give your presentation, which will result in you selling more products and recruiting a greater number of people.

It's an example of knowing what to say ... at just the right time ... in just the right situation.

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Call Reluctance

Call reluctance is the number one obstacle for anyone who is trying to make a living using the phone. Every time a good telemarketer, customer support representative, or network marketer picks up the phone to make a call, they have to deal with the fact that they have no idea what they are going to find on the other end of that phone line.

Quite frankly, that can be scary. It doesn't matter how many phone scripts that you memorize they are never going to cover all the situations you are going to be faced with day in and day out during a phone campaign.

The problem that many young network marketers face is a very similar to a common problem that all people face at some point in their lives; it's a problem of comfort zone.

Comfort, as defined by one internet source, means "A state of being relaxed and feeling no pain mental, physical, or otherwise." So to be in your 'comfort zone' means that you are in a place or doing something that causes you to relax. Your comfort zone is a place that does not cause you any pain.

Although I am a big fan of painless relaxation there is one fundamental problem with this zone. While you are in your comfort zone you will never grow as a person, you will never hone your skills, and you will definitely never be successful.

Every great gymnast must learn to do things that intentionally cause her pain because she knows that in doing so her reward will be a finely tuned skill. The same goes for us as network marketers.

Picking up the phone and calling someone that you don't know and have never talked to can be a scary experience! Simply realize that what separates the best from everyone else in the pack is that they realize that sometimes you need to intentionally put yourself outside your comfort zone. If you do that, the reward will be well worth it.

Have a great week!

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Why am I sharing this with you?

   Everywhere you look people are networking.  They are recommending and promoting products and services to one another.  You can't miss it.   Even in a trendy place like South Beach, 95% of the reason anyone eats at a particular restaurant, spends money in a shoe store, waits hours to get into a nightclub or buys that car is because somebody recommended or promoted it to them!

   They are all doing it -- yet most fail to ever pick up a check for all their networking, their recommending and promoting.  It's really a shame.

    So, if most people already do network marketing everyday (recommending and promoting) why is it that some distributors get hung up on that one prospect who insists that:

"Network Marketing Just Doesn't Work."

You know, that prospect who says stuff like:

"I did something like this before and it doesn't work."

"My sister tried that and still has a garage full of product."

"It's a scheme! I would never do that!  In fact, you should quit."

    Yet the distributor continues to spend time trying to convince this person to join.  They think, "Once this prospect sees this business the way I see it they'll want to join!"  Like Zig Ziglar says, "That's some stinkin' thinking."

    How can you help this distributor think like a leader?  Here's what I do.

    I ask them, "Do you really believe this person is one of the three of four leaders you are looking for to help build the business with you?" 

   Probably not.  The odds of turning this prospect into a leader are slim to none.  Convincing them is an exercise in futility.  Obviously the distributor doesn't understand that -- yet.  

So I share the following word picture with them:



    Imagine you're at your high-school prom and there are a 100 girls waiting for you to ask them to dance. You ask the first one and she says . . .  

"No way! Get away from me -- you creep!"

    At this point you can do one of two things. You could spend the rest of the evening handling her objections, changing her attitude, manipulating her feelings with neuro-linguistic programming and any other cheap sales methods you've been taught -- or . . .

. . . you could move on to the next girl.

    Now the last dance is playing and you're either still convincing the first girl to dance, while all your buddies are out there dancing and having a ball, or you've already moved on and found a girl that wanted to dance with you. 

    By the time you convince the girl to dance, the dance is over. You could miss the entire dance and all the other girls that would've eagerly said "Yes!"



    While you are busy convincing somebody to join your business you are missing all the other good prospects that want to join your business.

    The bottom line is, how many people do you need to be successful in this business?  Three or four people just like you -- and this person isn't one of them.

Take a hint. Move on to the next person.  This business is built upon leaders - not distributors.

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These are the top 7 that most people want and we know we can deliver.


1. People want to make more money. They may want to start their own business, get a higher paying job or invest in the stock market. This will make them feel successful.

2. People want to save money. They may want to invest for the future or save for a big purchase. This will make them feel more secure.

3. People want to save time. They may want to work less and spend time enjoying life's pleasures. This will make them feel more relaxed.

4. People want to look better. They may want to lose weight, tone their body, or improve their facial features. This will make them feel more attractive.

5. People want to learn something new. They may want to learn how to change their car oil or build a deck. This will make them feel more intelligent.

6. People want to live longer. They may want to get in shape, eat better or gain extra energy. This will make them feel healthier.

7. People want to be comfortable. They may want to relieve aches and pains or want to sleep in a more comfortable bed. This will make them feel relieved.

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A question came up from a few builders so I thought I would send an answer to all of you just in case you may be asking the same question or at least thinking about it. I talked to Gary Burke about this and he help me to get a clearer picture on this and we both came to an agreement.

The question is: How do I get myself to have self-motivation?

What causes a builder to work without being pushed by a leader to do the action they know is needed to do to build their business?

First, there is a difference between getting motivated and keeping motivated. They are not both the same and it is important to tell them apart.

Let's first look at keeping motivated.

To do this it calls for the basics - Listen to tapes, read books, go to all meetings, stay in touch with your leader etc. These activities keep your dream alive because as you talk to some people, they may try to change your mind as to you being able to reach your goals.

By you having a solid base and knowing for sure this business works, you will not allow others to convince you otherwise. You will move past the average person's thinking and on to a leader's thinking and belief level. When you do this, you will be able to lead instead of just flowing with the mass of other people who may be going nowhere. That is how you keep motivated daily and become a leader yourself.

