This was the beginning of adding to my drums.

I had the Rogers drums, Base, two mounted and one floor tom
from when they where brand new. They have been a collectors
edition for many years now and are very hard to find in top condition
such as these are.

I sold the two Roto Toms on your left on E-bay as well as two older cymbals.
It's amazing how much E-bay people are willing to spend for things.

So I added a couple more cymbals and 2 additional Pearl EX drums on your right.

Over a few months I tore them down and re-polished each part.
And then I added all the other additions.

This is the finished set.

My sister-in-law, Bernice Andolina,
custom made me a cover for them. After all that work,
I now keep them covered when not in use.


They have grown from a 5 piece drum set with 3 cymbals to
13 drums and 9 cymbals!

They are also a lot of fun to play!

They all have their own microphones and the sound system
is out of this world!

I use to play live music years ago.
Today, I get to play live with music without all the traveling.


When I ask Debby if it was too loud for her on the first floor of our house,
she said no, it's just like being at a live concert!

That's a good thing! :O 


You first have to have some love for drums for there to be
an interest in these.

But even if you don't, if you sat down in front of them,
it would be very hard for you not to pick up those sticks.


There have been some other percussion instruments added as well
such as 2 Cow Bells as well as a Latin Percussion Joey Castillo Drum Kit
shown on the lower left.


                  Can you see yourself playing them?


            Sure You can!

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Check out the quick video with music:

Click here >Pictures and Sound

Talk soon,

Bob Andolina