Expense Paid Travel

Thousands of business owners travel to exciting convention locations every year. Many enjoy expense-paid trips that include airfare, hotels, most meals, business workshops, and fabulous entertainment. 

No other company in the industry comes close to the quality of travel that many enjoy with our company. Places like San Francisco, Barcelona, Miami, Hawaii, Athens just to mention a few.

Traveling to a Convention means meeting old and new friends, enjoying lavish entertainment and gaining helpful tips for growing your business. Every business owner is welcome to attend and every year it gets even better! 

With timely workshops on a variety of topics and the chance to have fun with those in your organization, our conventions are something to look forward to all year.

A convention means fun for your whole family! We provide great child care and kids activities while you are busy, as well as events for the whole family. 

You never know how young some of our business owners were when they first started to tell others about what we have to offer. What we offer is so good that many join us and stay for more than 1 family generation! In fact we have some businesses that have been handed down to the 3rd generation!


Everybody loves to be recognized! We make sure we award our achievers with awards, gifts and public recognition among your peers. When you get together with us, especially at a convention, you are among friends!

We make sure you’re having loads of fun while you’re getting valuable business training. From fine dining and spectacular entertainment to our  hilarious Players, you’ll have a great time every day.

All conventions include plenty of time for sightseeing. Click on any of the pictures below to see just some of sights that you get to enjoy at our expense. 

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