Now, what about getting motivated in the first place to get started?

To get yourself motivated so that you can start building, don't stay focused on the end result. It is important to know what the end result or goal is that you have set for yourself, but it may be to big of a chunk to bite off all at once or believe in the beginning. This may cause you to never get out the door or on track to make things happen.

This would be like climbing a huge mountain. If you only focus on the peak of the mountain, you may be discouraged to ever getting started because it looks to hard to accomplish. However, if you know the peak is where you want to be, but you only focus on where you will place your next steps, it will be a lot easier for you to believe it can be done. It will not seem to be a big deal and will be one you know you can do.

Have a simple process in place and commit to the concept of DOING THE PROCESS.  Quit trying to get it all perfect before you do it.  What is it that needs to be done? Start doing it!  NOW! Daily. Every week. Every month. Be willing to put the effort in. Work at it daily with the belief that you will learn as you go.

This might seem simplistic.....................but people make this business way to difficult. They want all the answers first and it just doesn't work that way. You have to get out and talk to people, give presentations, follow-up, then follow-up some more and keep going until you know what you're doing.

How does a great baseball player learn to bat well? They keep swinging the bat even though they miss more times then they get home runs. Keep in mind a new born baby does not run before learning to walk and they to not walk until they fall a couple of times.

Just like a parent is their to help them back up on their feet and to encourage them to try again, in Shaklee you will always have upline as well as downline partners for support, encouragement and direction. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

 I hope this helps and is an answer to help you really make things happen. Keep it for when your builders ask you the same question one day soon.

Ideal Types of Distributors

If your planning to build a large Shaklee Network marketing business, you will need to develop an organization of distributors. Most anyone is a prospective distributor for your company so some will use the mirror test to find them. This is where you hold a mirror under your prospect's nose and if at least one side fogs up you talk to them. That will work, but what if you want to grow even faster? 

When using the RWB process to search for distributors, you will find many different types of distributors along the way. However, if you are out to look for the ideal distributor, one that may be a super-star in your group, what might you be looking for?

Here is a list you may want to refer to as you do your prospecting:

1.) People who may have had past Network Marketing experience and are looking for a better company to do business with or their company is going out of business.

2.) People who have been helped, healed, or impressed with our products. 

3.) Women. Many successful leaders in this business are woman for many different reasons. For some, it may be the idea that they can help so many people and at the same time earn as much or more than men do. Lately, more woman are wishing to leave the stresses of the corporate world and work from home.

4.) Self-Starters. People who are able to work well on their own once you teach them the RWB process.

5.) People who absolutely want this business to work, recognize the opportunity, and seriously commit to working the business at least on a part-time basis of 10 -15 hours per week and for at least one year.

6.) Steady hard-workers with positive outlooks, who are open-minded and happy about life.

7.) People who want more out of life. Maybe they have a camper but want a motor home. Maybe they have a functional tan car but want a red Mercedes.

8.) People who want freedom, flexibility and mobility. Look for people who have social contacts and control over their own lives. These might be insurance or real estate people, because they choose those lines of work for the above-mentioned reasons. These kinds of people must also initiate to find business. They can't sit back and wait for it to come to them.

9.) Recruiters. These are folks who have seemingly snatched people out of thin air and built something.

10.) Teachers. They know how to teach and manage people and their pay is usually abysmal. 

After reading this list you may feel that you are not the ideal distributor yourself. Well, that is OK. Because with a Network Marketing business, you can become successful by sponsoring these distributors. The only thing you need is a strong core desire to do so and a process such as the RWB to make it all happen!

Till next time,


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Are You Committed?

Being committed is very important when doing anything in life, it's simply being the best you can be. It is especially important to you when building a Shaklee business if you want any chance of success.

This is why we ask a new builder, when first starting the RWB process, to work on discovering their core desire for building this business. They need it to be their core desire in order for them to make a commitment to work on building their business. Is their core desire a true core desire? You will know if it is when they make a commitment.

When I start someone new in the business, I ask for a 1-year part time commitment. When I teach someone the RWB process outside of my organization, I ask for a 1-year part time commitment. Why? Because it takes some time to reach a point where you can deal with discouragement and not give up and quit. You also need to get good with the process and confident with using it, and that takes time. However, your commitment will pull you through when things are not happening so you can be there long enough when they do happen. Anyone can handle things when they go well, but only a true committed leader will make it through when things don't go well.

It takes time for this to happen. For some, it happens faster then others, but everyone needs to make the commitment for it to happen at all. We are just talking about a 1-year commitment doing the right things. It takes 4 years to complete High School and another 4 years for collage. Even after 8 years, that may not even be enough school for today's job market. My daughter is about to finish 16 years of school and she will then be writing her name with Dr. in the front and more letters at the end. However, she still has to find a job and work her way up the ladder. She will because.... she is committed!

In Shaklee, we only ask for a 1-year commitment because we know that it will work for that person if they do make this commitment. After a year they can reevaluate and decide if they should continue based on the results of their committed effort. One woman I know earns a 6-figure income after only 10 months. Why? She was committed.

Now the question is, are you committed?

How will you know you're firmly committed?

If you're thinking about your business night and day, there's a strong possibility that you are committed. If you are making lists, setting goals and following through with your step by step process, that's another good sign. It's especially promising when you don't let discouragements and depressions keep you down more then a few hours. And a true sign of commitment is when you say "I will do whatever it takes" and then just do it!

