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The AirSource 3000 utilizes a combination of negative ion generation, ozone, and UV light technologies making it the most effective technology available today.

AirSource vs. other available systems on the market.


Whirlpool 450

SunPure Ultra

Honey well 13520



C.A.R.E 2000


AirSource 3000

Rated coverage S.F.








Purchase cost/unit








Filter cost/unit








Approx. Energy cost @ .07/ KW/hr








Number of units to treat 3000 SF








Cost to treat 3000 SF








Annual Cost=filters+energy








Treats air for:








Particulates (size)

To 1 micron

To 1 micron

To 1 micron

To 3 micron

To 1 micron

To 1 micron


Gases (VOCs)



Not rated








Not rated





Microbials (bacteria, mold etc.)



Not rated





Subject: Sharper Image vs. AirSource

A few people have asked about how the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air filter compares with our new AirSource air purifier. I decided to do some investigating because Sharper Image spends a lot of money on advertising and it comes up a lot when talking to prospects. What I found is that there simply is no comparison here.

First of all the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze is a electrostatic air cleaner and not an air purification system such as AirSource. That one difference is a big one because the Sharper Image can not perform on the same level as AirSource because they are two different devices! But let's look closer at just a few things here that stand out:

One of the biggest differences is what the Sharper Image claims to do on their web site.

They claim that their "tests show Quadra’s electrostatic collection system excels at trapping airborne particulates of 1 micron or larger". This is an important statement by them because they just told you what their system is capable of doing. Here is why this is so important and how it is so different from AirSource. 

Only 1.5% of the total particulates in a person's home are larger then 1 micron. 98.5% are smaller then 1 micron and cause the most health problems to a person because they are small enough to get down into their lungs because their nose can not filter them out. So by the Sharper Image only being able to clean particulates of 1 micron or larger, less then 2% of the total problem with particulates in a person's
home are being filtered with their system! 

(See Consumer Report 2/2002)

Keep in mind that particulates that are larger then 1 micron are easier to see with the human eye such as cat hair etc. That is why they are able to sell their unit because people can see the large particulates when they clean the unit and so they feel it must be doing the job. This is much like a furnace filter or a vacuum cleaner, they also get real dirty but none of these are even close to doing what AirSource is doing, let alone filtering all the air in a person's home.

So what is really happening here is that the other 98.5% of the particulates are still remaining in the person's home for them to breathe. There just is no comparison to AirSource because AirSource will take care of all particulates, even below 1 micron!

Another difference is what their system is rated for as far as room size. Sharper Image claims that it is ideal for any average-size room. An average size room would be like a 12X12 room. That's 144 sq.ft. By comparing it to AirSource which is rated for 3,000 sq.ft., you would need about 21 of their units to do what 1 AirSource can do. I guess that is why they offer the second one at 1/2 price but I'm not sure what they would want for the other 19 units. So cost is not even an issue here.

Then there is the filters to clean. Sharper Image claims every 3 weeks a person will need to do this and so that alone would be a big difference. But the testimony from one of their owners on their own web page said they have to clean their unit twice a week! AirSource never needs to be cleaned and there are no filters to replace. The only maintenance is to replace the UV bulb once a year for a cost of $39.

I personally would rather do this once a year and forget about it then to take the unit apart and deal with the mess of cleaning the unit every few weeks. I guess you wear a mask when you do this because the concentration of pollutants in their filter while you are cleaning the unit would be very un-healthy to breathe and cancel the little protection you did have when the unit was running. 

There are so many other differences such as their unit will not be effective on mold, viruses, gasses etc because it is a electrostatic air cleaner, not a air purifier like AirSource which uses 3 different technologies.

They never do claim what test have been done on their unit or the % of removals or any results at all for that matter. I guess the consumer will just have to hope it is doing something such as any other filter out there can do when they see the dirt.

Here is what they do say about their test results:

"Our tests show Quadra’s electrostatic collection system excels at trapping airborne particulates of one micron or larger — the typical size of pollen, cat dander and other proven allergens. It really helps to clear the air"!

Excels at trapping airborne particulates? What does that mean? That is all they claim and maybe it helps a little but does it take care of the major problems? The answer is a big NO. A person would do better with a HEPA filter because a HEPA filter would be more effective then their unit and take care of more pollutants.

Also, the February 2002 issue of Consumers Reports rated it the worst out of 16 that were tested and said it did little to remove anything from the air.

If a person really wants the best air system that they can count on that is the most effective on the most pollutants, and at a great price without any weekly cleaning or monthly filter replacements, then AirSource is what they need.

Let's look at what AirSource really is and what it does.

