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Business Tool Box

Below you will find important business forms and other tools for building your Shaklee Business. We hope you find it helpful.

This page will always be under construction for we will add new things to it a s needed. If you have something you feel would be helpful to others and you would like to see it added, please contact us by clicking here.                          


By clicking on any of the links below, you can open the page and then print out as many copies as you may need. Once open, you can also save a copy on your computer for future use if you like.

Some of these will download fast and others may take a little time due to the pictures that some contain as well as your Internet speed. So once you click on them, let them finish loading. 

*** Make sure you have the right software on your system. (See bottom of this page for more information). 

Click on any link below to take you directly to that section.

Why Shaklee?


Product Information

Question & Answers

Informational Sharing


Why Shaklee?

The Shaklee Difference - Buyer Beware! **Pdf Format

X-ray Picture **Pdf Format
This is a x-ray picture of pills not broken down in a human stomach. If a food supplement does not break down in your system, it will be of no value to you regardless what it has listed on the label.

Have Your Products Been Tested? **Pdf Format
This is the debate I had with a company who claimed to have the number one soy protein on the market and the test to prove it. It is long but worth reading to learn how companies will dance around direct questions and how not be taken for a ride by them. 


At This Web Site

Product Information
Web link for all Product information downloads.

Common Household Toxins **Pdf Format
Condensed from Natural Health Magazine publication

New GRC information for doctors **Pdf Format Great information to share with the health professional.

Nutritional Programs for Many Different Ailments **Pdf Format Listing of Ailments and product Programs to use. 

Soy Alert? **Pdf Format

Question & Answers

See page on this site

Download PDF Q&A 


Informational Sharing

Shaklee Member Site  
Must be a member & registered to log into the member center. 

Download Presentations 
Download a copy to run on your system anytime you wish.

For downloading presentations if you don't know how to download.


6 Points on Building and Maintaining Your Belief  PDF

The Attitude Quiz **Pdf Format
Take the test to see if your attitude is in the right place it needs to be in.

"High-tech" or "High-touch" Network Marketing **Pdf Format



You will need the software below on your system to open different files.

*M.S. Word - Microsoft Word

**Pdf Format - Acrobat Reader
To open & print these you will need the free Acrobat Reader.
Get it here free Get Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it.

***P.P. Format - Microsoft Power Point
To open & print these you will need the free Power Point Viewer.

Download it here

****Pub Format  - Microsoft Publisher.

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