Are you committed? It is your choice and nobody can make it for you. Make the decision today to get committed and you will have everyone there to support you. That is just how a Shaklee business works!

Till next time,


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Shaklee Annual Income Ranges by Rank

DIRECTOR                                                      $8,000   -    $145,000


COORDINATOR                                            $17,000   -    $167,000


SENIOR COORDINATOR                              $35,000   -    $175,000


EXECUTIVE COORDINATOR                       $50,000   -    $185,000


KEY COORDINTOR                                       $80,000   -    $385,000


MASTER COORDINATOR                          $220,000    -   $1.6 million

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Report 4/4/04 Working with a lot of builders.

Hello Shaklee Business Owners,

I would like to share with you something very interesting. Over the last 2 weeks I set a new record!

I did 68 business appointments and 10 training meetings around the country without ever leaving my home! Now these were not all my appointments for I am now working with 13 other Shaklee organizations outside of ours as well as in Canada. This is all being done at the same time I am working with my personal group and my downline Directors!

But here is my point, I am full time in Shaklee but this only took me about 20 hours per week to do this kind of effort. There was no travel time involved so the time invested was used directly to introduce the Shaklee concept to other people which we all should be doing everyday

I know people who work a part time job and put in more time than this every week. And they also have to add in their travel time of which they do not even get paid for!

The biggest difference in both of these methods of earning an income, is that they will have to show up next week and do it all over again to earn the same pay check. The people who put the right kind of effort into building a network marketing business such as Shaklee, will enjoy their efforts for a lifetime!

You see, success in this business is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. ( Introducing the Shaklee complete story to everyone in a very simple way that others can turn around the very next day and do the same. ) 

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.

 It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure.

Isn't it now time for you to shine?

Make sure you are doing the basic fundamentals every day and don't waste another day doing it wrong!

How many new people have you shared the Complete Shaklee Concept with today?

Do you think you are ready for exciting growth? Then start today!

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Report 9/5/04 Using new tools with the RWB process.

Hello to all RWB owners,

I had a couple of business owners ask me how the new tools, that the home office is providing for us, will fit into the RWB and will they create any changes to the RWB process. The simple answer to this is that they fit great and also will not require any changes to the RWB as it continues to stand today.

Let me explain some things below for why this is and do read this when you have a little time. I would love to hear from you as well.

First, the RWB is working well for those who are working with it as it was taught to them. I have yet to have anyone tell me it is not working for them unless they have changed something like the $ question or script or they are just not working, period. If this is the case with you, then get in touch with your leader or me right away so we can talk about this to keep you or bring you back on track.

I do know there will be some who will want to change things on the way the RWB was taught to them. There is nothing anyone can do about this for it happens all the time in network marketing so I understand when it happens here as well. If you can stay focused on the RWB consistently for one year as it was taught to you, without changes, you will do well. Making too many changes has been a weakness in Shaklee in past years and if we are to be a new company that grows, we need to stick to a plan. If not the RWB, then find one you like and stay with it for at least a year. This is very important to your success.  

As far as the new tools such as the new web presentation, Roger's 3-minute call etc, these are great tools and gives us even more support to what we are already doing. These are not a replacement but additional support tools such as AutoShip, which I have been talking about over the last few months on the conference calls. How and when you use them becomes the big question.

If I have someone at a 10 after doing the RWB 10-minute call, and ready to get started, I would not delay them from doing so by directing them to any of these tools. There is no need to do that at this point for you will then begin to fire hose them if you do. What you need to do at this point is take them to the next step of the RWB which is the starter orders and begin their training.

Once we get started in building together, then I will add these tools for more support and as a way for a more continued learning process about the company and the products. Just like we have been doing with the web site, except now with even better tools to use.

If I had a person who is less then a 10 but maybe a 5 or 6 and they say that to get to a 10 they would want to learn more about the company and products, I would still take them to the next step which is the starter orders. The reason I would do this is because I want them to get started on the products ASAP and begin to sponsor others ASAP. They will get more information about the company and the products in their new member kit. Hopefully the home office will improve this next such as an added DVD, something like the web presentation, but for now it works fine.

If after we go over the next step and for any reason they are still not ready to make this kind of commitment at this time, I then would pull out these tools. Depending on the prospect I am speaking with, would determine which tool I would use. 

If they are on line, I would send them a link to my web site after I ask them for their email address. This would be 90% of the time and also gives me a way of continued follow up by email because I now have their email address on record. At my web site they can view the new presentation, look at all the products and even sign up if they want. I would then follow up with them in a day or two to learn what they want to do and take it from there.  If they are not on line, then the 3-minute call would be the next best thing.

Keep in mind that no tool will ever replace a live person to person contact. You need to do the RWB 10 - minute call before using any of these tools because you need to be in control. If you send them to the web site to view the presentation first and they develop a pre-conceived idea of how this business works that they don't like, they may never get back to you for correction and you would have just lost control. You need to be there at the time of their first presentation if you can, which is the 10-minute call.

You want to be the one who tells them how this works so that you will be there to lead them to the next step. The RWB 10-minute call is your best tool to do this because it works to find what interest they have so that you will know where to lead them from there. A web page, phone message, tape etc cannot do this and will not build a person into a leader. The new builder needs to learn how to present and lead so that they go onto the higher levels and produce even more leaders.

