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New Builders Room

As a new builder, you will want to spend time at this site to visit all the many rooms that are here. You can do this anytime but the sooner you do it the faster you will grow your business.

You see, in the business of Network Marketing, you get paid what you are worth. This is different from the job world. With a job, you get paid what someone else thinks you are worth and in many cases, it is not too much.

So in this business, if you will put in the time, or should we say, if you will invest in yourself, you will be paid a higher income then most others. Always work on yourself to be better than you were yesterday and you will always do great.

At this point, you should be working with your upline leader as a team building your business. Working together is the best way to move you forward because your upline was in the same place as you are in now, just starting out. 

That is why they are in the best position to help save you time because they can help you avoid many of the mistakes they may have made themselves. So do ask them questions when you want to understand something your confused about. This business is really simple when you see the big picture. Just take it one step at a time.

Your Fast Start Training

If you have purchased the Fast Start packet, you will have plently of information in that packet to learn about both the products and the Shaklee company. Do take the time to read this material and be sure to try all of the products at least once to form your opinion. Doing so will prove to you that you do have something very exciting to share with others.

If you have not yet purchased the Fast Start, do it ASAP. You will need to know what it is all about if you are going to build this business, so why not make the investment now. Remember, this is a leadership business and your people will only do what you are willing to do. Do you want to start them out on the right foot?

RWB Training

The Red White Blue, RWB for short, is the process we use to build this business from home. There are some people who still use home party plans to build their Shaklee business and you may run into some of them at meetings etc. If you wish to build your business doing direct sales instead of Network Marketing, that is your option.

However, if you are looking to build a Network Marketing Organization, one that will paid you the larger incomes, and you want to build your business using new technology such as the Internet, email, 3-way calling, VOIP, and conference calls, we will teach you a very proven, fun and exciting way to do just that!  Building your business this way will save you a lot of time and you can build it a lot faster. 

The first thing you need to do is read over the first 8 RWB emails your leader sends to you. After you get prepared to launch your business with these training emails, the next thing to do is have a planning meeting with your leader.

After the planning meeting, you will both start to introduce Shaklee to others in order to build your team of 6. Anyone not interested in building an income should be offered the products so that they may at least enjoy the benefits they provide. If you are using all of the products yourself, you will know this and so it will be natural for you to share your opinion with others.

As you continue to work with your upline leader, they will send you additional RWB emails, #4, 5, 6 and then #7, 8, 9. At that point you will be doing presentations on your own while your upline leader is working with one of your builders. This is where team effort really comes in. 

You are both working at building three legs in your group to help you get into Director position ASAP. The sooner the better because that is where the largest profit margin comes into effect. But the other reason you want to get there fast is to set the example for your group. They will believe that if you could do it so can they and the momentum continues. 

Once you follow the steps of the RWB over and over again with each new prospect, you will find that you will become more comfortable as well as more confident. This is how one moves into the leadership position. 

When you become a true leader, you will also be more selective of the people you work with. It will no longer be anyone who is willing to listen to you. It will be those lucky enough to meet you and lucky enough to have you as their leader in this business. That is the goal you want to reach for and when you get there, you will have found your future!

We will be adding more information to this room as we see the need in the future. So check back from time to time but in the mean time, you have everything you need to get your business off the ground right now!  

If we can be of any help to you, please let us know in our feedback room. Click Here.


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