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Past Informational History


Product Newsletters


01/2006 Why Shaklee Products? 

02/2006 Why Do We Get Sick?  

03/2006 Can You Use Shaklee Products?  

04/2006 Why Shaklee Soy Protein?

05/2006 Why Use Shaklee NutriFeron? 

06/2006 Age Faster, What are Free Radicals?

07/2006 No Newsletter - Vacation

08/2006 Weight Management Plan Soon

09/2006 Get Clean, Green and Save $$  

10/2006 Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD/ADHD

11/2006 Information on COPD & Shaklee 

12/2006 Holiday Product Special (See Flyer)


01/2007 Our Immune System

02/2007 The Shaklee Difference in Products

03/2007 Pharmaceutical Grade of Shaklee Products 

04/2007 Shaklee Owners on The Oprah Winfry Show!

05/2007 Water Water Everywhere, But is it Safe to Drink?

06/2007 Green Is In, Make The Best of It 

07/2007 Getting Older Can Feel Great!

08/2007 No Newsletter

09/2009 Time to Get Vitalized Today!

10/2007 Cinch Special...Buy One-Get One



Business Newsletters


01/2006 Goals or Core Desires                                    02/2006 Team Work = Super Bowl   

03/2006 A Great Home Business                                  04/2006 The Chicken or the Egg?

05/2006 Why Can't Everyday be Mother's Day             06/2006 Father's Day / Bread Winner?

07/2006 Freedom. Do You Want Some?                      08/2006 No Newsletter

09/2006 Is This a Pyramid?                                          10/2006 Build Your Vision

11/2006 What We Talk About We Bring About             12/2006 Holiday Special for RWB


01/2007 2 Things We Need for Success!                       02/2007 Just Do It!

03/2007 No Selling Required                                        04/2007 The Power Of Residual Income!

05/2007 Can They Do What You Do?                            06/2007 Prospecting Made Easy

07/2007 Do You Look Forward to Mondays?                08/2007 Are You Confused?

09/2007 You Must Have a Process                                10/2007 Do You Fear Something New?



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06/2005 Shaklee & Traffic Oasis Lead Generation - Never Run Out of Prospects Again!!

01/2006 Bob Andolina Cancer Story Part 1 of 2     Bob Andolina Cancer Story part 2 of 2

03/2006 Live RWB/CBC with Gretchen White

03/16/06 RWB Weekly Conference LaRue Wright Part 1             Part 2

03/23/06 RWB Weekly Conference Roger Hutchison Part 1         Part 2

04/06/06 RWB Weekly Conference Annabelle Buell Part 1          Part 2

04/13/06 RWB Weekly Conference Lisa Alden Part 1                   Part 2

04/20/06 RWB Weekly Conference John & Sue Delong Part 1     Part 2

04/27/06 RWB Weekly Conference Joni Knox Part1                     Part 2

05/04/06 RWB Weekly Conference Roger Hutchison / Lorraine Danaher Part 1    Part 2

05/11/06 RWB Weekly Conference Marjorie Lopez / Renee Zaal Part 1     Part2

05/18/06 RWB Weekly Conference Marjorie Lopez Part 1             Part 2

05/25/06 RWB Weekly Conference Mary Baglole Part 1               Part 2

06/01/06 RWB Weekly Conference Lorraine Danaher Part 1        Part 2

06/08/06 RWB Weekly Conference John Balbach Part1                Part 2