If you have a time where you are advertising such as in a news group etc, then yes, placing a link to the new web presentation at your web site would be the best thing to do unless they are willing to talk to you by phone first. Talking to you is always the best for it will develop you into a leader and leadership is what you get paid the big money for. But you do need to present Shaklee more then once or twice a week so that you become the most effective leader you need to become to succeed.

I believe this is why Roger said that he will leave it up to us in the field on how we approach new prospects. He said we are very creative in the field on this part but the home office will back us with some of the best tools we ever had for support. That is what we are already seeing them do and there is much more to come.

These are my thoughts and I hope they help. Please let me know your thoughts on this as well for we can work best as a team if we put all our heads together. If you have other thoughts on this subject, let me know so that we can talk it over.

Have a great weekend,


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 Report 9/27/04 Fun, Excitement and Focus.

To all RWB Builders,

Hello and hope you are having a good day. What a great job Connie Hudgins did on last weeks RWB conference call! I hope you were able to be on this call.

She emailed me this statement:

 " it was my pleasure to participate on the conference call! I felt the excitement generated last night and loved the participation from those on the call -- it was great! Hope each one has at least one new person on next week's call!

She is right on because this business is exciting and one of the reasons for this is because of how it is being built and the participation of others who are building their businesses. This is a team effort of leaders working together not one person above another. Hearing the excitement from Melanie Lastrapes and Fredda Shuquist on the call last week should stir up even more excitement to others on the call. They are working the process and having fun while they do! If you do not enjoy working this business, you will not put your whole heart into it. It must be fun for you and if it is not, then you must be doing something wrong. 

Connie also said something very important on this call. She said she was committed to doing the RWB process for at least one year without any changes. Connie only started the RWB last month but you could hear and feel her belief of where she is going in her business. Because of this she already has people on her team such as Melanie and others! On the call you can tell Connie has been working the RWB process because she is already copyable and confident of where she is going. Hearing the belief come from Melanie is also a sure sign of another builder on her team who will soon reach her core desire. This is why she has people on her team. She is not wavering about what to do next or looking to change something in the process. These are true signs of leaders on their way to the top!

This is what we all need to do but sometimes experienced Shaklee leaders fall back into old habits because this is new to them and seems too easy. New builders will sometimes stop working and if questioned, you will find they are not following the process. Changing the process each time something new is introduced, before giving it time to prove itself, will always keep a person in network marketing from moving forward. No exceptions!

I believe there are two reasons this happens to some people. One is because we want success right away and if is does not happen in our first month, we question either ourselves or what we are doing. The second reason is because we want to avoid rejection and so we avoid prospecting by looking to what we can do instead, such as re-designing the process.

The RWB is a process for people to build this business who have limited time to invest. It is basic Network Marketing using today's technology. In order to get good results from using it, you must stay with it for at least one year without changes. If you make this commitment to yourself and to your team, you will grow your business, that is a guarantee!!

Do you want to be earning at least $10,000 per month one year from today?

Will you make a 1 year commitment to using the RWB process without changes?

If so, here is the plan:

Prospect 5 people per day, 5 days a week. Monday - Friday. This means you ask the money question to 5 people each day. If all 5 say no to you then you had a great day, because you worked your business that day and it took less the 5 minutes for you to do so. This is doable for part time as well as full time builders.

By doing this plan you will have prospected 100 people per month. Out of 100, you will have many who say yes to the RWB call which will mean that you will find at least one serious builder each month to follow this same plan. You will find many others such as those who just want to use the products etc, but when we say serious, that means they have committed to following this same plan and they do!

In 6 months you will have your first 6 serious builders and 6 months later you will be earning at least $10,000 per month. Do you think there are people out there who want to be earning $10,000 per month? If you do, you will find them if you stay focused on this plan and use the RWB process so that they can follow you.

The last point is that if you do not want to use the RWB process, then get one that works and commit to it. That is the most important key in building a Network Marketing organization. Ask any Master and you will see this to be true. Focused effort going in a straight line is always the shortest distance to a goal.

Hope to have you join us on next weeks conference call. This is part of the process so do whatever it takes to be on the call and have your team do the same. Soon you will want to start your own weekly conference calls.

Have a great week


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Report 10/21/04 Hello RWB Business Owners,

Here are a couple of points from the conference call tonight that I said I would send out to each of you.

First I want to thank LaRue Wright for doing such a wonderful job on the training part of the call. I believe she did this well because she is first of all, LaRue, a great person, and also because she is using the RWB process everyday to build her business. That is how you get good at building your business and also how you get the results you want. Don't try to do all kinds of different things, just stay with the RWB process and do it over and over again. If you do, others will be able to follow you and that is what LaRue is seeing happen in her down line. Thank you again LaRue, you did a fine job!

Also, I want to thank LaRue for introducing us to her builder, Bernie Vogel. Bernie shared with us tonight why she likes the RWB process. As she has said, now she knows what to do next to build her business for she now has a process or roadmap in place for doing so. She also said she was working hard before trying to sell the products with little results and now she is working smart. She likes the idea of not having to have all the information before getting started and that you learn as you earn. I forgot to mention that she has 10 children and that alone will give her great experience in working with her Shaklee group. Thanks again Bernie for helping others on the call and for sharing from your heart. I hope you will take part in the call again when you reach Director which I believe will be very soon based on where your belief is now.

Another point that was ask is the question about what to say to a person when they are not interested in the business after you do the 10-minute call. This is where plan "B" comes in, changing gears to products. Here is how that may go for you:

Prospect.... " I am a 0 or 1 or simply not interested in the business."