With AirSource we have 3 processes going on within the two new technologies of AirSource.

They are:

Photo-Ionization & an Advanced Electron Generator.

Photo-Ionization Module

A photo-ionization reaction occurs when light energy from the ultraviolet (UV) lamp reacts with the tri-metallic catalyst. The light rays and ozone emitted from the UV lamp react with moisture in the air and the catalyst in an advanced oxidation process to form super oxide ions and hydroperoxide radicals.

Photo-catalytic oxidation can be defined as a chemical process influenced or initiated by light that adds electrons to a compound. In the AirSource™ 3000 unit, both of these processes take place as part of a photo-induced oxidation or ionization process.  

Photons generated by the ultraviolet lamp strike the tri-metallic catalyst, which then produce electrons that in turn produce ions and radicals. These ions and radicals, together with moisture and ozone in the air, are the basis of the advanced oxidation processes that result in reduced odors and organics in the air.

Then we have:

Electron Generator
The unique dielectric chamber in the AirSource™ 3000 Purification System produces an electrostatic field that emits electrons into the surrounding air, reducing the static charge inside rooms and attracting positively charged particles. The negatively charged particles agglomerate with positively charged particles to become heavier, neutrally charged particles.

Because these particles are now heavier, gravity is able to take over and pull the particles to the ground. Because they are no longer positively charged, they do not resist settling onto the ground, tables, etc. (these normally have positively charged surfaces - remember that like charges repel each other). Thus, these pollutants have been removed from our breathing space and can now be vacuumed or wiped up. Plus, electrons also reduce airborne microorganisms.

That's the teckie stuff but what is bottom line when it comes to the test results?

AirSource - Certification Test Results 

Reduced dangerous mold and yeast up to 
97.7% after only 4 days.

Reduced bacteria levels up to 
80% in 1 day and up to 
90% in 3 days

Reduced Odors up to 
56% in just 4 hours

Reduced VOCS up to 
98% in just 4 hours.

Dust, Mold, Pollen, Odors, Bacteria, Smoke, Chemicals – 
All covered with AirSource 3000

AirSource also reported about their testing:

 "The technology utilized in the AirSource includes a photo- ionization cell and an electron generator. These are new and unique technologies and, as such, no UL, ETL or ASTM testing protocols are currently in existence.  

In addition, no single, independent lab is capable of performing all the tests we want. Accordingly, we used various labs and consultants to validate the tests they were capable of conducting. Together they form a fair and balanced performance validation of the AirSource 3000.

We ask for your patience and understanding, as this scale of testing is a monumental task. There are numerous molds, bacteria and odors for us to analyze. Our plan is to test each one with a minimum of two test methods. For example, odors will be tested by a human panel and then a gas chromatograph test will back up the human test. Molds and bacteria will be tested in homes and in spiked lab test chambers.

We have developed a team of independent experts to evaluate the AirSource 3000 performance and are currently working with a national testing lab to develop an all-encompassing test/certification protocol. Our team of experts was developed to bring a variety of expertise".


So you can see that AirSource is the first kind of air system to be introduced to the market with this new technology and that there is not even a testing site currently available yet to run test on it.

It's exciting to find AirSource, after I have investigated so many other current products on the market, to be the most effective and at the same time the safest in removing or reducing the most pollutants possible and the least expensive of all!  


Some of our customers have ask us to let them know how AirSource compares to different models they have looked at in the past. We certainly can't look at every system on the market, nor would we want to do this because no other system uses our technology, but we have done a few and they are listed below if you would want to look at them.


AirSource Comparisons Pdf Format**
Side by side comparisons of different systems.

Consumer Reports 2/2002 on Air Cleaners / Sharper Image M.S. Word Format*
Reports on 16 table top models as well as 18 whole-house models. As you will see in the report, Sharper Image does some great TV but delivers little in results to the end consumer. 

AirSource is not in this report because it was not available when this report was conducted. Maybe next time, but then again, if the report would be on other systems that work like ours, there would be none to compare our system with! 

AirSource vs. Alpine Pdf Format**
Side by side 1 page comparison

Sharper Image Report M.S. Word Format*
How it is different from AirSource. 
Report done by Bob Andolina.

Blue Air Report M.S. Word Format*
How it is different from AirSource. 
Report done by Bob Andolina.

Essential EA3000 AirOne UV/Ozone Air Purifier Report M.S. Word Format*
How it is different from AirSource. 
Report done by Bob Andolina.

I'm sure glad to have AirSource running in my home protecting my family, and the positive testimonies that have come in so far from other owners across the country is overwhelming. 


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