Instructions for
Downloading Presentations

Print these instructions so that you will have them in front of you for downloading the presentations.

After you print the instructions, 
go back by clicking up and then click on whatever Program you want to download. 

When you click on the presentation you want to download, you will see a window pop up were you can either choose to save this file to disk or you can open it from this location. If you don't know much about downloading, click on open it from this location then on unzip. 

It is a .EXE file so it will install itself to you C drive when you click on open and then unzip. It will automatically create a folder on your C drive called either Shaklee or AirSource depending on the file you downloaded.

After the download is finished, go to My Computer then to C drive. There you will see a list of folders that are installed on your hard drive. Look for one called Shaklee or AirSource and click on it to open it. Inside you will find the file. Simply double click on the file to run the program. 

If you do not have Power Point or the free viewer installed on your system, you will not be able to view any of the presentations. You can download and install the free Power Point Viewer from the same page that the presentation downloads are posted.

Creating a Fast Way to Run the Show again.

You can keep the show on your system to view it again if you like. Many people do this so they can show it to others. The best way to do this would be to create a shortcut to the file you want. If you do not know how to do this, instructions to do so are listed below. 

This way you would not have to go back into your C drive to start it again the way you did the first time. Just double click on the new shortcut you just made to run the show any time. You can also rename your new shortcut by clicking on it once then again to highlight the name. Then type in Shaklee Business, Shaklee Introduction or AirSource as the name so you will know what it is for in the future.

To create a shortcut
Right click on the file and then left click on create shortcut on the drop down menu. Then right click on the new shortcut and left click copy. Then right click on your desk top and left click on Paste shortcut. (Your Desktop is the opening window you see when you first start windows. Click anywhere on this screen to paste your new shortcut).

You can also delete the program folder and all of it's files from your C drive as well as any shortcut you made to it if you wish to remove the show from your system. No changes will be made on you system. It is the same as adding or deleting a file folder you create in Word and saving a copy of it to your hard drive. 

Feel free to forward this information to others who you feel might enjoy the information. Just send them this web address. 

Thanks again for your interest and hope to hear from you soon. 

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