Me ........... "I understand, not everyone wants to be a rocket scientist and not everyone wants to build a Shaklee business but let me ask you this question. Do you like the idea of using products that are better for your home environment in which you live? Products that will improve your health such as more energy felling good and looking great?

Prospect..... " Sure, I would like that."

Me ......... " Then why don't we look at this as far as a discount consumer member with us for the products only and then you can keep your options open to the business down the road if you should ever change your mind. Does that sound like something you would like to learn more about?"

Then go directly to the Silver starter order as the best way to start because the gold would be a bit much to ask a consumer to do and besides, they would not earn a bonus on the 250 PV so there would be no incentive for them to do this much in the first place. If they do not want to do this step go to plan C, "Who do you know?" Then plan D to place them on your list for down the road should things change for them.     

Another point that Fredda Shuquist shared with us is about a device that you can use to record yourself on the phone so that you can re-play it to improve yourself for the next call you make. I bought this recording control tonight for the conference call to try it out and it worked fine. It is also very inexpensive, I paid $25.99, and it was easy to plug in and use.


Here is the web link that Fredda sent if you want to purchase it on line or learn more about it: http://www.radioshack.com/searchsku.asp?find=43-228 Thanks Fredda. :)


The last thing I almost forgot to share tonight was the funny story Shirley Tessier shared with me as I was working with her in training her on the RWB. I loved this and you can learn a little lesson by it as well. (See my cement at the end.) Thanks Shirley for sharing this with me and the group. Let's get you to the point you can walk away from that job so the you can join us on these weekly calls! However find a different way for prospecting for this way cost too much.


Here is her story:


Last week on my way to work, I got a speeding ticket :-(  It was on our hometown back road that used to be a 55 zone but they changed to a 35 zone for "scenic route" (the judge usually throws them out because its not a "legal" 35 zone) Anyway, a State Trooper got me doing 50 in the 35 zone.

I explained to the female Trooper that I have lived here all my life and haven't gotten used to the "new" 35 zones, etc.  After a few minutes of discussing the local roads and zones, she went back to her car and came back with the ticket, apologizing profusely.  She said "you've been just lovely" but since she had stopped me she had to go thru with the ticket (they've been telling her she's too easy on people), but if I'd plead not guilty and go to court, she would do all that she could for me.


I thanked her and asked if I could ask her a question..."not related to this", and she said "yes".

Sooo, I asked her the question ("if there was a way you could earn an extra $5-$15,000 or more a month, and you could do it from your home,...etc.) 


She thought for a couple seconds and said "actually we are not allowed to have any outside employment until June, cause they want us to be rested up while learning the job", etc.
I asked if that wasn't the case tho, would she be at all interested?  She said she would, so I asked her if I should give her a call in June?  She wrote down her name and number for me to get back to her in June!


See that, I learned something from Shirley. 


If you are ever having a hard time finding a prospect, just speed up your car the next time your out and you will have them chasing you down the road! Then be sure to stop and ask the money question!


Till next time have a great week,

Report 10/25/04 Advertising

RWB Owners:


For some of you looking to run some ads in your local paper for business builders, you might be able to use something like this one below. I was ask to send it out to some of you but thought I would send it out to all of you at the same time in case some of you are thinking in this direction for prospecting.


I have just placed this ad below starting this week so it has not been tested as of yet. When doing ads, I run them for at least a few weeks to see how they pull then I make adjustments if needed or stop them for awhile if I have to many to work with.


Here is the ad:


Work At Home

    Do you like the idea of working at home part time but be earning a full time career income? Now you can with a new marketing idea called "RWB". You must have email service and a strong desire to increase your income. To learn if you qualify, call 412-831-0317 to set a phone interview.


When a person calls on the ad, I will let my answer service take the call to get their name and phone number. If they do not leave their phone number, that is telling me something about this person. If I happen to take the call when it comes in, I will say I am on another call and will call them back.


The reason I do this is because I want to be ready to pay attention to who they are and build trust with them. Also, I want to qualify them before going into the 10-minute call with them. I want to be in a position of control to do this. Having their phone number and calling them back will help insure I do not have just a tire kicker.


The way I would work the ad would be something like this:


Hello, my name is ___________ could I speak to __________?


_______ you called me about the ad we have posted about earning money at home. Is this a good time to talk?


_________ before I take any of your time explaining what all we do and have to offer to you, I first need to ask you some questions to see if you qualify. Would that be OK?


Some questions I may have ready for the interview would be questions like:


1.) When you answered my ad, what was it about the ad that caused you to call?


2.) Do you have any Network Marketing experience or any background education about this industry?


3.) Are you currently working? What is it you do now?


4.) What work have you done in the past?


5.) What are you looking for in the ideal way of earning an income?


6.) What are some of your dreams? What do you want to achieve?


7.) If you like what I show you, would you have at least 10-15 flexible hours per week to work the process?


8.) Would you consider yourself coachable and be willing to follow a proven process for at least one year?


9.) Do you enjoy working with people as a team.


10. If you like what I show you, is there another person you will need to check with before moving forward such as a spouse?


________ you sound like the person we are looking for and I would love to walk you through the RWB concept to see if it is something you would enjoy. It will take us about 10 minutes or so, would you want to do it now or set a time to do it later by phone?


This might sound like the third degree but I am the one offering them something so I need to know if I should spend more time with them or not. I am seeing if there is a connection there and if I should walk them through the 10-minute call or not. I might even suggest setting a time to do it with both spouses on the phone together.


