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" For those of you working the RWB process, below is continued support for your business. Please feel free to contact your upline Sales Leader or me if you need additional information.


Be sure to let us know how you are doing with the RWB.
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Live RWB Training Calls

Listen to the process in action.


Welcome & Introduction


Working With Warm Leads

Step 1
Calling & Presenting

Step 2
Follow Up

Step 3
Planning Meeting

Step 4
Downline 3-Way Presentation

Step 5
Training Call to Downline

Step 6
Helping Downline with Training

Group Training
Weekly Conference Call

(See Below)

Working With Cold Leads


1st Phone Message to Lead      2nd Phone Message to Lead     3rd Phone Message to Lead


Step 1
First Presort Call

Step 2
Second Call & Presentation

Step 3
Follow Up

Step 4
Planning Meeting

Working Plans B, C & D

Plan B

RWB to Plan B CBC Presentation    

Plan C & D

RWB to Referral & Plan D

Weekly RWB Conference Calls

Each weekly call follows the same format as the week before. The only thing that may change from week-to-week is the speakers and maybe a business tip. However the purpose of these weekly calls is to invite new builders on who have been walked through the RWB 10-minute presentation so that they can see that there is plenty of support.

Be sure to have it written in your plans to be on these calls live each week. Better yet, be on with your builders and take part in these calls! 

The time is every Thursday at 8:00PM EST 
The number is 212-990-8000 
The pin is 5817#

Recorded Calls Click Here


Special Training

This section is saved for special training when it is needed.

This page will always be under construction. 
We will place updates here as needed.

If you have any suggestions that you would like to see posted here,
please let us know.

Be sure to let us know how you are also doing with the RWB.
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