Again, this is only a quick message for I felt it may get some of you thinking. I will start here and work to improve it as needed and will let you know the results after a few months.


If any of you have been running ads and they are creating prospects for you, please send it to me with your results.     


Hope you find this helpful,


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Two New Groups

Hello RWB Owners,


This is the last message I am passing on about this subject so please take time to read it. There seems to be a few who some how missed the last message I sent out on this subject. 


We are forming two new groups.


1st - RWB Leaders Club - This is for Directors and above to work on leadership skills so that they can better help the business owners in their groups reach Director and higher to join us. You must at least be a Director or higher and make a commitment to a weekly conference call meeting as well as purchase a book we use from week to week. To learn the details, send a request to rwblc@youfoundyourfuture.com   

2nd - RWB Partners Club - This club is for any RWB builder who is looking for a partner who may want to support each other in building their businesses. Sometimes just having someone to answer to creates a more willingness to do more than what we would do if we had only ourselves to be accountable to. If you wish to be added to this list, send your full name, email address, and phone number to rwbpc@youfoundyourfuture.com 

Anyone joining either group will receive a printed list of other members and will be added to a special mailing list to receive an updated list as new names are added as well as any news pertaining to that group.

If you have already requested to join either club, you do not need to re-join. If you are not sure if you already did join, then re-join just to make sure.

I need to hear from you by Monday of next week, 21st, so I can get a current list out to all of you. After this I will send an updated list only to members of either club.

Have a great weekend,


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Shaklee Nutritional Programs for Many Different Ailments
Click here to open file


The crucial importance of natural ingredients over synthetic chemical and pharmaceutical compounds is their enormous chemical diversity and potential for new therapeutic discoveries. It has been estimated that less than 10% of plants and 1% of marine life has been tested for biological and therapeutic activity. A comparison of the makeup of compounds in established databases shows that at least 40% of active compounds are absent in synthetic chemistry. 1, 2

An enormous opportunity exists therefore for a company such as Shaklee with state-of-the-art technology and research facilities to identify and bring to market natural products that are targeted at specific health conditions.

Quality Active Ingredients

Shaklee’s essential difference to its peers in the industry is that it is truly committed to the most rigorous quality control and assurance procedures throughout research, product development and manufacturing processes. Our nutritional products have no artificial ingredients, coloring agents, or sweeteners. We use very pure ingredients that are manufactured under GMP conditions. And for those products we don’t manufacture ourselves, our Quality Assurance and Control professionals review and ensure that manufacturing is conducted according to the same exacting standards as Shaklee’s.

This emphasis on naturalness and quality is challenging for many reasons. Up to the 19th century, the effectiveness of herbal medicines, for instance, was collected based on anecdotal evidence. In the latter part of the 20th century, effectiveness was made more specific by extraction methods that isolated "active fractions" so that concentrates could be used.

Now in the 21st century, Shaklee is one of the few natural products companies to standardize the extraction process on a molecular basis whereby we link the herb’s natural chemical to a biological effect that is relevant to a therapeutic target. The same standardization methods apply to herbs, vitamins, supplements, and minerals whose ingredients come from a variety of sources such as animals, plants, fungi, mushrooms, etc.

The essential challenge comes from the fact that herbs and minerals exhibit large variations in their composition, which can result in variable efficacy and health benefits without the adoption of standardization processes. The variations result from such factors as changes in season, climate, age or soil conditions, among many others.

Standardization of botanicals and dietary supplements therefore stems from a recognition of the inherent variability found in elements of plant and mineral components. Use of scientific protocols and process control, measured by analytical methods using high-tech equipment, ensures a consistent level of bioactivity in any prepared extract. Shaklee’s expertise and ability to reduce the variation of the potency and effects of supplement extracts gives customers the confidence that in every preparation, the health benefits and effects will be the same.

New FDA Proposal on Good Manufacturing Practices

Shaklee is pleased to note that in March 2003, the Food and Drug Administration took action to ensure that consumers get the dietary ingredients that are listed on the labels of the supplements they purchase. This move was motivated by the recognition that some companies do not follow good manufacturing processes, and certainly do not come close to meeting the standards adopted by Shaklee.

When finalized, the proposed regulations will help protect consumers and give them greater confidence that products contain the ingredients promised by the labels and do not contain ingredients or contaminants that are not on the label. We can only applaud this development which will enhance consumer protection and ensure that manufacturers that cannot meet high standards for product manufacture get out of the business.

It goes without saying that Shaklee does not use such ingredients as Kava, or Ephedra or Noni, and numerous others where efficacy and safety are suspect. They would simply not pass the rigorous tests we impose upon ourselves.  

With high-tech equipment and facilities, the challenge of using natural products become opportunities  for Shaklee to deliver first-class nutritional products.

In network marketing, what are you really selling?

In direct sales we know we are selling products. Look at Avon, Tuperware, even Mary Kay. Most of what is done in these businesses is direct sales.

But in network marketing, you are selling yourself.

But here is an important point. If you are not sure of where you are going, why would anyone want to follow you or buy you? 

That is why the RWB is so important. It gives you a track to run on and to teach others how to do the same as what you are doing in a very simple process.

Let’s first talk about a few things on Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is a Leadership business and it is based on building relationships with other people. Only about five percent of the people you approach will be what would be described as sales types of people. However, about 95% will be non-sales-type people.

I remember being at one the company’s conventions and sitting in a group of about 500 successful Shaklee leaders and the question was asked, How many of you feel you are sales people or have come into Shaklee because you wanted to be sales people? I looked around the room and could count on one hand how many had raised their hands.

Shaklee people love to share and the great thing about that is, so does the majority of the population! This is a good thing because that is what network marketing is all about and what the RWB teaches.

So the QUESTION is:

What are you offering to the majority of the people you are targeting? Are you offering a SALES system to NON-SALES people? If so, it’s not going to work, at least not as fast as you would like!!!!

We need a Sponsoring System for non-sales people and that is what the RWB is all about. We are sharing the basic concept of how Shaklee works and how the money is made through word of mouth advertising. Sharing something you like with other people and getting paid for doing it.

At the same time, we are also letting them know that they do not have to go out there and be a super sales person to be successful in this business. Using the Shaklee products and learning a simple method for introducing others to the complete concept, is something anyone can do.

The RWB just makes it a bit easier to do and to teach others so that they can do it as well. However, asking them to stand up in front of a group of people and talk about the products, or should I say sell the products, limits you to a much lower amount of people who would be willing do this.

As builders develop over time into leaders, it will be much easier for them to build even a larger organization because their confidence level has grown from building their business, talking and working with people, and through a lot of self-development.   

The point here is that the way they are first introduced is what they will see as what they would need to do. If it is a causal phone call, and only takes 10 minutes or so, most will be able to see themselves fitting that into their busy lives.

So, how you first introduce them better be simple and easy to copy or you will not duplicate yourself as fast as you would like to do. And duplication is what this industry is all about for those who want to earn the larger passive incomes.

Hearing about an idea on how to earn more money will attract them, because money is a product everyone needs. Not everybody has a pain they want to get fixed or a wrinkle they want to smooth out. We don’t want to limit the amount of people who we can talk to. Because everyone needs money, everyone will have a need for you to fill. It is just a matter of finding a match.  

And because you are also asking for just 10 minutes, most will give you that time to learn what you have to offer. And the best part, is that it saves you time and they can see themselves doing it even if they are busy working two jobs. One builder does it on her breaks at work on her cell phone.

Here is an example about saving time:

Before the RWB, a builder called me to do an appointment together. They said a person call them about Shaklee and wanted to learn more about the products and the business. I set a time to first pick up my builder who lived about 25 minutes away because I was training him. We then drove to her home, which was another 40 minutes away. We spent about an hour there only to find out that she was trying to recruit us into her business. We then drove home but we spent all afternoon to find this out. That was the old way of doing business.

Now let me move ahead to after having the RWB in place. A few weeks ago my downline builder called me about a woman who called her to learn more about Shaklee products and the business from a referral of hers. She then called me and asked me if I would do the RWB presentation with her that afternoon. We then called this woman on a 3-way call right then and there and did the presentation only to find out this woman was trying to recruit her into her company.

This time however, we did not have to leave our homes, we saved time, money, and were both able to get right back to doing more business after about 20 minutes on the phone with her. In fact, we had the rest of the afternoon to take a nap if we wanted!

This is why the RWB is so copyable and will let you move at a faster rate to find the leaders you are looking for. After all, you only need to find and develop a few leaders for you to have a very successful business.

Next, your potential builder needs to learn if they can trust you and if you will be there to help them. This comes from your belief in where you are going and your belief in yourself as far as leading them. This is why it is always important to work on improving yourself through, books, tapes, company seminars and in just on job training. Learn as you earn. This begins your new relationship with your new prospect and then follow up is where you will follow through with them.

They now become a warm lead and may even become a hot lead either now or down the road if the timing is not right for them at the time. Your focus is on sorting not selling. If there is no match at all, so be it. You just need to be OK with that and say next.  After all, you are only looking for 6 serious teammates.

However, most of the people you walk through the RWB, will be somewhat interested in continuing a relationship with you. This is where you get into the plan B, C or D. Keep the lines open to them for things change and it may be a year or so from now that they decide to take a closer look.

Scenario: A young man named Rudy enters a crowded place and sees a beautiful woman named Mary, for the VERY first time. He has it in his mind that she is the one for him. He waltzes across the room, walks up to the beautiful young woman and says Will you marry me?

 What is missing?

1) Say hello (duh).

2) Offer her his name.

3) Ask her name.

4) Ask her about herself.

5) Ask for her telephone number or offer her his.

6) Ask her out on a date.

7) After the first date, ask her out again and again.

8) Meet her parents.

9) Somewhere down the road after the relationship and trust has been established, then Rudy can ask her to marry him.

So timing and your relationship with how you approach them will be the difference. This is not a salesmanship or a pushership business. It is a leadership business and so you lead people to where they already want to go.

I did a cold call the other day but did not just come out with the set-up question. I left a message that introduced myself and said I didn’t know how I got his name but thought I would give him a call to let him know what I was offering and looking for. I said I help people to improve their health and feel better and I also help some people who have a need to set up another source of income from the comfort of their home. Then I asked him if he might be interested in speaking with me over the phone to learn more about it and then left my phone number. Just testing to see where it goes.

So it was not sensational like “ How would you like to earn $60,000 a month in less then 90 days? If so, call me back. Nor did I ask the set up question at this point because I was leaving a message.

When he called me back and I ask him some questions about his family, job, recreation, money and he did most of the talking. Beginning to build a relationship and trust. Only then did I ask the set-up question and did the RWB presentation with him. He then sponsored and ordered the silver starter order on the same call. He called me when his order arrived and we did another phone meeting to talk about his core desires, and his prospect list etc and continued the relationship building.

Some builders I am working with I have never met in person but feel we knew each other for a long time. Think about how large your organization will become over time and the many countries it can grow into. You will be so good on the phone with the RWB that you will be able to work with anyone anywhere at anytime!  

So as you build your relationship together, you will become more effective at helping them. Learn about what their core desires are, how fast they want to reach them. Share your experience with the products, your uplines, the company, the benefits of the industry etc. Teach them what you know and continue the process. If there is a problem, offer to help them but always be working at prospecting yourself for building your own business at the same time, for you are the leader. 

So, What is a Network Marketer?

A Network Marketer is a person who creates a distribution channel of people (eliminating most of the middlemen of traditional channels) through which products or services are sold.

This is accomplished by building business relationships, through a duplicable (a VERY common word you hear in Network Marketing) process, with other likeminded individuals who want to develop an ever-increasing monthly residual income, too.

The overall objective is to create time freedom, financial independence, and a lifestyle that affords the opportunity to do the things in life that are MOST important to those individuals.

Shaklee is simply the vehicle, network marketing the opportunity, and the RWB the process you use to accomplish this task.

So the essence of network marketing is:

You are creating a NETWORK of like-minded people by developing personal relationships through which products and services can be marketed.

And because many of the time-consuming activities of recruiting are eliminated because of the use of the phone, email and the web site now a days, it allows you to spend more time building relationships with your business builders. And because all these things combined are duplicated throughout your Success Team, you will be able to build a network marketing organization much easier, much faster, and much bigger.

I would rather go out to dinner with my current business builders and talk and plan business activities, give some recognition or just enjoy each others company. Compare that to taking someone out to lunch to present this business only to find out they were not interested. I can do that sorting over the phone in about 10 minutes.

So why do so many people FAIL in Network Marketing?

It all boils down to one thing. Their ability and determination to follow up with prospects and with new associates after they signed up! The question always comes down to what do you do next if they are interested?

Most builders do not know or have confidence in what they think they might know! This is part of the reason that Network Marketing has a 95% or so attrition rate.  People do not understand marketing and thus the strategic importance of following up on prospects.

The RWB has the follow up built into it. It uses the checkerboard theory.

You make a move by asking the money question, they make a move by saying yes.

You make a move by presenting the RWB, they make a move by joining you.

You make a move by sending the first 6 emails; they make a move by reading and doing them.

You make a move to offer time to set up the appointments to train them. They fill that time.

You make a move by sending additional 3 advanced training emails and they read them as well.

You make a move and send the last 3 emails and they begin doing their own appointments and reporting to you how each week is going for them.

Then the process starts all over again with them as the new leaders and you as the back-up support and leader as well. We are in the leadership development business not a selling business.

Most people do not like to sell so why approach them with products to buy? Direct sales is selling, Network Marketing is promoting something such as a great movie or a good restaurant. The good news about promoting is that everyone is already good at it. We do it all the time when talking to others about what we like as well as what we do not like.

Selling is a learned technique. You’re not a born sales person; it is something you become after studying the use of the tools and techniques of the trade. But you are a born promoter. We all are! When we get excited about something, we have a natural commitment to share that with somebody else.

That is why it is so important to discover your core desire for building your business. It is a dream you will soon be living and it all depends on helping others live theirs! This sharing of your enthusiasm is the promoting.

So here is my main point:

Ask everyone the set-up question. If they say no, they are telling you they would not be interested in what you are offering as far as a business option at that time and so they are saving you time. This does not mean you cannot switch gears to products either then or at a later time.

Your focus however is to build your team of 6 ASAP. In the process of doing this you will find people who will join you and are serious about earning a great income. You will also find people who want to hobby with it using the products and may introduce a few family members and friends. You will also find people who just want to use the products themselves because they like them and feel better when they do.

You need to respect them on their decisions as well as service them as part of your consumer group. You follow up with them to let them know you care about them, not just to see if they need to buy more products. Keep them on your email list and stay in touch with them. 20% of your time should be spent here. But the other 80% should be on prospecting and helping your business builders grow their businesses doing the same.

This is where you are doing the RWB as well as teaching it. The more you do it the better you become and the larger your group will grow. Sponsoring has increased ever since I introduced the RWB concept. What will make the biggest difference however will be based on the numbers of people introduced to the concept.

Your effort, as well as your team working together, will be what makes the difference.  All of you need to keep your core desires in front of you and talk about them all of the time and what it will be like reaching it. Also, learn how to discover what other people want and be willing to help them get there.

I have been studying successful master Networkers outside of Shaklee to see what they have done to reach these very high incomes in such a very short period of time. What I found is that in every case, they just presented their program to a lot more people and worked on themselves to get better at doing it.

Because of doing this, two things happened. One, they got very good at doing it. And second, they found a lot of others who wanted to do what they did! It really is as simple as that!

So keep a record of your performance. How many calls have you done, how many presentations from those calls and the results. Each week adjust your numbers to fit your goals and work on improving them the next week. What PV level will you reach this month? How many will you present the RWB?  

Based on what Roger Barnett has in mind, it looks like we will soon hear about some great incentives to spruce up the pot a bit. This will cause even more people to get excited about starting to build their own Shaklee organizations.

But my suggestion is don’t wait, get started right now and have a team in place for this next wave of growth! Remember, success in this business is not so much based on finding the right person, as it is on being the right person.

Always, always work on yourself to be the best you can be and to never give up. It is like drilling for oil, you may be very close to a very big break through


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